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(N0 Model.)

No. 475,563. Patented May 24, 1892.

Inventor. 624/7 Zlfawe.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No..475,563, dated May 24, 1892. Application filed September 14, 1891- Serial No. 405,650. (No model.)

To all whom it may come: Tris:

Be it known that I, HENRY E. I-IoWE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Merrill, in the county of Lincoln and State of Viscousin, have invented new and useful Improvements in Coin-Holders, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a coin -holder adapted to hold in a compact column a certain number of coins of the same denomination, so that the quantity required to evenly fill the said holder will equal some definite predetermined amount or value, and thus 0bviate any necessity for counting the coins separately.

The object of the invention is to provide at slight expense a simple, convenient, and easily-manipulated coin-holder to which access can be quickly had with equal facility at both ends without exercising any care as to the manner in which the holderis grasped, While the character and value of its contents can be readily ascertained without opening or breaking the package. r p

My invention consists, first, in a coin-holder composed of a slotted or perforated cylinder having at each open end a detachable cap or cover provided with suitable locking devices; second, in the combination, with a cylindrical coin-holder, of a socket or pocket therefor inserted in or attached to the top of a counter, table, desk, or other support, and means for temporarily securing the coin-holder in said pocket or socket, and, third, in the construction and combination of parts in a coinholding device, as hereinafter more fully set forth.

In the annexed drawings, illustrating the invention, Figure 1 is an elevation of my improved coin-holder. Fig. 2 is a perspective of the same with both caps or end covers detached. Fig. 3 is a plan of sockets or pockets adapted to. receive one end of a coinholder and retain it in an upright position. Fig. 4. is a broken vertical section of the sockets or pockets for receiving the coin-holders, one of the latter being in pos tion. in a socket.

Referring to the drawings, the numeral 1 designates a tube or cylinder, preferably composed of light sheet metal and provided at intervals throughout its length with series of slots or openings 2, through which the contents of the tube can be observed. The tube 1 is open at each end, and on its outer sides near the ends are formed or provided suitable lugs 3 to interlock in angular grooves or slots 4, formed in the caps, heads, or covers 5, by which the ends of the slotted tube or cylinder 1 can be closed. Each cap or head is preferably provided with a circular opening 6, through which a portion of the face or reverse of a coin may be seen, and surrounding this openingis an annular ledge 7,tl1atforms a stop to retain the column of coins in the holder when the caps, heads, or end covers 5 are locked in place.

The tube or cylinder 1 is to have an internal diameter corresponding with the diameter of a coin of the denomination for which it is to serve as a receptacle, and the said tube or cylinder may be made of such length that when filled with coins of the proper character and denomination their aggregate value will equal a definite predetermined amount in dollars or fractions thereof. For instance, the tubes will be of various diameters and lengths for the different denominations of gold, silver, and nickel coins, and the capacity of each for its appropriate character and denomination of coin being known it will be unnecessary to separately count such coins in filling or emptying the tubes. It is obvious, therefore, that by using such tubes or coin-holders there will be a large saving in time and labor, besides the advantage of accuracy in handling coins in this manner.

In order to facilitate distinguishing the several denominations of coin-holders, those for containing silver or nickels are preferably made of white metal, While the holders for gold coins may be made of brass or yellow metal, and each holder may also be appropriately marked with the value of its contents in dollars or fractional parts of dollars by having the proper figures or characters stamped or embossed in or upon some part of the holder or otherwise attached thereto.

By arranging the slots or openings 2 with which the holder is provided in longitudinal series, as shown, and having the longest diameter of each slot or opening less than the diameter of the denominations of coin for which the holder is designed the edges of the coins placed in the holder will be exposed for nearly their whole length, and yet there will be no liability of their escaping through the slots inhurriedly filling said holders, which might occur if the said slots or openings were greatly elongated. The segmental ribs 8, that separate the slots 2 in each series and thus prevent the escape of coins in loading or filling the holder, will also serve as means for strengthening the cylinder. If preferred, the IlbS 8 may be in the form of separate rings or bands, wholly surrounding the tube or cylinder 1 to more effectually strengthen and brace it, as shown in Fig. 2, or, as shown in Fig. 1, they may be integral with the cylinder. I prefer to arrange the ribs 8 at such intervals as not tointerfere with index-marks 9, that may be placed on the exterior of the cylinder to indicate one-quarter, one-half, and three-quarters of the quantity of coins contained in the holder when filled. Thus in a holder for two hundred dollars of gold coin the space from either end of the holder to the adjacent quarter index-mark will inclose fifty dollars, to the half index-mark one hundred dollars, and to the farther quarter index-mark one hund red and fifty dollars. By removing either end cap or cover 5 and pressing with the thumb or forefinger at the proper index-mark any definite amount can thus be readily and quickly removed from the holder without disturbing the remainder of its contents.

It will be observed that by providing the coin-holding tube or cylinder with a detachable cap or cover 5 at each end the holder .can be quickly and conveniently filled or emptied at either end without regard to the position in which it may be grasped or handled, thus avoiding any loss of time that would be incident to gaining access to the proper end of the holder if it were provided with only one detachable cap or head. It is also an advantage to provide each cap 5 with an opening 6, by which its weight is reduced and the coin exposed.

A number of difierently-sized cylindrical coin -holders of the construction described may be conveniently arranged in a detachably-locked upright position in sockets or pockets 10 sunk into the top of a counter or other support or arranged on a tray or suitable support 11 to be placed on a counter, desk, or table within convenient reach of a cashier or teller. Each socket 10 is circular, of an internal diameter equal to the external diameter of a coinholder, and is provided at intervals in its vertical wall with angular grooves, slots, or recesses 12, adapted to engage exterior pins or lugs 13, located at corresponding intervals on the rim 14 of each cap 5 of the coiu-holder. By inserting one end of a coin-holder in its approximate sockets, so that the lugs 13 will engage the vertical portions of the slots or recesses 12, and then slightly rotating the holder until the said lugs interlock with the horizontal portion of the slots or recesses, the holder will be secured in an upright position, and with its upper cap removed may serve as a receptacle for coins of the proper denomination with which it is to be filled, after which the cap or cover can be attached, the holder rotated, taken out, and replaced by another.

Various modes of advantageously employing the slotted and double-ended cylindrical coin-holder will readily suggest themselves,. according to the varying requirements of bankers, brokers, and others handling large quantities of coins in the course of business, and it will be found to afford a convenient, quickly-handled, and accurate means for counting, storing, and transporting coin in definite segregated amounts.

What I claim as my invention is- 1. A coin-holder consisting of a slotted or perforated cylinder open at both ends, provided at or near said ends with exteriorlocking-lugs and detachable caps or heads having openings therein and provided with rims 14, having grooves or recesses to interlock with said lugs, substantially as described.

2. A coin-holder consisting of a cylinder open at both ends and provided with series of slots or openings and intervening ribs, said cylinder having locking-lugs on its outer side at both ends and detachable caps or headsformed with the inspecting-openings G, and rims lat, provided with grooves or recesses to inter )ck with sad lugs, substantially as described.

3. A coin-holderconsisting of acylinder provided with series of slots and intervening strengthening-ribs separating said slots and having detachable caps or covers atboth ends, substantially as described.

4. The combination, with a cylindrical coinholder having a detachable cap at each end, of a tray having a socket or pocket to temporarily receive said coin-holder, and means for detachably looking it therein in an upright position, substantially as described.

5. The combination, with a cylindrical coinholder having at both ends detachable caps provided on their exterior with looking lugs or pins, of a tray having a socket or pocket adapted to receive either end of said coinholder and provided with slots or recesses to interlock with the lugs on the caps thereof and secure the holder in an upright position, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.





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