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(NoModl.) W. E. T. BENNETT.
No. 469,668. v Patented P eb. 23. 1892.. 129.3. 'ffl' f'f- WILLIAM EXHALL 'TEMPnsT' .'BnNN'E-T'r,entonnoir,l ENGIJAND.
' HAND conTmuousJsELr-mxluc ROLLING," MARKiNG;.ont:MPREssme-rrvmcsmt.
l srn'ormcarron forming pm 'bf .Leners raten# No. ceases, aaeeanebruaryae, teca- 'Application netnummer-1391. Seann 379,914. camas.) reenter in Higiene uscente? e7, 1839, no: 20,799.
To a/ Zlwhom it may concern/:
Be itl known that I, WILLIAM liXiALI'.- TEMPEST BENNETT, engineer, of -21Viarwick'A Road, Earls Court, Londomliu-the countylof Middlesex, England, have inventada new or Im proved, Hand Continu-ous Self-Inking'Rolling, Marking, .or Impressing Machine, (for which I have obtained British 'LettersP'atent objectto print, mark, o r impress letters, iigures, marks, lines, o r any kind of devices on paper, parohmenhnlohlerabric, .orsurfaca Thus it may be used, among' other purposes,
for printing handbills, tickets, coupons, forv obliterating postage-labels, for marking, the names'of places and dates thereon or o n other papers or documents, for impressing facsimile signatures fon-letters vand other documents, for printing any number of wordaletl ters, figures, designs, drawings, or other marks 'in a particular'- order,andfor'rulin'gline and spaces.`
The machine consists of an ".'impressingroller ,carrying the tjpeS-or designs to be printed and aV roller for supplyingjmk tothe said impressing-roiler, an inkl-"containing chamber, froml which theinkicaube snpplied to the mixing-roller,- as described, and ahahdie by whichthe apparatus is? held while in use, and which can? also be used for ejecting the ink.
' l will describe .the apparatus with relierence.A
to the accompanying drawings, in? whichf- Fignresl and 2 are views at right angles to.
'each other. FigQSi's a vertical section. 4 is a transverse section on the line-l girlie.. 1. Y Fig. 5 is a part vertical sectloniat 'rightL angles tothe section, Fig. 3'. Figfii's -aflon gitudinal section of the-imprssingfrollerg Figs. 7 and 8 are respectively a" transverse section and an end viewthereoand Fig. 9
. is a part end View opposite to that shown-in` Fig. 2. Fig, 10 is a sectional detaii view showing the. manner in which the piston is located or arranged .wi-thin the reservoinsogas" to hel preventedffrom turning when the regulatieg-` screw is 'turned for pressing ink into the troughfrom the reservoir.-
The printing, markingr'impressing.roller 'is' marked A,-arid the rollerwhichlzdstrib#"i utes the ink or other markinglmateral' onto theprinting, marking, Or impression rolleris marked B. The bodyvof ythe` 'roller"A;` which may be of metal, wood, or vother suit-A able material, is provided with slots, holes, or recesses a for the reception of the type or other'printing, marking, or impressing pieces or devices' b, as shown in Figs. 1 and-3, the v said pieces or devices being fixed in position by a ring-cu2, pressed against the printing devices byl screws a3 in such a manher as .to be capable ot beingremovedand replaced by` .l other pieces or devices when required.. The l printinglor-marking roller A and inkingroller B are mounted so as to revolve p i'al- -lel to and' in close contact with each other in a frame C, provided with a handle D. `Tl1e inking-roller may consist of av cylindei` or roller ofthin metal or other material covered with cloth, fel-t, rubber, or other suitable yielding'material b2.' lnk or other marking mate;
from a reservoir G in'the stem ofthe handle ,75 rial is supplied to the surfaces of the'covering?)2 from 'a trough F, vsupplied -with ink- D,'the`iuk being transferred from'the roller B onto the type or other marking devices carried by the roller A continuously when the machine isin use. The rollers A. and B are geared: together, as shown at c, so that when the roller A is rotated the roller B will re ceive a positive rotation by the gearingand ink the surface ofjt'he 'printing or marking ,'devices.l ,The part D ofthe handle, which may be of wood, isfitted Ato the stem-c2, (constituting the inkreservoir,) so as to be capa- 'ble of being rotated thereon, and is-provded lwith ablock e, preferably'cf metaL, having a hole olrecess f to receive the square or' equivalently-shaped end g ot ascrewed spin-` 1. die 7L, which passes -lon'gitudinally` through the. stem c2 and has @bearing yin a `plate or bar i in the top of-the frame C. The part D of the handle isconnected with the stom 02 by the collar o, which is yin two or.. more pieces or segments, and is'i'xed to the hadle HD by two or more screws p p. The collaris therefore removable at pleasure, and the res-y ervoir or chamber G may be cleaned as de' Isired. 'The block e is provided with a screwvs., -hy which .it is fixed to thevhandle D, and
is further held by the pinsgt t, that traverse th a handle D, and screws s at right angles tor each other.
Fitted to slide up and down in the ink-reservoir G is a piston E, provided with an inter'- nalserew-thread in which the screw h works, so that by turning the screw in one direction the piston (which is prevented from turning` with the screw by any suitable means) will be caused to descend, and thereby force ink from the reservoir through the trough F, fo'rmed intho'upper part of the frame C, and through a slot ora number of minuto holes or slotsl in the bottom of the trough onto the coveringb2 of the hiking-roller li, and, conversely, by
turning the handle i) in the opposite direction, the piston .E will ascend and the pressure on the ink or marking material be ro- ]ieved. The distance between the axles of the two `rollers AA and l5 can be regulated, as required, by lncans ottserews m.
A hole 11 is provided in the end of the troughF, through which hole the reservoir may be charged with marking material or the trough be cleaned out, the said hole being closed by a screw-plug when the machine is in use.
The perfor-ations l l may be provided with a covering,r or slide pierced with holes or slots corresponding to those in the bottom of the trough F, and arranged in such a manner that when moved in onedireetion the slots orholes in it will coincide with those in the-bottom of the trough l", and thus allow the ink or marking material to escape onto the inking-roller Il. lVith such an arrangement of covering or slide the piston E could he forced down by a spring instead of by hand, as described;
To print or mark with this` machine', all that is necessary after charging the reservoir GrA with ink or marking material issimply toroll or propel the roller A over and in contact with that part ot the material to be marked orimpressed with the markers or devices carried by the roller, the number of impressions that can be obtained `being limited only by the numbers of revolutions of the impressingroller.
I. In a hand printing or marking machine, the combination ot' a rotating or movable handle, a screw-spindle operated by said handle, an ink-reservoir, a movable piston, a trough communicating with said rese rvoirand supplying ink to the hiking-roller, the printing and inking roller geared together so that when the printing-roller is moved by contact with the surface to be Aprinted the inkingroller will be caused to move or rotate, and means for adjusting or regulating the dis- 69 tance between said rollers, substantially as shown, and for the purpose described.
2. vIn a hand printing or marking machine, the combination of the rotating or movable handle, the hollow stem thereof constituting an ink-reservoir, the block and collarldetach'- ably connecting said handle and stem, a screw-spindle vertically operated by said handle, a movable piston,a detachable frame provided with a trough which communicates 7o with the reservoir, and an inking and marking roller supported or held in said frame, substantially as described.
ii. In a hand printing or marking machine, the combination ot' the movable handle, the 75 hollow stem constituting the ink-reservoir, the block and collar detachably connecting said handle and stem, a screw-spindle working in the, reservoir and operated by the han# die, a movable' piston, a detachable frame 8o connecting to the lower end of the stem and formed with a trough which communicates with the reservoir, an inking and printing roller supported in said frame, and means for adjusting the pressure of one of said rollers against or upo`n the other, substantiall y as' described. v 4J In hand-printing machines, the-combination of a printing-roller, an inking-roller, a handle provided with an ink-reservoir, anda 9o piston operated by said handle to force ink from said reservoir onto the said inkingroller, substantially as described.
- Inv testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
CHARLES ROBERT PoPPLEwELL, J oHN SALISBURY LIsroR DoDsoN, Both of 27 Leadenhal St., Lon/Zon., Clerks.
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