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SPECIFICATIONDfOrming part of Letters Patent No. 467,152, dated January 19, 1892.

the plate M is fitted up to the end sill. The said T0 all whom it may concern.-

Beit known that I, THOMAS L. CHAPMAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Draw-Bar Frames for Iron Oars, of which the followi ng'is a specification, reference being had to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the same.

The object of this invention is to provide for freight or similar cars, and particularly those constructed of iron or steel, a more simple, durable, and practicable frame for the draw-bars than those heretofore in use.

The improvements which form the subject of my invention reside in the details of construction which distinguish the frame designed by me from those heretofore used or proposed, and I now refer to the accompanying drawings for a description of such construction.

Figure 1 is a View in side elevation of my improved draw-bar frame. Fig. 2 is a hori- Zontal section of the same, one side only being shown. Fig. 3 is a view of an end plate or casting for use in conjunction with and for the purpose of securing the sides of the frame.

to the end sill.

The draw-bar frame extends from the end sill, of which A A represent the divided lower edge, to the transom or bolster B of a car, and is secured to both. In this frame and between two followers C O is the spring D, to which is connected the draw-bar E, as indicated in Fig. 2.

The draw-bar frame is composed of two main side plates or parts F of requisite length, and for sake of lightness and strength cast with openings and flanged webs, as shown in Fig. 2. The rear end of each plate F abuts against flanges or raised lugs on the center plate Gr, which is secured to the under side of the transom B. The forward end passes between the plates A A of the end sill and is flush with the outer edges of the same. Arecess K is formed in the end of each side plate,

'extending back beyond a vertical bolt-hole,

projection is provided with a bolt-hole that registers with that through the side plate, and the plate M has also an opening through which passes the tie-rod that secures it to the sill.

An end plate M is fitted to each side plate of the draw-bar frame and joined thereto and to the end sill by bolts N, that pass down through the sill and the holes in the side plates F and projections or tongues L.

Tie-rods O pass through the end plates `M and run back along the side plates F, passing through flanges at the rear ends of the same and through holes in the ii'anges and raised parts of the center plate G, being secured by washers and key P.

The sides of the draw-bar frame are secured together by cross bars R, by which means greater rigidity is secured and buckling or bending prevented. s

It will now be seen that eachvside of the draw-bar frame is composed of two principal parts-the side and end plates-secured together and to the car-body by the vertical bolt N and tie-rod O. This construction, while extremely simple .and substantial, is admirably adapted to resist the strains to which such parts of a car structure are constantly snbj ect.

This structure was designed more especially to avoid the objections to that shown and described in Patent No. lOO,329, dated March 26,1889, in which the end of each side plate of the draw-bar frame fits into a socket in one of two bracket-plates which engage with the edges of the plates A A. The side plate and the tWobracket-pieces are secured together by a bolt passing through them. In the manufacture of iron cars I have found that such a structure is not only more expensive from its greater complication, but more liable to break down by the parting of the draw-bar frame from the sill under heavy shocks than that which I have hereinabove described.

My improvement is designed more especially for use With the form of car and sili shown in the patent above referred to but by obvious modifications it may be used with other forms.

l. The combination, with the end sill and IOO center plate of an iron-car body, of the side 5 plates of a draw-bar frame, abutting against the center plate and extending through the cud sill, end plates in front of the sill entering recesses in the forward ends of the side plates and bolted thereto, and'tie-rods from the end plates to the center' plates, securing the parts of the draw-bar frame together and to the ear-body, as herein set forth.

2. The combination, with the metal plates A A of the end sill and the center plate G of a car-body, of a draw-bar traine composed of two side plates, of which the rear ends abut against the center plate and the forward ends pass between the plates A A and are provided with recesses, end plates placed across the front of plates A A' and having projections entering the recesses in the ends of the side plates, transverse bolts securing the end and side plates together, and tie -rods passing through the said end plates, flanges in the rear ends of the side plates, and openings in the center plate, as herein set forth.

The combination, with the separated or divided plates A A', forming part of the end sill of a car-body, and the center plate Il, scoured to the transom and provided with lugs or raised portions having bolt-holes through the saine, of the side plates of the draw-bar fram e, abutting against the lugs on the center plate and passing between the plates A A', the end plates or castings M, bridging the plates A A and having projections that enter corresponding recesses in the ends of the side plates, bolts passing transversely through the side plates and the projections on the plates M,and tie-rods passing through the end plates, flanges on the rear ends of the side plates, and the lugs on the center plate, as herein set forth.




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