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W. W. CLIMENSON. HGLDER FOR PENOILS AND GRAYONS. No. 444,974. Patented Jan. 20, 1891.
Zz'fnesg; 66 five fol? mwW we "cams PETERS co., marwmmo 'wuwwaron, n. c
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 444,974, dated January 20, 1891.
Application filed April 16, 1890. Serial No. 348,277. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern.- 7
Be it known that 1, WILLIAM W. OLIMEN- sON, of Honey Brook, county of Chester, State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Holders for Pencils and Crayons, of which thefollowing is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification.
My invention relates to improvements in holders for pencils and crayons of various classes; and the object of my invention is to provide an improved holder which will afford a protection for the pencil or crayon from accidental injury or breakage; to provide for the safe connection of the pencil or crayon to the adjusting device therefor, so that the crayon or pencil is prevented from dropping out of the sheath or holder; to provide an improved adjusting contrivance which is arranged to hold itself on the sheath and the pencil by frictional contact, and, finally, to provide an improved holder of simple and durable construction, which can be readily adjusted or manipulated and is cheap of manufacture.
-With these and other ends in view my invention consists in the combination of a slotted sheath or holder and a sliding band or sleeve, which is fitted externally on the slotted sheath and has within itself two compressible clampingarms, which pass through the slot in the sheath and are housed within said sheath. These clamps o1- fingers are made integral with the sliding sleeve or band, and they impinge and ride against the inner side or surface of the sheath, so that theyare compressed laterally upon a pencil or crayon which is inserted or fitted betweenthe clamps or fingers, whereby said sleeve serves as a means for adjusting the pencil, and it also clamps or holds the pencil to itself, so that the sleeve and pencil are moved or adjusted at the same time.
My invention further consists in the combination and construction of parts, which will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed.
To enable others to understand my invention, I will now proceed to a detailed description thereof, in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which-- Figure 1 is a side elevation of a pencil and crayon holder embodying my improvements. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional View thereof. Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view, on an enlarged scale, through the sheath, the sliding band or clasp, and the pencil on the plane indicated by the dotted line was of Fig. 2. Figs. 4 and 5 are detail perspective views of the band or clasp and the pencil or crayon, respectively. Fig. 6 is a View showing the device adapted for use jointly as a pencil and crayon holder.
Like numerals of reference denote corresponding parts in all the figures of the drawings, referring to which-= l designates the sheath of my improved pencil or crayon holder, said sheath having a longitudinal slot 2 for nearly its entire length. This sheath is made of any suitable material, and when the device is to be used for slate or lead pencils I preferably provide the sheath with a point 3 and a removable cap at, said cap being secured detachably to the sheath in any suitable manneras, for instance, by a screw-joint; but the finish of the sheath is immaterial and can be varied or changed, an example of which I have indicated by Fig. 6 of the drawings. In this figure the holder is adapted for both pencils and crayons, and, as shown, one end of the slot terminates at a point a short distance from the end of the sheath, in order to prevent detachment of the crayon and the sliding band thereof, while the other end of said longitudinal slot is extended through the sheath, and this end receives the metallic point 5, which fits within the end of the sheath, and the external band 6, fitted over the sheath and the inner end of the point 5. I would therefore have it understood that I do not confine mys lf to the exact form of sheath and finish thereof herein shown and described as embodiments of my invention, as it is evident that changes therein can be made without departing from the spirit or sacrificing the advantages of my invention.
10 designates the adjustable band and clasp. (Shown more clearly in Fig. 4: of the drawings.) This band or clasp is made or bent up from a single strip of sheet metal of suitable width and length to form the annular band, which is fitted externally over the sheath 1;
but instead of uniting the ends of the band together said ends are recurved orbent within the body of the band to form the clamps or fingers 11. These clamps or fingers 11 are separated from the body of the band to admit the annular shell or sheath between the band and clamps, and the clamps themselves are separated from each other to permit a pencil or crayon 15 to be inserted between the same.
It will be observed that the clamps are arranged Within the sheath in contact with the inner surface of the same, whereby said fingers or clamps are compressed laterally upon the pencil or crayon in order to clamp or hold the same to the sliding band, and thus enable the band to adjust the pencil. As the band and its clamps or fingers are in contact with the sheath, the band is held on the sheath by frictional contact at any desired longitudinal adjustment, and as the band is arranged eXteriorly of the sheath it provides a convenient means for manipulating and adjusting the pencil or crayon, while at the same time it is so constructed as to clamp the pencil or crayon to itself. To further provide against separation of the pencil or crayon from the clamps or fingers of the adjustable band, I provide the head or inner end of the pencil or crayon with an annular groove or recess 16, which forms two shoulders 17, and in this groove fit the clamps or fingers of the adjustable band, so as to bear against the shoulders and effectually overcome disengagement of the pencil or crayon from the adjustable band and dropping outof the pencil from the sheath.
The operation of my invention is obvious from the foregoing description, taken in connection with the drawings.
Myimproved holder is adapted for use with lead andslate pencils, as well as crayon-penoils, and as it can be manufactured and sold very cheaply because of the simplicity and small number of its parts, it is especially well adapted for use as a slate-pencil or crayonpencil holder for use by school children. In this connection the holder has many important advantages, a few of which are: that it atfordsa protection to the pencil against accidental breakage, it can be more easily grasped crayon-pencil can be used without soiling the fingers and carried Without breaking. The pencil can be easily and quickly fitted in the holder, and it can be projected or withdrawn at will by simply adjusting the sliding band. I
Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new is- 1. In a pencil and crayon holder, the combination of a slotted sheath, a pencil fitted therein and having an annular groove, and an external sleeve provided with the compressible clamps or fingers, which are ar ranged within the sheath and fitted in the groove of the pencil, substantially as and for the purpose described. V
2. In a pencil and crayon holder, a clasp made of a single piece of sheet metal of uniform width, which is bent into annular form to provide an external clasp 10, having the ends recurved upon itself substantially concentric with said annular external ring and arranged within the same to form the fingers 11, said fingers having the edges flush with the edges of the annular external ring and adapted to clasp a pencil or crayon and to ride against the internal surface of a sheath, for the purpose described, substantially as set forth.
3. In a pencil and crayon holder, the combination, with a slotted sheath, of a clasp consisting of the external ring 10 and the recurved pencil-clasping fingers 11, arranged wholly within said external ring, substantially concentric therewith, and out of lateral contact with the same, whereby said fingers are adapted to clasp a pencil or crayon and to ride against the internal surface of the slotted sheath, for the purpose described, substantially as set forth. I
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 15th day of March, A. D. 1890.
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