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No. 432,939. Patented July 22, 1890.
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J. HANLON. APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING WOOD GAS. No. 432,939. Patented July 22, 1890' 4 Sheets-Sheet 3.
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APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING WOOD GAS. No. 432,939. Pa tented JuLy 22, 1890.
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Witnesses (No Model.) 4 sheets sheet 4. J. HANLON. APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING WOOD GAS. No. 482,939.
Patented July 22, 1890.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 432,939, dated July 22,1890.
Application filed April 13, 1889.
To all whom'it may concern.-
Be it known that I, JOHN HANLON, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York city, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain .new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Mannfacturing WVood Gas; and I dohereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.
This invention relates to apparatus for manufacturing gas from wood and hydrocarbon oil by separately distilling the wood in one or more heated retorts, and, at the same time, vaporizing hydrocarbon oil; then mixing the wood-gas and hydrocarbon-oil vapor in a retort and therein subjecting them to a sufliciently high heat to combine and convert them into a fixed gas.
The object of the invention is to provide a compact and efficient apparatus, consisting of wood-distilling retorts, oil-Vaporizers, and a carbureting and fixing retort, all arranged in a single bench or furnace and adapted to economically manufacture illuminating-gas.
Another object is to provide for storing the wood charcoal in an air-tight chamber as it is discharged in a heated condition from the retort, so that it may be preserved without being burned by contact with the air.
The matter constituting my invention will be defined in the claims.
The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 represents a vertical longitudinal section on the line 00 a: (see Fig. 8) through one of the wood-gas retorts and the charcoalchamber. Figs. 2 and 3 represent sectional detail views showing the oil-vaporizing pipe as located in a fine of the furnace. Fig.4 represents a vertical longitudinal section on the line y y (see Fig. 8) through the carburetin g and fixing retort and the furnace, also showing the charcoal-receiver in elevation. Fig. 5 represents a longitudinal vertical section through the divided hydraulic main, showing the connecting dip-pipes. Fig. 6 represents a front elevation of the retorts and furnace. Fig. 7 represents a transverse section of the same. Fig. 8 represents a top Serial No. 307,159. (No model.)
plan view of the retort-furnace and charcoalchamber.
The retort-furnace A is constructed with the usual fire-box, grate, and ash-pit, and is provided at the top of the fire-box with arch a, and means for supporting the retorts. Lateral flues t t lead from the fire-box below the arch into the retort-chamber T. Lateral flues z lead out through the side walls, and are closed at their outer ends with caps Above arch a, and between the retorts B B, I construct a tile partition a, extending from the rear'o'f the furnace at the chimney-opening to near the front of the furnace,so as to form a return-fine a between it and arch a. The retort O is supported upon blocks above partition ct, so as to form a flue 1) between them, as shown in Figse and '7. The chimney w rises from flue u, at the rear of the furnace, and extends above the furnace in the form of a stack. It is provided with a damper r. The retort 0 extends back into the furnace to near chimney w, and the wooddistilling retorts B B extend through the front and rear furnace-walls on each side of the chimney, as shown. At the rear end each retort B is provided with a coupling-neck or mouth-piece e, and each mouth-piece has within it a short lip f, which is slightly inclined, as shown in Fig. 1, and forms a seat for the water-cooled swinging lid or door F. An operating-handle f connects with the 1101- low shaft of the lid outside of the mouthpiece, as shown in S.
I couple to mouth-piece e, the charcoalchamber D,by means of its short neck d. The charcoal chamber is mounted on wheels, which run on a suitable track, as shown, and is provided with a tight-fitting door d. This chamber D is preferably provided with two coupling-necks d, for connecting with the two woodgas retorts, as shown in Fig. 8.
In the upper brick-work of the furnace, preferably on each side of the retort-chamber T, I form the longitudinal flues 0, and connect such flues at. their front ends by means of short fines t directly with retort-chamber T, and at their rear ends by means of fines p with chimneyw. The flues p are constructed on top of the furnace at its rear end, and are provided with slide-dampers r.
B y means with retort C on each side thereof.
of the damper 0" in chimney w and the dampers r in fines p the flow of hot products of combustion is controlled. By partially closing damper r and partly opening dampers *r the desired volume of hot products is passed through flues o, for heating the oil-vaporizing pipes.
The oil-vaporizer G is closed at its front and rear ends, and has extending through it a smaller pipe g" open at its rear end. The oil-supply pipe g connects with the inner pipe gf, and'a vapor-escape pipe g connects with the front end of vaporizer G and extends through the lower end of gas-pipe M into the lower part of retort O, as shown in Figs. 4 and.6. As shown in Fig. 6, an oil-vapor pipe 9! leads from each vaporizer G, and connects The retort O is divided longitudinally by a horizontal diaphragm c, which extends from the front of the retort to near its rear end, forming an upper and lower chamber and a connecting passage at the rear end. Retorts B and C have the usual tight-closing lids b c.
Stand-pipes L L connect the wood retorts B B with chambers J J of the hydraulic main H, and pipes M M connect the same chambers of the hydraulic main with retort Obelow partition 0. A stand-pipe N, leading from the top chamber of retort C, connects with the chamber I of the hydraulic main, and gas take-off pipe 0 leads from said chamber I to the washer or holder. (Not here shown.) As shown in Fig. 5, the hydraulic main is divided by vertical transverse partitions it into the three chambers I J J. The overflow-pipe P leads from each chamber of the hydraulic main for conduct-ing off tar, pyroligneous acid, 850.
The operation is conducted as follows: A fire is kindled in the furnace and the retorts are heated in the usual manner. When properly heated, the retorts B B are charged with wood and tightly closed, when distillation and generation of gas will commence. As the wood-gas is generated it passes up through pipes L L, as shown by the arrows, into chambers J J of the hydraulic main, where its tarry matter and pyroligneous acid are condensed and deposited. The gas now passes down pipes M M into the lower chamber of retort G, into which there is also admitted at the same time hydrocarbon-oil vapor through pipes g g from the Vaporizers G. The oilvapor pipes preferably project into retort C, so that the wood-gas comes in behind the escaping oil-vapor and carries it forward and intimately mixes with it in the lower chamber of the retort. In passing. through the upper and lower chambers of the retort O, the oil-vapor and wood-gas are combined and converted into a fixed gas. In practice the v oil-supply pipes g, leading to the Vaporizers,
into charcoal. Then the supply of oil and vapor is shut off. The charcoal-chamber D is now coupled to the retorts B, the lids F are swung open, the lids b are also removed, and the charcoalis shoved back into chamber D, as indicated in Fig. 1. The charcoal having been removed from the retorts into chamber D, such chamber is disconnected from the retorts and tightly closed and then moved off on the rails. The retorts are then closed at the rear end and again charged with wood. After the removal of charcoal from the retorts, an empty chamber D may be coupled thereto and lid F closed on its seat. Then the retort may be recharged with wood. When wood-gas is again generated, the hydrocarbon oil is again admitted to the Vaporizers G, and the resulting vapor is admitted into retort 0 together with the wood-gas and converted into a fixed gas, as before described. By means of the tines t, u, and o the retorts are uniformly heated; and by means of the fiues 0, p, and t and the dampers r the oil- Vaporizers are heated to the desired temperature, so as to vaporize the oil without burning it. It is quite advantageous to vaporize the oil and supply it hot to the hot wood-gas, as the two may thus be very readily combined and fixed. By means of the closed charcoal-chamber I am enabled to preserve the charcoal in good condition for the market.
Instead of the stand-pipes L L leading into the hydraulic main, and the return-pipes M M leading from the main to retort C, I may simply use a large T pipe or coupling, leading directly from the inner sides of retorts B B up into the bottom of retort O. This construction is simpler, and can be advantageously used where it is not desired to condense and save the .pyroligneous acid and tarry matter. hung in the mouth-pieces e of the retorts, may be hung in the necks d of chamber D, and fitted with suitable seats in such necks for making a tight joint.
Suitable clamping devices, as screw-clamps, or hooks and catches, may be used for holding the necks d of chamber D against the mouth-pieces e of the retorts at the time of discharging the charcoal from the retorts.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is
1. The combination,with the wood-distilling retort provided at its rear end with a coupling-neck or mouth-piece, said mouth-piece having within it a short lip which is slightly inclined, of the closed charcoal-receiver having a neck adapted to be coupled to the mouthpiece of the retort and the swinging watercooled door fitted between the retort and the receiver and seating upon the inclined lip of the retort mouth-piece, and means for open ing and closing said door, whereby the charcoal can be discharged from the retort into the receiver without injury by access of air thereto.
The lids F, instead of being ITO 2. In combination with a bench of retorts, a furnace for heating the same, an arch a between the furnace and retorts, lateral finest 15, leading from the furnace below the arch into the retort-chamber, a tile partition a, extend ing from the rear of the furnace at the chimney-opening to near the front of the furnace so as to form a flue a between it and arch a, the retort C, and blocks supporting it above partition a, so asto form a flue 1; between them connecting with the said flue 'a, as and for the purpose described.
3. In combination with the furnace and retort-chamber provided with suitable lines, and achimncy having a damper, the side fines 0, containing the oil-vaporizing tubes and connecting with the retort-chamber, and fines P, having dampers 1", connecting lines 0 With the chimney, as and for the purpose described. 4. The combination of the wood-distilling retorts, the carbureting and fixing retort, suitable pipes connecting the Wood-distilling retorts with the earbureting-retort, the oilvaporizers set in fines of the furnace, said flues connecting with the retort-chamber and with the chimney, and having a damper to control the passage of products of combustion therethrough, pipes leading from the oil-vaporizers into the carbureting-retort and opening beyond the mouth of the wood-gas pipe, whereby the infiowing Wood-gas will carry along and combine with the oil-vapor and form therewith a fixed gas.
5. In combination With the Wood-distilling retort and the carbnreting and fixing retort and a hydraulic main, the pipes L L, connecting such wood-distilling retorts with the hydraulic main, and pipes M M, connecting such main with the carbureting and fixing retort, and the hydroearbon-vapor-supply pipes passing through the lower ends of such pipes M and projecting into the carbureting-retort, as and for the purpose described.
6. In combination with the wood-distilling retorts B, the carbureting and fixing retort 0,
having a diaphragm. or partition extending from its front end to near its rear end, the pipes for wood-gas connecting with the front end of the retort 0 below the diaphragm, oilvaporizing tubes located in the walls of the furnace and having pipe-connections extending into retort O and opening beyond the mouth of the wood-gas pipe, and gas-escape pipe leading from retort 0 above its diaphragm to the hydraulic main, as and for the purpose set forth.
7. I11 combination with the wood-distilling retorts and the carbureting and fixing retort, the hydraulic main divided by transverse partition-plates into three compartments I J J, the pipes L M, connected to the chambers J J, and the pipe N, connecting the fixing-retort and the chamber I, and a gas take-off pipe leading from the chamber 1, and each compartment of the hydraulic main having an overfiow-pipe for conducting oif tar, pyroligneous acid, &c.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.
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