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No. 420,351. 7 Patented Jan. 28, 1890.
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QCSEL g fil (No Model.) 3 Sheets-$heet 3.
v G. MUSIC. ADVERTISING AUTOMATON FOR STORE WINDOWS. No. 420,351. Patented Jan. 28, 1890.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 420,351, dated January 28, 1890.
Application filed July 29, 1889. Serial No. 319,045. (No inodel.) i
T at whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, GEORG MUSIC, manufacturer, of Berlin, in the Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, have invented a new and useful Advertising-Automaton for the Windows of Stores and the Like, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.
The invention hereinafter described relates to an advertising-figure for shop-windows which will attract the attention of passers-by to the shop by reason of the figure striking the window with a small metal or other stick or member or members, and thus producing at certain intervals of time a knocking noise.
The advertising-figure is further distinguished by the fact that it is partly set in motion by clock-work and partly by a source of electricity, inasmuch as the clock-work in the spaces sets to work the electrical connection of the electromotor of the advertisingfigure with the battery, while by the source of electricity the induction of the electromagnet and the movement of the figure are produced. By this means the advantage is obtained that with the assistance of clockwork going for a suitable time the frequent winding up thereof is avoided, while the source of electricity requisite for working the figure-as, for instance, when a Leclanch element is used-dasts several years without regeneration.
The figure mechanism and apparatus constituting this invention is represented in the accompanying drawings.
Figure 1 shows the arrangement and disposition of the apparatus. Fig. 2 shows the advertising-figure in longitudinal section with the electro-magnets. Fig. 3 is a front view of the latter. Fig. 4 shows the arrangement of the contact-closure of the clock-work. Fig. 5 shows the revolving suspension of the head of the advertising figure.
The invention is arranged as follows: The advertising=figure is placed close before the inside of the shop-window A. The clock work b is constructed like an alarm-clock. The shaft of the center wheel is prolonged through one of the cheeks q of the clock-case, and is provided on the outer side with a spur-wheel 0, which is connected in a suitable manner with one pole p of a Leclanch elementor a plate q an insulated pin m is fixed, on which a spring 0" or a lever is fixed and can revolve. The spring '1' or the lever is connected through the conductor 0" with the binding-screw 71 on the advertising-figure. When the wheel 0 is set in rotation by the clock-work, the flies n of the spur-wheel 0 come from time to time in contact with the spring 4', and the electric current coming from the pole p is connected to the advertising-figure through 19, 0, r, r, and 7;.
' The advertising-figure, Fig. 2, represents the figure of a man, or it may be an animal or any other figure or body-section, &c., and has in the interior or at the back the electromagnets ff, (f is not shown in the drawings,) over the iron core of which the armature g plays. The armature g is connected by a lever 1) with a second lever c, and the latter is firmly fixed on the shaft a. I11 the accompanying figure the shaft to has atone end the arm e, which carries the stick with its knob e. The electro-magnets f f are connected with the contact 7; and the spring-connector k with the contact t", which leads back to the battery.
If an electric current goes to the advertising-figure during the time that the current is closed, the armature g will be rapidly pulled and pushed, and will accordingly set the arm e in rapid oscillation. The knob e strikes against the window-pane A, and then makes a quick knocking noise. As soon as the fly n has left the spring r the contact is interrupted'and the advertising-figure ceases act- In the advertising-figure shown in Fig. 2 the head a is suspended so as to oscillate from y, so that with the'vibrations to which the figure is exposed in knocking the knob e against the window A. the head performs a nodding motion.
The electro-magnet and its oscillating lever may be of any construction, suspended so as to revolve either horizontally or vertically with spring action, (be.
What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is
1, A figure having a movable member adapted to be rapidly oscillated, for the purpose set forth, and an electric motor in the Leclanch battery. On the hard india-rubber figure connected to oscillate said member, in
combination with a source of electricity configureto-oscillate said member, substantially nected with said motor and an automatic as described. 2 circuit maker and breaker in the circuit, sub- 4. The combination, with a figure having a stantially as described. movable member and an electric motor there- 5 2. The combination, with a figure havinga in, of a circuit including said motor and a vibratory member, an electro-magnetic motor source of electricity, and a circuit maker and in the figure, and a rock-shaft connecting said breaker in the circuit comprising a stationary 25 motor and member to vibrate the same, of a spring-contact and awheel having projecting circuitincluding said motor and a source of flies to engage said spring-contact and 1 0 electricity and an automatic circuit maker mounted on the shaft of a clock-work, sub
and breaker in said circuit, substantially as stantially as described.
described. 7 V V In witness whereof I have hereunto set my 0 3. An automaton having its head balanced hand in presence of two witnesses. 011 the body so as to vibrate independent of 15 other parts, an oscillating member for said v GEORG MUSIC figure adapted to rapidly rap against a win- Witnesses: (low-glass and thereby jar and vibrate the, B. ROI,
head, and an electromagnetic motor in the PAUL FISCHER.
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