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    • G07F13/00Coin-freed apparatus for controlling dispensing or fluids, semiliquids or granular material from reservoirs
    • G07F13/02Coin-freed apparatus for controlling dispensing or fluids, semiliquids or granular material from reservoirs by volume


l@lo Model.)


No. 409,364. Patented Aug. 20, 1889..

llinrrnn drames Partnern arten e Auron s. MoLYNnUX, or Minunilronis, ninuasora, AssIGNon, BY Dinner AND .Mnsnn ASSIGNMENTS, 'ro 'run NA'rroNaL WATER SUPPLY con7 PANY,` F MINNESOTA.

automatic enactmentrrninnnnteasna.

SPECIFICATION forming part o' Letters :Patent No. 409,364, Vdated. August 20, 1889.

' Application died June 4, 1888. Serial No. 276,041. (No modal.)

To .all whom t may concern,.-

Be it known that I, BARTON S. MOJYNEUX, of Minneapolis, in the county of llennepin and State of` Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Automatic Electrical l1`luid-lteleasers, of which the iolu lowing is a specification.

My invention relates to iii-:proveniente in devices for, operating a valve by the force of |`o anelect1o-1nagnet in which the electrical con# taet is formed by the introduction of n coin and` is sustained until the operation is com plet'ed, when the coin is released and die eircuit broken.l

My invention consists, generallyjn lthe construction and arrangement hereinafter described, and particularly pointed out in the claims. I l

In the drawings which form a part of this :o specification, Figure 1 is a central vertical eee- ;tion of a device embodying my invention adapted to operaie a valve. Fig. 2 is a vcrtical section of a similar device, showing the means einployedfor l-ormingl the electric contact.

In the drawings, -2 represents the outer case, Which may be constructedof any convenient size or form. An electro-magnet 3 is located Within the case, and also an armature 4, preterably secured to a belbcranlr 6, by which the armature is supported Within the field of the magnet. The bell-crank is attached to the spindle of `a'valve-or faucet, as shown in Fig. 1.

8 represents a tube or conduit, which may be made of any suitable size to receivethe coin required tooperatc the machine. The opening' of this conduit is preferably placed at the front of the case 2. The conduit is in clined downward, and preferably passes through to the back ofthe casa A rectangular turn or bend is preferably here formed.- f

andthe tube extended a suitable distance be low this point. ,A movable stop or projection 17 is preferably placed attsome point inrthis conduit, which contracts its area at said point and acts as a stop to. the coin, and serves as a releasertto free the coinz and allen/fit to pass from its resting-piacetrhen retractedI a plate 7 opposite 'this stop is preferably insu- 5e lated from the case 2, and a Wire 9 connects` this plate with the magnet 3. The stop 17 and the plate 7 `forni contact-points, upon which the coin rests, thereby completing1 an electric` circuit from the plate 7 io the magnet 3 and 55 back through a suitable battery to the stop 17'on an oscilla-ting arm 11. 'lhc magnet 3 will tnus be energized and the armature drawn to it. The bell-crank (i will be oseillated upon its pivot and the valve will be operated. The electric circuit will be maintained and the armature drawn forward as long as the coin re` mains in this position.

in Fig'. 1 l have shown the device connected with a faucet for drawing' liquids. A tumbler or other receptacle 10 may be located below the mouth' of the faucet,'and is preferably supported upon a swinging platform or snpport 12. "lliis support is lpivoted to the case 2, and is preferably provided with an arm 14, extending upward from the support and pro` vided with a spring 16, the tension of which acting upon the said arm, raises the support 12. A suitable weight may be substituted in place of the spring 16 toraise this support. The projection 17 upon the arm 14 extends within the conduit and acts as the movable stop to hold `the coin, as before described. it will also be observed that the arm 1l serves to connect the stop or'releaser 17 with the snp- So port 12, so that the releaser will'be retracted when the support 12 is depressed; When the coin is in contact with the stop, the electric circuit is completed. The armature 4 and valve 1S will bc in the position denoted by dotted lines in Fig, 1. The liquid will new pass through the valve and into the receptacle 10, and will continue'until the weight of the liquid in the receptacle overcomes the tension of the spring 1U. The support 12 will then 9o be forced downward,throwing out the arm il andv drawing the projection 17 out of contact with the coin, as denoted in dotted lines n Fig. 1. The coin now s-free to fall into the @acaben 20, placed within the casing L to receve it. The electric circuit is now broken, andthe armature is* drawn 4'bacia to its original position by a suitable spring 2:2 and the valve 1S closed. The spout or nozzle ot the faucet is preferably made to extend a short distance below the upper edge ot the receptacle 10, in order to make it impossiliile to remove the receptacle without depressing the support 1Q and releasing the coin.

By"tube or pipe l mean the way torthe passage of the material or Substance to he measured or its delivery cont rolled.

I claim- 1. In a device of the class described, the combination, with a suitable magnet, ot au armature operated by said magnet, a. tube or pipe, a valve operated h v said fuma* ure and iii'terc'eptinissaid tube or pipe, a conduit t'or the reception of a coin, and contact-points in connection with the magnet and arranged to arrest the coin as it pa'sses through the conduit and thereby to complete au electric circuity through said magnet, substantially asy described.

2. lu a device ot' the class described, the combination, with the magnet il and armature 4, of a lever ti, upon which said armature is located, a tube or pipe, a valve 1S, connected with said lever and iutei'cepting said tub or -pipe,a conduit S l'or the reception ol' a coin, and contact-points arranged to hohl thevcoin and complete an electric circuit to cause the operation ol thes'alxe and be released when said operation is completed, substantially as described.

3. In a device of the class described, the combination, with the electromagu t and an armature, ol` avalve operated by said armature and the magnet, a conduit l`or the reception of a coin, a stationary contact-point, a pivoted support. adaptedto reeeivea suitable reetqitaeleand tobe tuihed upon itspi votwheu said receptacle has been filled by liquid passing through said valve, and a movable coutact-point carried by said support, substantially as described.

4. In a device ol' the class described, the combination, with an electro-magnet and an armature, a lever t3, connecting said armature with. a valve, said valve operated h v said armature aud the magnet, a lever t, connected with said valve, a'conduit.- H i'or the reeeptieu of a coin, a stationary contact-point7,:1` pivoted SupportI lt. tor the reception ol' the material delivered l'rom the valve, and the coutact-point i7, secured to and operated by the pivoted support .l2 to hold the coin and complete an electric circuit. through the magnet until the weight. of the material delivered by the valve shall be suliieieut to release the coin and break the circuit, substantially as described.

In a device ot the class described, the combmitiou ot' a tube or pipe, a vsuitable valve intercept-ing said tube orpipe and coutrolling the passage ot material, au electromaguet arranged to operate said valve, a conduit adapted to receive a coiu, and au electrie circuitv completed by a Coin in said conduit', substantially as described. o a coin-operated liquid-releasing device, the combination, with a valve for controlling the liow ot' the liquid, of a coin-cole duit, mechanism to be acted on by a coin to open the valve, and a eoiu-releaser actuated on the delivery ot' a certain quantity otliquid to permit said valve to be closed to eut oil' the llow of the liquid, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

7. lhe combination, iu a eoiieo'perated liquid-releasing device, ol' a valve l'or controlling the tlow ot the liquid, aI coin-conduit, mechanism to be operated ou, the introductionol' a coin toopen the valve, a coin-releaser, and a support connected with said releaser and adapted to receive a receptacle and be moved by the gravity ol' the liquid delivered tothe recept acle,\vherebysaid valve is opened ou the iutrot'luetitm of a coin and automaticallyclosed on thedelivery ot a certain quantity of the liquid. substantially as and tor the purposes set l'orlh.

el lu a coin-operated liq uidreleasiug device, the combination ot' a valve l'or controlling lhe flowy ot the liquid, a. coin-conduit, mechanism to be operated ou the introduction ol' a coin to open the valve, aud means, actuated by the gravity of the liquid delivered, l'or automat icallyelosingsaid valve, substantially as and for the purposes set. l'orth.

lu test i mouy whereoll have hereunto set my hand thisI tth day ol' May, lsss.


lu presence ol`- It. ll. swivono, J. .Massei

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