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Patented Nov. IO, 1863.
Specificatio'n forming part of Letters Patent No. 40,566, dated November 10, 1863.
To all whom, it may ooncern:
Be it known that I, GEORGE A. JONES, of the city and State of New York, have invented a new and useful improvement in lamps which make use of an impelled current of air to assist or promote combustion, and 1 do hereby declarc that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, and of its construction and mode or manner of operation, reference beinghad to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, making a part of this specification.
Figure l is a general perspective view ot' a lamp constructed according to my invention. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the same, showing its peculiar arrangement and construction.
My invention or improvement has reference to that class of lamps which are the subject of Letters Patent of the United States granted to Francis B. de Keravenan on the 23d day of October, 1860, and which are supplied with au impelled current of air, to effect a more perfect combustion of the oil, by means of mechanism or equivalent power placed in thebottom of the lamp. The lamp described in said patent, and which has been the patteru or model ot those heretofore constructed to use in connection therewith an impelled current of air to promete combustion, had a central tube passing Vertically entirely through the lamp to recjive the current of air, which wasI impelled by mechanism placed below it, and in such air-tube was located the wick-tube, which had communication with the oil-chamber by means of one or more supply-pipes. The wick-tube being placed centrally within the air-tube, the impelled current of air passed up all around the wick-tube and to the tlame, and greatly increased the light by furnishing a supply of oxygen sufficient to effect a complete combustion of the carbon of the oil. Such an arrangement and combination of oil-chamber with a central air-tube passing through it, and such tube inclosing the wick-tube, is subject to many objections, as well in respect to construction as efficiency, some of which are as follows: lt is very difticult, except with special care and at considerable expense, to so fix the air-tube through the center of the oil-chambcr that there will be 110 leak, and this is particularly true when kerosene oil is -means of small tubes, which require to be soldered or fastened at each end, thus increasing the difficulty of making their connections perfectly tight. It is also almost, if not wholly,
impossible, when the air and wick-tubes aredistinct from but pass through the oil-chamber, to construct the lamp of glass, which holds the oil most securely, and at the same time enables the lamp to be mcst cheaply made.
My improvement or invention consists in so constructin g the lamp as to remedy all these defects and objections, and at the same time make use of the impelled current of air and secure all the bencfits dcrived t'ierefrom.
The oil cham ber or reservoir A, Fig. 2, and which I prefer to make of glass, for the reasons above mentioned-thatisfbecause` it is cheaper and because-itih'olds the oil most securely-is sh/ap'ed generally like any ordinary lamp, except that it has no foot or support, and has no central Opening or passage through it, either for the air or wick-tubes, and the wick is/inserted in it and supported as in ordinaryjlamps.
About and surrounding the oil-chamber A is a shell or inclosing-case, B, most generally of a shape correspondin g with that of the oil` chamber, but somewhat larger than the oilchamber, so that there will be an open space or'unobstructed interval between the two for the free passa ge of the impelled current of air. This inclosing shell -or case may be made of glass or metal, and when made of the latter material may be plain or struck up after any design or device desired, and may be Ornamented in any way preferred. The oil-chamber A is held centrally in respect to the inclosing-shell by means of the sustaining-bar a and braces b b, and the bottom of bthe oilchamber is best made in a pointed form, as shown in Fig. 2, so as to permit of the unobstructed passage of the impelled air.
The space between the inclosing-shell B and the oil-chamber A should be large enough to allow the free passage of all the air required forv complete combustion, and need be no larger.
For a lamp using` a wick an .inch wide I have found a space of a` quarter of an inch wide amply sutlicient.
The inclosing-shell B is open-mouthed, as seen in Fig. 2, at both top and bottom, and connects at the bottom with the inechanism or device producing the impelled current of air, so that the impelled air will pass into the open space between it and the oil-Chamber and up around the latter, and the shell BV bei ing contracted at the top toward the Wicktube, such air will be brought into direct contact with and surround the Wick and flame, and with like favorable results in respect to combustion as when driven Vertically through the center of the oil reservoir A. The shell B terminates at or about the position of the spindle c, so that the top of the lamp can be easily removed for the purpose of filling the lamp. The globe-holder O slips over or within the top of the shell B, and the cone D may be fixed in any usual or convenient manner.
As Will be readily apparent from the foregoing description of myimprovement, the lamp can be constructed much lcheaper, and furnishes entire security against all leakage of the oil, and the oil chamber is not liable to be injured or destroyed by any blow the lamp may receive. p
That I clairn as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
Oonstructing lamps which use an impelled current of air to promote combustion with an outer or inclosing case or shell surrounding the oil-chamber, but at a little distance from it, so that the impelled current of air may pass up around the oil-chauiber and in the spacel GEO. A. JONES.
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