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J. S. CASE'.
N0. 366,761. Patented July 19, 1887.
N. PETRS. mxu-Lnnagnpw, wasningnm, D. c.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 366,761, dated July 19, 1887.
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T0 c/,ZZ whom it may concern.:
Be it known that l, JOSEPH S. OASE, of the city and State of New York, have invented an Improvement in Heating Railwayflrains, of which the following is a specification.
Railway-trains have been heated by steam taken from the boiler of the locomotive and carried through radiating-pipes within the cars, there being flexible tubular connections between the respective cars. In someinstances the steamgenerator has been placed in the baggageear, and in other instances a heater for hot air has been located in the tender. All these arrangements are objectionable in one or more particulars. X'Vhere the steam is taken from the locomotive-boiler, the supply lof steam is often insufficient, especially in very cold weather, and the ears are not properly warmed and the locomotive is not adequately supplied with steam. Vhere the steam-boiler for the heatingr apparatus is in the baggage-car, there is risk of tire if the ear is upset, as in case of collision; and with a heater in the tender for hot air to be supplied to the cars there is difficulty in causing the same to circulate, and a blower driven by the locomotive has to be resorted to.
My improvement relates to a steam-boiler placed in the tender, having a furnace-chamber that is to be supplied with fuel by the fireman, and there is a cock and connections from the steam-space of the boiler to coupling pipes and radiating-pipes within the cars, and the steam-boiler is below a hood, forming an inclined floor to the coal-bunker of the tender. By this improvement the warming apparatus is in the care of the fireman and the tender is utilized for the steam -heating boiler, and the risk of fire in cases of collision is avoided, because the parts of the tender are almost all of iron and not liable to catch fire, and besides this, the water-tank in the tender surrounds the heater and furnishes an additional proteetion.
In the drawings, Figure l is a vertical section illustratingr my improvement, and Fig. 2 is a plan view.
The tender is of any usual or desired construction, and it is provided with the floor or platform A and the water-tank B, that forms the sides and back of the tender, and there are wheels at O.
The steam-heater is of suitable size and shape. It is shown at D with a flue-boiler and a fire-chamber, 2, the door 3 of which is above the iloor of the tender, and the gratebars 12 and the aslrpit 13 are below the floor. The smoke-box and smoke-stack Gare preferably at the back end, as shown. The steam from the upper part or dome of the boiler is taken olf by a pipe and cock, 7, to the ears of the train, there being a flexible tubular connection, 9, between the cock 7 and the iirst car and also between one car and the next, and there are any suitable radiators or radiator-pipes within the cars for heating the same. The smoke-stack should slip into or upon a base-ring, so as to be taken off during summer, when the heater is not required.
Above the boiler D thereis a hood, K, pret'4 erably of boileniron, and said hood is curved downwardly between the sides of the boiler and the water-tank to support the coal and to form inclines or chutes to cause the coal to run forward toward the place where the same is shoveled by the fireman, and there is to be a Vertical or flaring guard over the boiler, as seen at L, to prevent the coal falling over in front of the tire-door 3.
The sides of the tender are preferably made sufficiently high to maintain the required coalspace and offset the loss of fuel-space occasioned by raising the floor of the coal-bunker.
In introducing my improvements .the coal in the tender is raised rather higher than usual; but otherwise the capacity ofthe tender is not interfered with or lessened, and all the conveniences of the ordinary tender are preserved, and the heating ot' the train is per formed with reliability and without loss ol" time and without risk of fire in case of collisions or the upsetting or the cars from any cause.
The steanrheating boiler is to be fed with water from the tender in any suitable manner; and l also provide a pipe, H, leading from the boiler of the locomotive to the boiler D, with cocks or valves in such pipe, so that the cars may be warmed up by steam from the locomotive-boiler in eases where the heat is only required occasionally, thereby avoiding the necessity of kindling a re in the boiler D and allowing for using the steam from the locomotive-boiler when there is a surplus of the Same Without disturbing the connections; and when steam is run through the boilel` D and there is a re in the furnace thereof the steam becomes superheated and more efficient in heating the cars.
In consequence of the steam-boiler Din the tender being connected to the locomotive byV the pipe H and cocks, the Steam generated in such boilerD can be passed to the locomotiven 1o case of neeessity,as well as the steam from the locomotive being used, if needed, in heating.
I claim as my invention-` The combination, in a tender, of the steam-` boilerwithin the tender and between the Water-tank sides, the hood over the boiler, the 15 shield for supporting the fuel, the steam-pipe and cock from the boiler, and the iexible connection to the pipes or radiators Within the cars, substantially as set forth.
Signed by me this 3d day of February, A. 2o-
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