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No. 473,721. Patented Apr. 26, 1892.
W 4 g -g we NORRIS PETERS co., mormu'mm, wAsmNs'nm, n. c
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 473,721, dated April 26, 1892.
Application filed June 24, 1887, Serial No. 242,340. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern: steam, I surround one of the radiating-pipes Be it known that I, IVILLIAM C. BAKER, of with a jacket H in the form of a tube, there the city and State of New York,have invented being a steam-space between the outside of an Improvement in Railway-Car Heaters, of the tube containing the circulating water and which the following is a specification. the inside of the surrounding tube containing The object of this invention is to convert steam, and there are branch pipes 7 and 8, the Baker or any other hot-water heating leading up from the steam-supply tube I to apparatus made use of in railway-cars into a this jacket,near the ends thereof. This jacket heater in which steam from the locomotiveis shown around one of the radiating-pipes IO boiler or other source is made use of. In the adjacent to the lower end of the coil in the Baker car-heater there is a fire-chamber with fire-chamber, in order that the heat imparted a coil which becomes heated by the fuel and to water or brine may cause it to circulate the heated Water rises into an expansion-vesupwardly through the coil in the heater to the sol and then descends and flows through the expansion-vessel and thence back through I 5 radiating-pipes within the car and returns to the radiators in the car. This jacket around the bottom of the coil Within the fire-chambe1u the pipe containing the hot water can usually By my present improvementslain enabled be applied near one end of the car and close to employ steam heat instead of direct fire down upon the floor, so that the whole force and to make very little change in the present of the heat is exerted to advantage in causing 20 connections, and the heater is allowed to rethe Water to expand and become lighter and main, so that in cases of emergency or before to circulate rapidly up through the coil. in the starting the train the car may be warmed by fire-chamber to the expansion-vessel and then a fire built in the heater. through the radiators in the car. In this way In the drawings, Figure l is a sectional plan steam heat is made use of, and it is not neces- 25 view of a car, illustrating the mode in which sary to remove or to alter the ordinary heater my improvements are made use of. Fig.2is or to provide any cocks or valves. Hence a sectional View of the car. Fig. 3 is a longithere is nothing to be done except to turn on tudinal section through the steam-heating the steam, which will rise into the jacket and portion of the apparatus; and Fig.4 is a secfill the same as it reaches each of the cars of 3 tion at the line or as, Fig. 3. a train in succession and drives before it the So The car 0, truck B, and wheels A are of any air, as Well as any water of condensatiomand desired character, and the coils of pipe G are the same is finally discharged at the rear of to be led around the car in any ordinary or the train or at any convenient place. desired manner, those that are shown in the lam aware that steam has been used to heat 35 drawings serving to illustrate a well-known cars, and also that both steam from the locowav of leading such coils. In one corner of motive or heat from a fire have been used in the car the heater D is usually placed, and connection with car-heating, and that two one end of the heating-coil is connected at 3 sources of heat have been used in connection to the bottom of the coil Within the furnace, with the same circulating fluid in pipes.
0 and a pipe 4 passes out from the top of the Therefore l do not herein lay claim to either 0 coil to the expansion-vessel 5, as usual. of these devices. In my presentimprovement,
I make use of a steam-pipe 1, running lonthere being two branch pipes to the jacket, gitudinally beneath the car floor or platform one near each end,the steam heat can-pass in a or within the car-body, and to the ends of at the front end and the air and water of'con- 45 this pipe I couplings are connected, so that densati0n g0 off 31179119 enflal'egal'dless 0f steam may be brought from the locomotive or the directlon 1n whlch the train may be movother source and used to heat all the cars of ing or in which the steam-supply may pass in a train. I the pipe I.
In order to transform the ordinary car-heat- I claim as my invention 50 mg apparatus t one adapted to heating by The combination, in a car-heater, with the heating-pipescontainingWater,ofafire-chamjacket and near the ends thereof, substanloer, a coil of pipe within the same connected tially as specified.
at its ends to the heating-pipes and to an Signed by me this 21st day of June, 1887. expansion-vessel, respectively, a jacket sur- 5 rounding a portion of the heating-pipe, a BAKER steam-pipe extending along the car and adapt- Witnesses: ed to receive steam from the locomotive, and GEO. T. PINOKN-EY,
two branch pipes from such steam-pipe to the i WILLIAM G. MOTT.
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