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(No Model.)
Patented Sept. 2, 1884.
llnrren STATES PATENT Orrrcn.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 304,573, dated September 2-, 1884:.
Application filed April 12, 1884. (No model.)
To all whom, it may co/warn:
Be it known that I, JAMES P. SMITH, of the cles, of which the following is a specification.
My said invention consists in an improvement in the construction of springs and other parts of running-gear for vehicles, whereby a flexible and easy-riding running-gear is provided, as will be hereinafter more fully described.
Referring to the accompanying drawings,
which are made a part hereof, and on which similar letters of reference indicate similar parts, Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved running-gear; Fig. 2, a transverse vertical section through the same on the dotted line 2 z,- Fig. 3, an'underside plan of a 'portion of Fig. 1, looking upwardly from the dotted line 3 y,- Fig. 4, a central section through the same on the dotted line was in Fig. 5; Fig. 5, a View of Fig. 4, looking to the right from the dotted line w w; and Fig. 6, a view of the spring. separately. 7 e
In said drawings, the portions marked A represent the axles; B, the springs, and C the side bars.
The axles A are or may be of the ordinary construction, the front axle having the bolster A, mounted thereon in the usual manner. Said axle and bolster are also connected by the clip a, the upper end of which is bolted to the rear side of the bolster, and the lower end of which is journaled below the axle on the lower end of the kingbolt a, as shown. The axles are connected by rods A preferably three in number, two of which are hinged at one end to the rear axle, and one to the clip a on the front axle, the other ends of the three being brought together under the center of the body and hinged to a downwardly-projecting arm, which is secured at its upper end to a cross-bar which connects the springs.
The springsB are formed in two main parts, as shown, the top partbeing somewhat longer than the other, and the two ends being connected by a bar, B, which rests upon and is secured to the axle or bolster by the clips I),
and forms in effect a third part of the spring. The outside end of said bar is preferably curved from where it is secured to the axle out and over said axle, where it isoonnected to the top part of the spring, in order that the weight may bear evenly upon the axles. The two parts of each spring are secured together in the middle by the bolts 1), a washer, b", being interposed between them to keep them the desired distance apart. The two springs of the vehicle are connected, and thus prevented from spreading, by a cross-bar, B", from the center of which an arm, 1), extends downwardly, to which the connectingrods A are hinged, as before described.
The side bars, 0, are'mounted on the top of the springs in any suitable manner, and, being of the ordinary construction, need no special description.
By this construction of gear the axles are permitted to spread apart as the springs are borne down by the load, and as the weight is lessened the springs tend to draw them together again, and thus a very flexible gear is provided.
It may be well to say that the several parts marked B and B (shown most plainly in Fig. 6) may all be considered as parts of the springs, and therefore it would be allowable to describe the spring as composed of four parts, instead of as composed of two parts connected by bars, the parts B being necessarily elastic, as will be readily understood.
Having thus fully described my said invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. The combination, in a running-gear for vehicles, of connecting-rods hinged or pivoted to the axles of said gear at one end, their other ends being hinged to a suitable bearing under the central portion thereof, and said axles and bearing, substantially as set forth.
2. In a running-gear for vehicles, the combination, with the axles A and bolster A, of connecting-rods A connecting said axles to a suitable bearing under the center of the body, to which they are all hinged, and the springs B, substantially as described, and for the purposes specified.
3. The combination of the axles A, connected by connecting-rods A said connecting-rods being preferably three in number, one of which is hinged to the front axle, and the othersare connected at one end to the rear axle and at the other end to the arm 12 under the middle portion of the gear,- and the other of which is connected at one end to the clip a on the front axle and bolster and at the other end to 20 said arm b and said clip and arm, substantially as set forth.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, at 'Rushville, Indiana, this 3d day of April, A. D. 1884.
In presence of- JAMES D. SLOAN, THOMAS J. NEwKIRK.
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