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    • B43K5/00Pens with ink reservoirs in holders, e.g. fountain-pens
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(No Model.)
Patented July 1,1884..
N4 PETERS Pnominhogmphur. wnshingwn. cv4 C.
SPECIFICATION forming part: of Letters Patent No. 301,205, dated July l, 1884.-.
Application filed January 10, 1884. (No model.) Patented in England July 2, 1883, No. 3,5268; in France December 29, 1883, No.
. 159,462; in Germany January 9, 1884, and in Italy March 3l, 1884, No. 282.
3,268, dated July 2, 1883; in France, No.
159,462, dated December 29, 1883; inv Germany, dated January 9, 1884, and in Italy, No. 282, dated March 31, 1884,) of which the l following is'a specification.
rIhis invention has for its object an improved construction of reservoir pen-holder ofthe class in which the ink-reservoir is provided with a valve which can be opened when the pen isrequired for use, and which can be closed when the pen is not in use, to prevent the escape of ink. As heretofore, the' valve is formed in connection with an air-tube,by which air is admitted to the ink-reservoir to enable the ink to ilow. The barrel of the pen-holder, which forms also the ink-reservoir, receives a screw-cap, and in accordance with my invention the air-tube is iixed to this cap, so that by turning the cap the valve at the lend of the air-tube can be closed down onto a seat, or removed from it. rlhe inl; flows to the pen by a hollow cone'shaped passage open at its lower end, which descends from the ink-reservoir, and terminates in close proximity to the nibs. An ordinary metal pen is employed. Itis held in a socket provided for it at the lower end of the ililcreservoir.
In order that my invention may be more iully understood and readily carried into effect, I proceed to describe the drawings hereunto annexed.
In the drawings, Figure 1 is an elevation of my reservoir pen-holder. which ineloses the pen when out of use is removed. Itis shown separately in Fig. 2. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section.
a a is the cylindrical barrel of the pen-holder, and within it the supply of ink is contained. This barrel and the other parts of the pen-holder may conveniently be made in ebonite.`
bis a tubular plug, which screws into the barrel and closes it at the lower end. The coneushaped passage c, by which the ink is 'Ihe cap or cover` delivered to the pen, is inserted into and permanently attached to this plug. It its it tightlyat the upper end, but below there is sufiicient space between the parts b and o to allow the insertion of a pen, and the pen is held between the parts I) and c, as in an ordinary pen-holder. Vhen the pen is in place, the mouth of the passage c shouldrest lightly against th nibs. For the purpose of supplying the reservoir with ink, the parts b and o are removed from the barrela.
d is the air-tube. At its lower end it is solid and serves as a valve. A seat is made to receive it at c in the upper part of the passage o. The air-tube is perforated at d d', to allow air to enter by it into the ink-reservoir. These perforations are formed in such a position near the end of the tube as to give the head required to insure a proper iiow of ink to the pen. At its upper end the air-tube d passes through and is permanently fixed to the cap e, which screws onto the upper end of the barrel c, so that by turning the cap e the air-tube el can vbe raised or lowered. By this means the passage for the flow of ink to the pen is opened and closed, as required.
At ax, near the upper end of the barrel a,
the tube d is passed through a ring or washer of india-rubber, in order that the ink may be prevented from leaking in this direction, and the air excluded.
By my improvement the cap for the end of the barrel is made to perform the additional function of adjusting the valve carried by the air-tube, thus providing a simply and economically constructed reservoir-pen.
4Having thus described the nature of my said invention and the manner of performing the same, I would have it understood that I claim- The combination, in a reservoir pen-holder, of the barrel a, the valve-seat, the air-tube, the lower end of which forms a valve, and the adjustable cap upon the end of the barrel, and to which the upper end of the air-tube is iixed, substantially as and for the purpose hereinbefore set forth.
Jornv DEAN, G. XV. Wnsrnnv,
Both 0j" 17 Giornali/muli S'rcei, London.
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