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(No Model.) r
, v v FOUNTAIN PEN. o. 294.340. Patented Feb. 26,1884.
N. FE'IERS. PhqYn-Lilhognphf. Washinglnn. D.C.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 294,340, dated February 26, 1884.
' Application iiled May 19, 1883. (No model.)
closing the valve without the use of a wire spring; second, to provide means for effectually keeping the ink from escaping from the-inkchamberby way of the sleeve or guide-tube, within which the valve-rod slides.
The various features of my invention will be more fully set forth in the following description of the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a central longitudinal section 0 a fountain-pen containing my improvements Fig. 2 is a detached view of the guide-tube and valve-rod. Fig. 3 represents a modified form of my improvement, showing the guide-tube made considerably longer.
A represents the barrel or ink-chamber.
B is an end piece tapping into the barrel A at its lower end, and containing the valveseat and tube for conveying ink to the pen.
0 is the tube which supplies the pen with ink.
fits very closely into the upper end of barrel A, and having a projecting end, 6, provided with a screw-thread,in which is cut the blank 6, for admitting air to the inside.
F is the valve-rod or air-conduit, having air-passage f and vents or air-holes f f.
F is a piece of rubber tubing or other suitable material, fitted over guide-tube E, secured thereto at any convenientpoint, and secured at its other end to the valve-rod F.
G is a screw-cap screwing upon the projecting end e of the tube E.
H represents a shield, which, when the pen is not in use, may be placed over the end piece, B, to protect the pen from injury.
The operation of my device is as follows: When it is desired to use the pen, screw-cap G is loosened and the retractile force of the rubber tubing F draws the valve-rodF away from its seat, thus opening the valve. The upper end of the valve rod bears against the inside of capG, and when said cap is screwed down again is forced back to its seat. Air is admitted through vent f, passing down through air-passage f and out at vent f into theink-chamber, thus allowing the ink toflow to the pen.
The function of the rubber tubing F is twofold. It serves to lift or withdraw the valvestem from its seat, thus supplying the'place of awire spring; and it also serves as a shield to keep the ink from entering the sleeve or guidetube E. This is a very desirable feature, as it saves expense in construction, and is effective in operation, performing perfectly every function of the wire spring. The rubber secured around the sleeve E and valve-rod F is much more effective in excluding the ink from said tube E than any other means heretofore employed. I
Having described my invention, what I claim as new and useful is as follows: g
. 1. In a fountain-pen, in combination with the hollow valve rod or air-conduit F, adj ust- EDWARD TYRRELL.
Witnesses: 7'
JNo. E. JoNEs, -A. GLUoHowsKY.
ably secured within sleeve or guide-tube E, the
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