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    • B60G9/00Resilient suspensions of a rigid axle or axle housing for two or more wheels
    • B60G9/02Resilient suspensions of a rigid axle or axle housing for two or more wheels the axle or housing being pivotally mounted on the vehicle, e.g. the pivotal axis being parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle
    • B60G9/027Resilient suspensions of a rigid axle or axle housing for two or more wheels the axle or housing being pivotally mounted on the vehicle, e.g. the pivotal axis being parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle the axle having either a triangular, a "T" or "U" shape and being directly articulated with the chassis only by its middle apex, e.g. De Dion suspension


. so that the front axle may turn upon'it in the ATENT QFFICE,
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 284,748, dated'September 11, 1883.
Application filed June 22, 1883. (X0 model.)
To all whom ilk-may concern.-
Be it known that I, NEIL L. MCADAM, of the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, have invented an Improvement in Vehicles; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof.
My invention relates to certain improvements in vehicles; and it consists of a combination of springs and a series of "suspendingrods, producing an oscillating as well as an elastic movement of the body.
, It also consists of such a combination and arrangement of the springs that they serve as braces to the rear axle, and their front ends are so mounted that no bolster is neces sary.
Referring to the accompanying drawings for a more complete explanation of my inven-- tion, Figure l is a view of my vehicle. Fig. 2 is a side View. Fig. 3 is an end view.
A is the body, B the front and O the rear axle, of my vehicle, which I call an oscillating carriage.
D D are two outside springs, the rear ends of which are fixed to the top of the rear axle at points near the ends. The front ends of these springs converge, and are bolted to a circular plate, E, which rests upon a corresponding plate, F, upon the center of the front axle, the king-bolt Gpassing through the two,
usual manner.
H is a third spring, the rear end of which is bolted or otherwise secured beneath the center of the rear axle, while the front end fits over the lower end of the king-bolt and is secured by a nut, as shown. By this construction I am enabled to do away with the bolster, usually fitted above the front axle, and by converging the springs D to the central plate I provide braces which keep the rear axle at all times in proper position. A strong cross-bar, I, extends across and is bolted to the center of the springs D, and also to the third spring, H, so that the three act together. Two parallel springs, J J, are bolted upon the plate or bar I, just above the center of the spring D, and extend longitudinally beneath the body A, as shown. Brackets K are bolted to the body, so that their outer ends will stand nearly or quite beneath the ends of the springs J, which are perforated to admit the upper ends of the rods or bars L. These bars have enlargements, heads, or bolts L upon each end, as shown, and are of any desired length and size. L pass through similar holes in the ends of the brackets K. Each of these bars or rods has nuts or heads fixed to its ends, so that they will be prevented from pulling through the springs or brackets, but will have a freedom of motion within the holes, through which they pass loosely. The body of the vehicle is thus suspended loosely from the ends of the springs J J, which in turn have their centers supported upon the centers of the springslD D 'H, and as the suspension-rods have a freedomof motion in every direction the body is allowed to oscillate in every direction, so as to relieve it from any shocks which may occur, both sidewise and forward and backward, in addition to its vertical motion.
, Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. In a vehicle or carriage, longitudinal side springs having their rear ends secured to the top of the rear axle, and their front ends converging to and secured upon a turntable or plate, through which the forward kingbolt passes, in combination with a central longitudinal spring, through which the king-bolt passes, below the front axle, and having its rear end fixed to the under side of the rear axle, at the center, substantially as herein described.
2. In a vehicle or carriage, longitudinal side springs extending from the front to the rear axle above, and a central spring extending between them below the axle, and having their centers united by a transverse bar or plate, as shown, in combination with supplemental longitudinal side springs secured to the top of this bar, and having suspensionrods L passing loosely through their ends and The lower ends of the bars through brackets K, which are fixed to the carriage-body and extend below the springs, substantially as herein described.
3. In a vehicle or carriage, the side springs D D, extending from the front to the rear axle, and the supplemental side springs J J,
having their centers bolted to the centers of In witness whereof I have hereunto set my the springs D, in combination with the transhand. verse brackets K, secured to each end of the carriage-body, with their ends extending be- NEIL MOADAM' neath the springs J, and the suspension-rods \Vitnesses:
L, looselyuniting thesprings Jand braeketsK, GEO. H. STRONG,
Substantially as herein described. G. B. STUDLEY.
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