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(No Model.) 4 Sheets-Sheet 1.
No. 268,682. Patented Dec. 5,1882.
N, PETERS. Phw-Lilhographh-wnhlnflml. ac.
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No. 268,682. Patented 1380.5, 1882.
(No Model.) 4 Sheets8h1eet 3. P. H. JACKSON. SMOKE GONSUMING FURNACE.
Patented Dec. 5; 1882.
,4 Sheets-Sheet 4. P. H. JACKSON.
Patented M05, 1882.
rsn- Pmunm iar. Washinghm a. c.
SPEC!ILEI(3ATIG)1\T forming part of Letters Patent No. 268,682, dated December 1882.
Application filed June 29, 1882. (No model) To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, PETER. H. JAoKsoN, of the city and county of San Francisco, State of Ualifornia, have invented Improvements in Smoke-Consuming Furnaces; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof.
My invention relates to certain improvements in thecombustion of fuel, and to apparatus by which it may be carried out.
It consists of a fire-box to contain the fuel, with exterior and interior passages, by which air issupplied at the bottom and top, and through the fuel from the sides.
My invention also consists of certain details of construction, as hereinafter fully described,
and specifically set out in the claims.
A self-regulating valve or damper in the escape-pipe controls the discharge of the products of combustion.
, Referring to the accompanying drawings for a more complete explanation of my invention, Figure l is a vertical section of an apparatus showing the applicationof my invention. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the fuelchamber. Fig. 3 is a view of the central cone. Fig. 4 is a horizontal section of the fuel-chamher, taken through mm, Fig. 1. Figs. 5, 6, and 7 show the invention as applied to horizontal boilers. Fig.8 shows the return-pipe for gases in connection with a furnace.
A is a fuel-chamber, having the grate B at i the bottom. The fuel-chamber is inclosed by an outer casing, O, situated at such a distaiice from it as to leave an air-space around the fuel-chamber, through which air may pass up freely. This air-space extends up from the level'of the grate to the line of the top of the, fuel, and issubdivided into two sets of spiral fiues, D and E. vOne set of these fines, D, have closed sides the entire length, being open only at the bottom and top. The other alternate set of fiues, E, have slots or' openings a on the inner side into the fuel-chamber, through which air' is admitted to the fuel at the sides. Both sets of these fines are drawn inwardly toward the center at the top, so as to discharge a large body of heated air with a whirling'motion over the top ofthe fuel.
A central tube or passage, F, extends up through the fuel-space, and has vertical openthrough the fire.
ings b, through which air is admitted to the fuel from the inside as well as the outside. A cone, G, having spirally-placed wings c, is fixed above the passage F, so that the air which escapes through it will also have a whirling motion imparted to it, similar to'that discharged by the exterior flues, D and E. These fiues or passages all open into a chamber, H, below the grate and within the outer casing, G. The bottom of this casing has an opening, into which is fitted the end of the large air-supply pipe I. This pipe may receive and convey air from any suitable blast apparatus or device, or it may be cut off at the dotted line a b and admit simply a natural draft. The return pipe or flue J, the use of which will be described hereinafter, enters the sideof this air-pipe, and is curved, so that its discharge end is in the center of this air-pipe and just below the point where it opens into the chamber H; or
the air-pipe I may be central and the pipe J...
ence of the chamber. From its center the return pipe or fiue J leads upward, passing out through the side of the drum M, thence downward into the air-supply pipe and to a point fiector, P, extending nearly to the circumferbeneath the chamber H, as before describedaa This construction is precisely the same when applied to a straw-burning furnace, as shown in Fig. 6, exceptthat the sh ape of the chain bers are somewhat difierent and the boiler-tubes form a part of the return system for the unconsumed gases; or the boiler-tubes may be the exit for the gases from the fireand then return through another pipe to beneath the grate-bars, to pass The operation will then be as follows: Fuel being placed in the chamberA and ignited, air will be drawn by natural draft; or it may be otherwise supplied through the passage I, be-
ing controlled by suitable dampers. This air I thence into the fuel-chamber, to be consumed.
. panded or contracted as the heat varies, or
. in-o the flue or pipe O to the chimney.
passes into the chamber H and through the grate B to the fuel, and after the latter is ignited the air which passes through the exterior spiral passages. D and E, and theinterior passage, F, will be heated, part of it passing into the fuel chamber through the openings at and b, and the remainder being delivered with a whirling motion inwardly and outwardly over the top of the fuel, whereit meets the unconsumed gases escaping therefrom, thus supplying fresh oxygen at the point where itis most needed. In order to still further cottsume these gases and produce the tnost coinplet-e combustion, they are collected by the hood P and pass into the pipe J. The draft from below, caused by the heated air passing through the-fuel, will return these nnconsumed gases to the point betow the chamber H, where they are discharged around the dtstributer K and mixed with the column of inflowing airin the pipe I, passing into the chamber H, and- These hot returning gasesalso assist in heat-- ing and ra-refying the inflowing air, which supplies combustion, so that the temperature is kept up and the cotnbustion is much tnore perfect. In the application to steam-boilers and some kinds of furnaces it may be found desirable to introduce a jet of steam through the center of the pipe 1 or J to increase the draft; or this may be effected by any other well-known means.
Within the chimney or escape-pipe O is fixed a valve or damper, It, having an exterior operating-arm, S. This arm is connected with a body of mercury, which is contained in a tube or coil, T, and is so placed that it will be exwith other automatic regulator which is operated by the passing heat. The opening or closing of this damper It regulates the passage of the products of combustion to the chimney.
hood P in the chamber M above the fire-place A, passing thence through the chamber N and Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new,'and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. In aheating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A, the exterior casing, and the air-pasages E, surrounding the chamber A, and having slots or openings a, through which air may be. ad mitted to the fuel from the sides, substantially as herein described.
2. In a heating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A, with its spirally-arranged surrounding airpassages D and E, discharging air above the fuel to mix with the gases arising therefrom, substantially as herein described.
3. In a heating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A, with its central air-passage. F, having side openings, b, and the distributmgcone G, substantially as herein described.
4, In a heating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A, having the central perforated air-passage, F, and the surrot'tiiding passages D and E, the alternate ones being perforated, and all discharging air above the fuel, substantially as hereittdescribeil.
5. In a heating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A having the central and the surrounding airpassages, with their spirally-arranged discharge-passages opening above the fuel, substantially as and for the purpose herein described.
6. In a heating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A, with its central and surrounding air and draft passages, the chamber H, to receive airand unconsumed gases from the pipes I and J, as shown, the chamber M, and collecting-hood P, in combination with the escape flue or passage O, valve It,'and automatic opening and closing device, substantially as herein described.
7. In a heating apparatus, the fuel-chamber A, in combination with the upper chamber, L, and the collecting-hood P, pipe J. leading from the chamber N to the chamber H, and the airpipe 1, surrounding the discharge end of pipe J, substantially as and for the purpose herein described.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand.
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