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i (N0 Model.)
SELF CLOSING PA'UGET. No. 267,733. Patented Nev. 21, 1882.
SPECIFICATION forming part 'of Letters Patent No. 267,733, dated November 21,. 1882. Application niet May 12, less. (Nomade.) v
' marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
My invention relates to improvements in self-closing faucets.
The object of my invention is, first, to provide a separate chamber above the `wateri chamber for the spring Screw-rod and sleeve,
from which the water is excluded, whereby such parts are protected Vfrom the corrosive et'- fects of the water, and may therefore be lubricated Without the lubricant mingling with the water; second, to so exclude the water that packing becomes unnecessary around the screw-rod, whereby said rod, being unpacked, is more freely turned by the action of the i spring; third, to provide a device for raising the valve and compressing the spring without raising the handle or screw-rod.
My invention relates, further, to the device for preventing the nut on the screw-rod from nnscrewin g or becoming' disengaged therefrom, to the peculiar construction ot the sleeve, whereby the Sprin g is prevented from comin g in contact with the screw and screw-rod, to the constructionfot the valve-stem and valve in such a manner that the parts may be separated, whereby saidvalve-stem may be inserted through the partition between the upper and lower chambers.
The construction andoperation of my inven tion are further explained by reference to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents a vertical section. 2 is a detail view.
Like parts are represented by the same reference letters in both views.
A is the screw-rod. B is a screw, which operates in sleeve G in such a manner that as the screw is turned forward said sleeve is Fig.
spring D, whereby said spiral spring is com-r pressed between said sleeve and the cap E. Connected with the lower end of the sleeve C drawn upward thereon against the spiral l 55 1S a long valve-rod, F,`wh1ch extends through mits said sleeves to move upward and downward while it prevents said sleeve from turning with the screw.-
It. is obvious that as the water is excluded from the chambcrl by the packing-nut'or partition H, I am enabled to dispense with packing at the top of the screw-rod A, and allow'the same to move loosely in the capsE, whereby the resistance to the action. of the spring is greatly reduced. It is also obvious that I am enabled "to keep the spring and screw oiled without liability of the oil mingling with the water. The water being thus excluded from the chamberl, I am enabled to Cast said chamber in a single piece with -the cap, thereby dispensing with the ordinary packing-nuts at the top ot' the chamber. The
nut H is provided .with an interior nut, L, by
which the packing is retained and a broader bearing provided for the rod F.
M is the valve, which is detachably secured to the rod F. As the valve is drawn upward and the spring compressed, the screw-rod is prevented from being drawn down intothe' chamber by the nut a, which is screwedupon the periphery of the screw-rod A. To prevent the nut from becoming unscrewed, an annulus is provided having a Square central opening fitted to and adapted lo turn with the screwrod, the screw-rod being made square and iii;- ted to the square opening in such annulus. Thus it is obvious that as the aunulus and nut turn together there is no friction to cause said nut to be unscrewed. rEhe sleeve Gis provided with a circular flange, P, which forms a coutinuous support for the lower coil ofthe spring.
It is a collar, extending above saidl flange P, which prevents the spring from coming in coritact with the screw. S is a recess for the reception of the upper coil ofthe spring..
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
l. In a self-closing faucet, a chamber located above the spout, provided at its lower end with a partition adapted to exclude the water from said chamber, in combination with a screw-sleeve, a valve-rod, and a spiral spring,
located in said chamber above said partition,
said sleeve being provided with a rod extend ing through said partition to the lower side or entrance to said waterchamber, substantially as set forth.
2. In a self-closing faucet, a chamber for the reception of the spring, valve-rod, and sleeve,
- provided at its lower end with a partition loand chamber G, substantially as set forth.
4. The device for retaining the valve-rod in place and counteracting the force of the spring when raising the valve, by which the retaining-nut is prevented from turning, consisting in annulus b, having a square central opening fitted tov and adapted to turn with the valverod, conforming in shape thereto, nut a, secured to said rod and adapted to rest on said annulus, said annulus being adapted to turn with said rod and nut, whereby the nut is relieved from liability of being unscrewed,=as set forth.
5. In a self-closing faucet, the combination of the valve-rod A, provided with screw B,
sleeve G, adapted to move upward and downwardin said screw, and spring D, said screw being adapted, when turned, to raise said sleeve and compress said spring, whereby the valve isopened, said spring being adapted Vto press down said sleeve and reverse said screw automatically, whereby said valve is closed, as set forth.
6. In a faucet having a chamber located above the spout and a partition interposed between said chamber and said spout, a sleeve located above said partition, and a rod projecting below said partition, in combination with a detachable valve, whereby said rod may by removing said valve be inserted through said partition, as set forth.
7 .-The screw-sleeve C, provided with circular flange P for supporting the spring, collar R of less diameter than said ange, in combination with spring D and valve-rod A, said collar being adapted toretain said spring at the periphery of saidiiange and prevent contact of said spring and screw-rod, as set forth.
8. The combination of cap E, provided with recess S, with spring D, rod A, and sleeve C, as set forth.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence oftwo witnesses.
J As. B. ERWIN, E. G. AsMUs.
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