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S'PECIFICATION formig part of Letters Patent No. 234,232, dated November 9, 1880.
Application filed September 23, 1880.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, OLIVER BRYAN, ot' the city, county, and State of New York, have iuvented a new and useful Improvement in Hot-Air Furnaces, of which the following is a specification.
Figure 1 is a sectional plan View of the improvement. Fig. 2 is a sectional side elevation. Figs. 3 and 4: represent modifications of the tiles.
Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding` parts.
The object of this invention is to furnish hot-air furnaces so constructed that the air when heated will be pure; that the heatingsurfaces can be readily inspected and cleaned that the fire will act instautly and uniformly upon all the heating-surfaces, making the eX- pansion thereof equal and the radiation of heat quick and regular.
The invention consists in a hot-air furnace having front, side, rear, and top walls, a grate surrounded by upwardly-projecting tiles to form a fire-box, vertical angular tiles having flat tiles upon their upper ends, horizontal angular tiles, a rear wall to separate the combnstion-chamber from the hot-air chamber and form a large amount of heating-surface, and a wide smoke-flue, whereby the smoke can be taken out at any convenient point, all constructed and Operating as will be hereinafter fully described.
A represents the brick bottom, B the front wall, C the side wall, and D the rear wall, of the furnace. In the front wall, B,is formed a feed-opening, E, a poke-hole, F, and an opening, G, into the ash-pit H, all ot' which openings are designed to be furnished with doors in the ordinary manner. The sides of the feed-opening E are formed of tiles 1, and its top and bottom of iron castings J.
K is the fire-grate, which rests upon the walls L of the ash-pit H, and has upwardlyprojecting tiles M at its sides and inner end, forming the fire-box.
The sides and top oi' the combustion-chamber N are formed of angular tiles O, of burned clay, made with closed ends. The side tiles, O, are placed vertical, with their lower ends resting upon the brick bottom A of the furnace, andwith their angles outward. The ad- (No model.)
jacent edges of the tiles O are beveled to fit squarely against each other, are grooved longitudinally to receive a burnt-clay key, P, and the joints are made tight with clay cement, so that they will not be liable to open and allow smoke and gas to enter the hot-airchamber Q and contaminate the hot air.
If desired, the tiles 0 may he made with fianged edges to interlock with each other, as illustrated in Fig. 3; or the tiles may be made in the form of boxes having three sides, or they may be corrugated, the object being to obtain a large amount of heating-surface in a small space.
Upon the upper ends of the side tiles, O, are laid flat tiles R, upon which are laid the top or root' tiles, O. The top tiles, O, are laid v with their angles upward, and their adjacent edges are beveled and keyed and cemented to each other, or otherwise connected, as hereinbefore described with reference to the side tiles.
The rear end of the combustion-chamber N is formed of a brick wall, S, to which the edges of the adjacent tiles O are keyed and ccmented.
The rear wall, D, of the furnace is made double to form a smoke-fine, T, exteuding the entire width of the hot-air chamber Q, so that the rear wall ot' the furnace will be evenly heated, and so that the smoke can be taken to the chimney from any part of the said flue T, as the relative positions of the furnace and chimney may render most convenient. The smoke-flue T is connected with the lower rear part of the combustion-chamber N by one or more flues,U, leading in through the innerpart of the rear wall, D, through the rear part of the hot-air chamber Q, and through the rear wall, S, of the combustion-chamber N. The flues U are extended through the rear part of the rear wall, D, to form cleaning-fiues V. The outer ends of the cleaning-flues V are closed with doors.
The top of thefurnace is covered with bricks W, supported by iron girders. The hot air is conducted to the rooms to be heated through pipes inserted in openings in the top wall, W, or in the side walls, C, which pipes are not shown in the drawings.
Cold air to be heated is introduced into the forward or other convenient part of the hot- IOO air chamber Q through suitable openings, :s rating the combustion-chamber and the hotindicated in dott d linos in Fig. 1. air chamher, and the smoke-!ines T U, as Bet The feed-openig E and the comhustio fortl. chamher N are designed to he made so large 2. In ahot-airfrnace,theconbination, with 5 that an attendat can readily enter th conthe walla; B (J D and the fire-box K M, of the 2o hustion-chamher N and clean and hrsh oti' agular tiles O, joited to each other, the fiat the heating-snrfice. tiles R, and the wall S, substantially as. herei Having thus fullydescrihed my ivcntionJ shown and described, whereby the combusclaim as new and desire to secure hy Letters tion-chmulwr N and the hot-airchamberQ ara c Patentsvparated from each other andalarge heating- 25 3 1. A hot-air frace costructed snbstzsurface is ohtained, :s set fortl. tially as herein shown and described, cmsst- OLIVER BRYAN. ing of the walls B G I) Yt', the ;n'ate K and witnesses: tiles M, forming the fire-box, and the angnlar JAME T. GRAHAM, 5 tiles 0, the flat tiles R, and the wall S, sepz- SEDGWICK.
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