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E. COLEMAN. B0X for Amallganlacorv Spndles and Shafts-.V

Pafenfed. Feb. 10,



. EZRA COLEMAN, or san FnANcIs`ce,,-cmlrnonum,`

Box FoR AMALcAMAToR semanas Ann sHAF-Ts.

SPECIFICATION forming part of .LettersPatent No. 224,27*?{datedFebruary 10, 1880.

Application iled J une 30, 1879.

To all 'whom t may concern Be it known that I, EZRA COLEMAN, of the city and county of San Francisco, in the State of California, have invented certain Improvements in Boxes for Am al gamator Spindles and Shafts; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accom- LIO panying drawings.

My invention has reference to a sectional box for upright spindles and shafts, which is so constructed and applied that it can be ad- Y justed to fit the shaft or spindle of an amalgamator as the bearing-surfaces wear away.

My adjustable box is more especially useful' this construction, however, the wearing away of the bearing-surfaces soonallows the muller to wabble and run unevenly, so that the grinding is imperfectly done and the muller is Worn unevenly and in ridges.- Myimproved box is so constructed that this wear can be taken up occasionally when required, and thus keep the muller in trim, so that it will run true and even.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, Figure l represents a sectional elevation, partly in side view, of my improved box for spindles or shafts; and Fig. 2 is a plan view of my box.

A marks the spindle or shaft of an amalg-amator, which extends up throughtheboss B, disposed in the central part of the pan or settler. Upon the upper end of the boss or standard B is secured the box, which ts the spindle or sh aft closely. As heretofore constructed the box formed an integral'part of the boss.

I make the hub or boss of the pan shorter than usual,.and then make the box in a separate piece and secure it upon the upper end of the boss, as hereinafter described. This box I make sectionalin three or more'sectons, C C.

Each section is applied to the hub or boss with its inner surface fitting against the spindle. I prefer to make the box in four separate sections, one ofwhich sections lits around each quarter circumference of the shaft, the whole forming a complete box; but any number of sections can be employed. i

Y The meeting edges ofall the sections are made radial to the center of the spindle or shaft A, andV a-flange or rib, f, is formed on both outside edges of each section, so as to project Ifrom it. Another ange or rib, g, connects the lower ends of the edge flanges, passing around the lower endof each piece.

The parts of the box are made of such a size V that when they have been adjusted to the shaft or spindle a narrow space is left between each Vtwo parts of the box, in which I place a suf- -cient thickness of metal or-other suitable packing.` I then take each section separately and cast a suitable thickness or lining of Bab- .bitt or other anti-frictional metal on its inside or spindle.`

The upper end of the short hub or bossB of the pan I cut off horizontally, so that the lowerv end of the box thus constructed will rest'upon it." I then secure the box upon the hub or boss .by means of screws or bolts s, which pass through holes tin the bottom flanges, g. The holes tin' the anges are slotted radially, so that the parts or pieces can be drawn toward they center as far as the packed spaces between the parts` will permit, when the packing is re'- moved. This gives a perfectfitting box, which is fastened to the hub or boss, so as to form a part of it. When the bearing-surfaces of the box Wear so that the box needs adjustment, I loosen the base-screws s and flan ge-screws, and substitute a thinner packin g for that between the parts, and again tighten up the screws.` This gives a new and perfect t,and as often as necessary this can be repeated until the edgesfof the parts C come together, The parts can then be rebabbitted, so as to be asgood as new. This arrangement isA quite simple, and it provides a box that can be horizontal an ges g, having siottedholes tand easily adjusted to take up the wear with but adjusting-screws s s, entering the npperend of little trouble. the boss or standard, and packing interposed 15 The same arrangement can be applied to between the box and shaft, substantially as 5 running,` shafts. and for the purpose specified.

Having thus described my invention, what In witness whereof l have hereunto set my I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Paten t7 hand and seal. 1s-

The combination, with the boss or hollow EZRA COLEMAN' [L S'] ro standard of an ainalgamating pan or settler, Witnesses:

of a sectional shaft-box, C, with its respective W. FLOYD DUCKETT, sections provided at their lower ends with W. F. CLARK.

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