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Patented Apr'1117, 1877. 129,4
INTO! Amnnns.
Specification forming part of Letters PatentNo. 189,597, datedApril 17, 1877; application filed February 17, 1877.
Stand, of which the following is aspecification In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my improved wash-stand. Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal section of the same, taken through the line as at, Fig. 4. Fig. 3 is a vertical cross-section of the same, taken through the line y y, Fig. 4..
Fig. 4 is a top view of the same, the top plate being removed. Fig. 5 is a detail view of a part of the siphon, partly in section, to show the construction. Fig. 6 is a detail side view of the siphon. Fig. 7 is a detail section of the bowl, showing a modification of the same.
The invention relates to the construction and arrangement of parts for supporting and adjusting the wash-bowl, facilitating siphonic action, and supporting the waste-water bowl within the stand, and yet providing for its convenient displacement and removal, as hereinafter set forth.
In the drawing, Arepresents the case of the wash-stand, the top plate B of which may be marble, wood, or other suitable material. In the upper part of the case A, just below the top plate B is placed the clear-water tank (J, which is supported upon cleats attached to the case A, and has an opening through its middle part, or a little at one side of its middle part, to receive the wash-bowl D. The rim of the wash-bowl D rests upon hand-screws E, which pass up through lugs F, formed upon the tank 0, at the upper part of the opening through it, so that by adjusting the said screws E the rim of the bowl D may be forced up snugly against the under side of the top plate B. Upon one side of the bowl D is formed a chamber, G, to receive the outer or longer arm of the siphon H, the other or shorter arm of which passes down into the tank 0, nearly to its bottom. The siphon H is made in two parts, connected by a rubber coupling, for convenience in removing the bowl. The end of the long arm of the siphon His provided with a cap-valve, I, which is pivoted at its center to the center of a short cross-bar, J. To the ends of the cross-bar J are attached the lower ends of two rods, K, that pass up through lugs L, formed upon or attached to the opposite side of the arm of the siphon H. At the top or bend of the siphon H the rods K are brought together to form a stem, which passes up through the cap M of the chamber G, and has a screw-thread out upon it to receive the screw-shank of the knob N, so that the said knob can be detached when desired. The valve I is held up to its seat by two spiral springs, O, placed upon the rods K, the lower ends of which rest upon the upper lugs L, and their upper ends rest against the bends of the said rods K.
With this construction, when the knob N is pressed down, the valve 1 will be opened, and the water from the tank 0 will flow into the bowl D. The bowl D has an opening in its bottom, closed with a plug, P, which opening may be a simple hole, as shown in Figs. 2 and 3, or it may be a countersunk hole, as shown in Fig. 7, so as to receive the flange of the plug P, so that the top of said plug will not rise above the inner surface of the said bowl.
The latter construction adapts the bowl D to receive a perforated plate, so that the said bowl may be used as a urinal, in which case, a pipe should be connected with the said hole leading to the sewer, or other suitable receptacle.
In the case A, below the bowl D, is placed a tank, Q, to receive the waste water from the said bowl. Upon the top of the tank Q, around the opening that receives the bottom of the bowl D, is formed a ring-flange, R, which projects upward to such a height around the said bowl that, should the bowl be used without emptying the tank Q, the waste water will flow back into the bowl, so that the tank Q cannot overflow. The tank Q is provided with a stop-cock, S, upon the lower part of its forward side, for drawing 01f the waste water.
When the stop-cock is open, its arm or lever is horizontal, and the door T cannot be closed. To close the stop-cock completely, the arm requires to be raised to a vertical or nearly vertical position. But since, through carelessness, the arm might frequently be raised FFIG.
to an inclined position, and the cock thus left open sufficiently to permit a slight leakage, I construct the arm with a rounded end, so that when it stands inclined, as shown in dotted lines, Fig. 3, it will be turned or forced upward by the door coming in contact with itin being shut, thereby completely closing the cock, and preventing any escape of the corn tents of the tank Q. The tank Q rests upon the upper ends of boards or frames U, the lower ends of which are hinged to the bottom of the case A, so that the said tank can be conveniently removed and cleaned, when desired. At one end of the case A and tank Q, are formed a series of small drawers, V, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. In the upper side of the cleanwater tank U are formed openings, which are provided with ringflanges W, which project into corresponding holes in the top plate B, and which are closed with caps X.
The flanges form an extension of the tank 0 above the top or bend of the siphon. I have found this construction is necessary to efficient action of the siphon. When sufficient water is poured into tank 0 to fill it to the top, or near the top of the flanges W, the air is expelled from the siphon-tube, and the water caused to flow through it more quickly when the valve J is opened. The flanges W also serve to keep the marble top B in place on the body of the stand.
The caps X are made in the form of cups, to receive soap, tooth-brushes, 82:0. The holes in the top of the tank 0 are designed to serve as inlets for pouring in water, and are made so large that the hand can be conveniently passed through them for convenience in cleaning the said tank.
Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent-- 1. The bowl, having acircumferential flange supported on screws attached to lugs of the water-tank, as and for the purpose set forth.
2. In combination with the siphon, the tank 0 and the flanges W, forming upward extensions of the latter, as shown and described, for the purpose stated.
3. In combination with bowl Q, the supports U, hinged to the bottom of stand A in such. manner that they will fold toward each other,
as shown.
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