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Awww wm 1,586,651
E. V'. DAELY RADIATOR Filed August 28, 1922 l2 sheets-sheet 1 April 13, 1.926;
E. V. DAILY RADIATOR VPatented Apr. 13, 19%. L
unire' stares.
I anotaron.
application atea august 2e, ieee. serial No. 534,715. "I'
Tp all whom it may concer/rt:
Be it known that l, EUGENE V. DAILY, a citizen of the `United States7 residing; at Chicago, in the county of Cook. and State 5 of Illinois, have invented a certain useful Improvement in Radiators, of' which the following isv a. Jiull, clear, concise, and
' exact description, recrence being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification.
The present invention-relates to radiators in which the heating medium is heated by a gas burnerincorporated in the radiator and its object is the' provision of means properly to'veut the gases from 'the burner.
Figure 1 is a Jfront elevation of aradi ator embodying the invention, taken on the line 1,--1 of Figure 2 with` a vent section shown in section.
Fi'gure-2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Figure 1."
yFigure 3 Figure 2. Figure et is a section oi the vent section and two radiator sections on the line M .of Figure 2.
The radiator is composed ci a plurality of similar radiator sections 'l and 'a vent section 2, preferably disposed at the center oi the radiator, the several sections being; secured together by a tie-rod 3. Each lradiator section 1 is formed near the bottom with-a transverse plate 7 'ormingthe floor of a.
water chamber 8 openinginto hollow columns 10 at the front and rear ofthe section, the chamber 8 being closedv between columns 'by' a root The .vent section 2 is ormed with a'plate 7 corresponding with the plates 7 of the radiator sections but a single column 27 rises from the water chamber at the front of the vent section and the root 25 of the' water chamber in the vent section extends from the rear wall of the column 2i rear wall of the section. e column 27' in the vent section opens out to the full width ot the vent section above the wall 2O (Figures 1 and 2) hereafter described. In each radiator section the iront and lrear columns 10 open into each other at the top of the section in the usual manner. wWhen a plurality oi radiator sections section 2 are assembled into a radiator, the coltunns 10 and 27 communicate with each other at the top of the radiator through new and' 'junction with the and is connected through a pipe 12 -with any is a section on theline 3-3 of" .Y l f v the portion of the pipe 12 shown, 1n order to t0 the openings 5 and the water chambers 8, from which the columns rise, communicate with i veach other through openings 6.` Water may be supplied to the commonwater chamber of the radiatorl through a pipe normally 60 closed by a cap 9.
Each' radiator-section 1 and the vent slection 2 1s formed with a laterally projecting wall 1i, the walls of adjacent sections litting each other 'edgewise rlChe walls 14:, in conwalls oit the sections proper, "form a closed bottom ttor the'radiator, thus providing a common combustion chamber closed at the opposite ends of the radlator by plates 15, the walls forming spaces 1 3 for the passage of products ot combustion 'around the water chamber 8. A gas burner indicated generally at 11 extends through the common' combustion chamber sourceof pel. Any of the well known fue] and air mixing devices (not shown may be connected in the fuel supply line a jacent supply the burner with the proper `mixture of fuel and air. p I The vent section 2 is formed with,y a cham-jl I ber 16 which communicates by'openings 17in its opposite sides with the co-mbust'ioncham '"1 ber'. lt is apparent, there-ore, that the gases- 85,'
rising from` the burner throughout the .f`
will be forced to length 'of the radiator 'flow lengthwise of the radiator through` theA chamber formed by the walls v`1/1 'into the vent section and upwardly into' thecham# bei' 16. A y w f ,v The chamber 16 ot' thev'ent section 2v isormed with side walls 18, a. vert-ital liront..Y wall 19, and a curved tp wall 2O which exff tends .from thetop vedge of the wall 19 tothe upper edge of a flue opening 21 int the. -rear wall of the section. The rear wall of the chamber is spbstantially vertical up to l. openings 17 but 100 the level of the top of the above that level the wall is ,formed with a. -portion 24 nclining rearwardly to the lower edge of the fuel or flue openingconnection- 21 forms an outlet from the interior of the -g chamber. A suitable Hue pipe may he connected withthe flue or flue openingy connection 21 to provide an. outlet for the escape of products of combustion. Unless provision be made to avoid it a. back draft into the chamber 16 may extinguish the llame of the burner, while if the upward draft through the flue be excessive that also fnay extinguish the Home by li-'fting the fmmeod of the burner. For these' reasons-the eide walls 1S of the chamber 1G are formed near their front edges with openings 22 to atmosphere, the openings :2:2 extending Substantially from'the level of the top odg s of 'the opening 17 to the level of the lower ede'e of the fine opening 21. The rear edges o? the openings 2:2 are curved as illustrated in i Figure 2 and a transverse bafie 23 extends acroes the chamber 4if?) from the curved edge of one opening to the curved edge of the other opening. The haifie 23 has only about haifthc vertical height' of the opening 22 and its top edge lies substantially in the same vertical plane as the centervlines of the openings 17.
' ln the operation ofthe radiator water in the common chamber 8 Stands at about the level shown in Figure l and steam circulates through the columns 1G of the radiator sections l, the column 2?' of therent section 2,
and the .space above thewali 2O in the vent' section 2 into which the column 27 opens. The gases irom. the burner are prevented from escaping into the room and are forced' to dowv longitudinally of the radiator into the chamber fomned in the vent section. As the gasesrise in this chamber they are di- 'recteld hy the rearwardly extending baille 23 landi-the rearwardly inclined rear Wall 2 directly to the due or outlet opening in the flue openingr 'connection from the chamoem If the draft through the Hue hcomea exceesive air will he pulled in from the Iroom through the openings 22 over the top edge of the baille 23 so that the burner at the base of the sections will not he ail'ected. lf, .on the other hand, a 'back draft through the flue occurs, the downwardly nearing au will be directed by the curved wail and the bao 23 outwardly into the room through the openings 22, carrying with it the products of combition, so that the burner will not be extinguished. Consequently the gases rising from the 'burner will he properly vented at all times While the flame will burn evenly and uniformly without extinguish ment or interference either by excessive.
draft or by hack draft.
Having thus `deesz'riioed I claim as new is l. A vent section for a gas-fired radiator comprising, a walled chamber for the reception of products of combustion, a wall of my invention, what said chamber having a'ue opening, one wall l of said chamber having an opening to the atmos here at la point inthe chamber remote 'om the wail having the ue opening, and a baille below the second recited open ing extending upwardly from the wall adjacent thereto toward the due opening.
2, A: rent section for a ene-tired ifadiator comprising, a walled chau; ci; for the recep tion of products of combustion, means connected with a Wall of said chamber or connection of a iiue therewith, one wall of tRaid chamber at a point spaced from said means haring an opening therethrough, a baille below said opening extending upwardly from the wall adjacent .said opening toward said means, and a top Wall extending downwardly from above said means over the baille to the top edge of scid opening in the chamber wall.
3. `vent section for a lgasired radiator comprising, a walled chamber providing an inlet at the bottom of the chamber for reception of products ol combustion, a wall of the chamber havinga flue openingr to the rear of the chamber and: above the said inlet, a wall of said chamber havin an opening to the atmosphere thereth'oug 1 aty a point rcmote from said lue opening' and above the said inlet and below the .said iiue opening, Aand a bailie connected to the wall at the bottom of said atmospheric opening and. ein tending upwardlyv toward said fluel opening.
4. A vent section for a. radiator of the character l described comprising, a walled chamber having a' plurality ofinlcts for combustion products through. a' portion of the Walls thereof, a rearwall of the said chamber having an opening above said inlets, the Walla or the chamber "having openinge to the atmosphere spaced from the ogening in said wall to the vrear of said amber and above the Said inlets and'helow the said rear wall opening, a bathe between 4the walls between said openings to the atmosphere and extending from a line to the rear thereof, toward the front of said chamhet and connected to the walls of said chamber adjacent the bottom of said openings, eaid hallie extending upwardly toward said rear'wall opening, and a portion oi' the top wail. of said chamber spaced above eaid baiie 'and extending downwardly, from the rear wall of said chamber above the said rear wall opening, to the front wall of said charnher adjiacent the top-of the said openings to the atmosphere.
5.A vent section .fora radiator of the character described comprising, a walled chamber having registering inrete through portions of the wall thereof, a flue opening in the wall of the chamber .remote from and above the said inlets, the' wall of the chamher having openings to the atmosphere at points' remote from said liuc, opening, ano
on a lineabove the said inlets and below vwardly and lforwardly from the' flue opening, and a wall spaced above the' bao and @maine downwardly .fram thefue @eee- 6. A gas-fired radiator comprising, a siny @osmosi v i ing to the Wall forming the top edges of the Second said openings.
glel vent section, and a plurality of radiator sections connected on opposite sides of the. Venteection, the sections being formed to `provide a common passage 'for a heating medium, and a closed combustion space at the' bottom of the radiator, the vent section hav# ing a chamber extending upwardly from the combustion v"space, a gas 'burner extending longitudinally through the combustion space, the rear wall of the chamber above the com bustion space having a AHue opening, the side walls of the chamber' having openings to the atmosphere adjacent the front wall of thel chamber above the vcombustion space and below the'ne opening, and a baffle oonnecting the side walls at the front edges of the openinffs to the atmosphere and extending upwarly toward the ue opening.
7. rA gas-fired radiator comprising, a singie vent section and a plurality of radiator sections connected on opposite sides of the vent'k section, the sections being formed 'to 2f 'provide a common passage for a heating me diuin and a common ciosed combnstionuspace at the bottom of the radiator, the vent section having a chamber extending upwardiy from the combustion space, a gas burner e5:- tending longitudinally through tile combustion'space, the rear Wall of the chamber above the combustion space having a Hue opening, the side Wais of the chamber ad jacent its front Wall, above the combustion y n )witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe,
mynme this 23rd day of August, i922.
' EUGENE v. Daim.
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