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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 152,048, dated June 16, 1874; application filed March 13, 1874.
l'o all vwhom it may concern Be it known that I, JosIAH M. READ, of Boston, in the count)T of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and In the drawing, Figure 1 is a top view; Fig.
2, a vertical, central, and longitudinal section; and Figs. 3 and 4, front and rear side elevations of a stove embodying my improvements.
Fig. 5 is a horizontal section thereof. Fig. 6 is a longitudinal section of the detachable stove-pipe, collar, and damper-plate; and Fig. 7 is a side elevation of the grate.
The nature of my invention consists in combining with a `cooking stove or range, provided with a single oven, a deecting-plate, arranged as hereinafter described, whereby the flame and volatile products of combustion are caused to pass around directly underneath the series of boiler-openings; also, in combining with the said deflecting-plate a damper and series of iiues, arranged hereinafter described, whereby the h eat and volatile pro ducts arc caused to pass entirely aroiuid the oven. f
In the said drawing, A denotes the body of an ordinarystove, B being the top plate, and provided with boiler openings U C, in the usual manner. Dis the fire-box, and E the ash-pit, arranged directly underneath it. F
' is the grate, whose journals are suspended in Y two rearmost set of boiler-openin gs, as shown` by dotted lines in Fig. l. I is a damper, also shown in dotted lines in said Fig. 1, such serving, when closed, in connection with the curved plate, to prevent the heat and volatile products of combustion from passing directly to the smoke-exit, and causing them to pass down the diving-flue J and through the liuc J under the front part of the bottom of the oven; thence around the division-plate K into the flue L, under the rear part of the oven; thence into the ascending flue L 5 and thence over the remaining part of the oven-top to the escape-port or smoke-pipe opening M. The left `side of the oven being adjacent to the fire-box receives sufficient heat therefrom, and the entire draft-current from the fire passes through the ues and passages above mentioned around the oven, so that the oven is most thoroughly heated. But in kindling or quickening the fire, or when it is not desirable to use the oven, the damper I may be opened. In that case thc heat, 82o., are directed by the curved plate, so as to be carried around directly under the boiler openings. N is the water-reservoir, which is disposed at the end of the stove adjacent to the flre'box. O is a rectangular or other proper shaped plate, which is tted into an opening in the top plate of the stove, and so as to bc ush with its upY per surface. This plate has an opening, M, around which the stove-pipe collar s is formed. It also has a damper, I), affixed to its under surface, and so as to be capable of being moved back and forth over the opening M, so as to permit the draft to be regulated at pleas ure. Furthermore, the opening M and collar s are located near one end of the plate, in or der that by simply changing the plate end for end, the location of the stove-pipe may bc better adapted to suit the desired position of the stove. It is a smokechamber, arranged on the rear part of t-he stove, as shown in Fig. 4.. Within the outer vertical face thereof is an opening, e, corresponding in shape with the opening in the top plate before mentioned, such opening e being provided with a plate or cover, g, of the same form and size as the collar and damper plate O, the object of the opening e being to enable the collar and damper-plate O and the plate or cover g to be reversed, so as to permit the stove-pipe to bc affixed to the rcar part of the stove whenever desirable.
The stove, it will be understood7 is to be provided with :L register f'or admitting :tir to and smoke -port M, substzmtiztlljv :1s/and, forv the re in the ordinary nimmer. the purposes stated.
I'Iztving described the construction of my In testimony that I claim the foregoing` invention, what l claim is* have hereunto set my hand this 6th day of y The combination, with a, range or cooking stove, having' nJ single oven, and :t series of| boiler-openings disposed over the saine, of :i Wtnesses: defleeting -p1ate, H, damper I, diving-flue J, F. l. HALE, horizontal flue-s J and L, ascending` flue L', F. C. HALE.
March, 1874. L
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