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S. l. PEDIGO GAS STOVE Filed Feb. 20,'1922 Wrfmsas F WW j Dec. 4 1923.
Patented ec.. e, 1923.
Application filed February 20, 1922.
To all t0/wm t may concern: v
Be it known that l, SANronn l. lnnreo, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pittsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of lbennsyivania, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Gas Stoves, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates to improvements in gas stoves, more particularly to that form of stove, which is termed the elevated type, because furnished with a bake oven or compartment raised from the cooking surface, instead of having such compartment situated either below or by the sides thereof, as
in the ordinary construction.
An important object of the invention is to produce a stove of thc type stated which shall have its several partel conveniently disposed in one vertical plane, and at the same time be capable of discharging every function expected of any complete culinary apparatus known description.
A further object is the provision of special heating` and heat-transmitting means that will render the stove, with its various parts, available for the simultaneous performance of a number of distinct cooking operations, while using heat currents ema nating from a single source only, and also adapt the above for both independent and conjoined employment of a plurality of similar heat sources, according as conditions attending any particular culinary achievement may require.
Still further objects of the invention are to provide a stove of the character described, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, which is comparatively simple in its construction and arrangement, durable and efficient in its use, economical in the use of` fuel and inexpensive to manufacture.
To the accomplishment of these and such vother objects as may hereinafter appear, the
invention consists of the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts herein specifically described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing wherein is shown an embodiment of the invention, but it is to be understood that changes, variations and modifications may be resorted to which come within the scope of the claim hereunto appended.
In the drawing forming a portion of this specification and wherein like numerals of Serial No. 537,937.
reference designate correspending1 parts throughout the several views Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of a gas stove in accordance with this invention.
lFigure 2 is a top plan view thereof.
Figure 3 is a perspective view of a heat chamber used in connection with the top of the cooking surface of the stove.
Considered in its entirety, the stove herein illustrated constitutes a complete unit, available for general cooking purposes, and comprises as its principal parts, an elevated oven l and a cooking surface 2. The oven l is located in a vertical plane of the Cooking surface 2, but receding to some extent therefrom in a rearward direction. rlhe stove is mounted at a convenient height above the licor on legs 8, or upon some base of any desired style or design.
The stove is provided with a bottom l spaced from and extending parallel with the cooking surface 2, forming a chamber 5 therebetween, divided by a partition y6. A pair of burners 7 is mounted below the cooking surface 2 in rear of the partition 5 and but one burner 8 is mounted in a similar manner forward of the partition 5. rlhe cooking surface 2 is formed with an opening 9 disposed directly over each of the burners 7 and 8 and provided with a removable cover (not shown).
'A heat chamber 10, comprising a casing including a bottom and provided with en? larged ends 11 and 12, is mounted in the forward end of the chamber 5, against the lower face of the cooking surface 2. The burner 8 is supported in the enlarged end 11 of the chamber 10, but no burner is provided in the enlarged end 12 which registers with a grid covered opening 18 formed in the cooking surface. 'lhe forward Wall of the enlarged end 11 is provided with a.
cutaway slot for the passage of the fuel supply pipe to the burner 8. The walls and bottom of the chamber 10 are preferably constructed with an inner casing 14, and an outer casing 15 having an interposed packing of heatretaining material 16.
While using the burner 8 with its opening 9 closed by a cover yor pot, the heat generated will be transmitted through the chamber 5 toward the grid covered opening 13 which provides the necessary draft for combustion. 'llhe heat thus emanating through the opening 13 may be simultaneously utilized for cooking operations which do not require intense heat7 thereby providing for the economical consumption or fuel.
The forward section 17 of the cooking surface 2 is detachably connected as at 18 to the rear section of the latter to permit of its displacement to facilitate the removal or cleaning et the chamber l0.
The oven l is provided With a hinged door 19 ot the usual construction, and has its lower portion arranged to form a chamber 2O in which a heating element 2l is mounted, whereby the oven is directly heated through the opening 2Q in the top or" the chamberx The bottom 23 of the oven l is spaced Yfrom the top of the chamber 20 andfliroin 'the Vforward wall of the oven l, forming a passage Q4- to provide indirect heating of the chamber. to be described.
The rear portion ot thestove is constructed to provire a passage 25 formed by the rear Wall 2G and the forward Wall 27, the upper portion 28 of the latter forming the rear wall or the oven l. The upper end 28 of Wall 917 is spaced from the top 29 ot the oven l providing a communication from the passage 25 to the latter. rlhe passage 25 communicates with the chamber 5 in rear of the partition 6 in which the'heating elements 7 are carried.
By closing the openings 9 in the cooking surface 2 overvthe burners 7 the heat currents will circulate upvvardthrough passage 25 into and around oven l, through passage 2li and be dissipated through the flue member 30 in communication with the pas sage 24.
What I claim is en oven having a liuc passage arranged beneath its bottom, kthe rear Wall of said oven being` spaced 'from the top thereof providing` a heat inletto said oven andthe bottom or" the said oven spaced from the forvard Wall thereof providing a heat discharge outlet for said oven, said heat inlet the top of the rear Wall establishing communication with a heat passage and said heat discharge outlet at the forward end of the bottom establishing' communication with said flue passage7 substantially as described and for the purpose set forth.
ln'testimony whereof I affix my signature.
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