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Jan. 15, 1929.
A. TRAUT GAS sToVE FHpd Moy. 29, 1927 Patented Jan. 15, 1929.
Application led November 29, 1927, Serial` No. 236,446, and lin Germany April 6, 1926.
My invention relates to gas stoves of the type comprising a longitudinal burner and an air-heater. t:It is an object of my invention to improve a stove of this kind and to this 6 end instead of the usual incandescent bodles which involve certain drawbacks, I provide a single combustion chamber of refractory material.
In stoves of this type as heretofore constructed an incandescent body was provided for each nozzle of the burner. Such incandescent bodies are of friablematerial and are in an exposed position so that they are liable to become damaged. Apart from this each nozzle must be fired separately and, 1f the tiring o f one or more nozzles is delayed, explo-- sions may occur and may destroy the incandescent bodies. When the gas supply is throttled it is possible that some of the flames become extinct and are not reignited so that gas will escape and vitiate the air in the room and, with the wind in the chimney, the flames may be extinguished altogether unless nonreturn dampers are provided in the chimney.
All these drawbacks are overcome according to this invention by providing a single combustion chamber of refractory material. The combustion chamber or muiiie is provided with a casing of sheet metal or other suitable material, slotted at the base for the burners, and at the front for the escape of the combustion gases and for heat radiation. Wind from the chimney is deiiected from the combustion chamber.
In the drawing affixed to this specification and forming part thereof a. stove embodying my invention is illustrated diagrammatically by way of example. In the drawing Fig. 1 is an elevation,
Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional elevation of the stove, and
Figs. 3 and 4 are sections on the lines 3-3 and 4-4 in Fig. 1,' respectively. Referring to the drawing, 1 is the pedestal of the stove to which gas is supplied through a pipe 2 which is connected with the usual burner pipe 3 and nozzles 4. 5 is a combustion chamber arranged above the nozzles.
The chamber or muiiie 5 is built up from refractory material, for instance, tire clay. Its base 6 is slotted at 7 for the entrance of the iiames from the burner nozzles 4. 8 is the refractory rear plate of the chamber, 9 is a layer of insulating material at the rear of the plate 8, and l0 is the front wall ot the chamber which is slotted at 11 for the escape of the combustion gases and for radiation from the incandescent rear plate 8 into the 12 is the top plate of the combustion chamber, and 13 are its side walls. It will appear that the combustion chamber constitutes a rectangular unit the parts of which are connected by a casing 14 of sheet metal or the like. The nozzles 4 and the slots 11 of the front wall 10 of the chamber are. exposed through openings in the front plate 15 of the stove.
' 16 is an air heater arranged above the combustion chamber 5 which is subdivided into an uptake 17 anda downtake 18 at the front and the rear of the stove, respectively, and
an air passage 19 intermediate the iues 17 and 18. The gases from the combustion chamber 5 which escape from the slots l1 are intercepted by a hood 20 and conducted into the uptake 17. At the top of the uptake the air passage 19 is intersected by pi es 2l through which the gases are conducte to the downtake 18 and finally to the outlet 22 which may lead to a chimney, as indicated by the arrows in Fig. 2. Air is admitted through a hood 23 at the rear of the stove and rises' in the central Vair passage 19 until it` is discharged at the top of the passage. A capital or other decoration 24 may be placed on top of the air heater 15.
The gas is completely consumed, and a very high combustion temperature is developed in the chamber 5. Wind from the chimney is deflected by the sheet metal casing 14 at the top of the combustion chamber 5 so that it cannot enter the slots 11 in the front plate 1() and interfere with the combustion, or cause backward ignition and extinction of the flames.
I wish it to be undmstmnl that I do not desire to be limited to the exact details of construction shown and described for obvious modifications will occur to a person skilled in the art.
I claim 1. A gas stove comprising a burner, abasc plate disposed above the burner and having apertures therethrough, a top plate, front and rear plates connecting said base and top plates, all of said plates being of refractory material and said front plate having slots therethrough for .the escape of combustion gases from the chamber defined by said' plates, and a hood disposed above and prol jccting outwardly beyond said top plate for reeeiving the combustion gases escaping through sai-d slots.
Q. A gas stove Comprising a burner, a base plate above the burner and having a slot registering with the burner, and a combustion chamber including ixnperforate top and back plates, and a front plate having its lower portion limperforate and its upper portion provided with vertical slots for the escape of combustion gases, said front, back audtop plates being of refractory material.
3. A Lgas stove including a Combustion chamber having a slot at the bottom thereof and slots in the front wall thereof, a burner beneath said irstmentioned slot, a hood disposed above and projeeting'beyond the front and rear edges of the combustion chamber,
and a easing above said hood and provided with partitions therein 4defining an upwardly extending passage opening; beneath said hood at the rear of the combustion chamber to receive air to be heated, a passage open at the lower end in front of the combustion chamber to receive combustion gases escaping through said second mentioned slots, and an outwardly extendingpassage communicatlng at its upper end with thesecond mentioned passage and having' an outletat the lower end, said first mentioned passage being disposed between said second and third passages;
In testimon)v whereof I aliX my signature.
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