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Patented Sept. 27, 1921.
-uNiTEusfrA'rEs eA'rsNT oFFici-z.
JOHN semana, or causado, iLnrNors, Assmivon or ONE-HALF 'ro Josera n. LEWIS 0F CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented Sept. 27, 1921.
Application led September 25, 1920.; Serial No. 412,797.
To all whom t may concern.' a
Be it known that I, JOHN STRAKA, a citizen of the present Government'of Czecho- Slovakia, and a resident o f Chicago, Cook county, and State of Illinois, have. invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fountain-Pens, of which the followin is declared to be a full, clear, and exact escription.
This invention relates to fountain pens and among its objects are to provide a simple and practical fountain en of improved construction. Another Objectis to provide improved mechanism for filling the reservoir of the pen with ink. Another object is to provide a fountain pen of that type embodying a handle or case having. an opening through which a rubber or liexible reservoir may be pressed for filling purposes, with a cover that is flush with the remainder of the handle or case. Another object is to iinprove upon the construction of fountain pens with a view toward increasing their eiliciency and practicability. Other objects and advantages will occur in the course of this specification, and with all of said objects and advantages in View, this invention consists in the several novel features of construction, arrangement and combination of parts hereinafter described and more definitely pointed out in the claims.
The invention is clearly illustrated in the drawings accompanying this specification, in which Figure l is a side elevation of a fountain pen embodying a simple form of this invention and showing its cover removed; Fig. 2 is a view partly in side elevation and partly in central longitudinal section, showing the cover in place; Fig. 3 is a side elevation partly broken out in the direction of the arrow 3 in Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is a detail cross-section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 2; Fig. 5 is a detail cross-section taken on line 5-5 of Fig. 2; Fig. 6 is a detail cross-section taken on line 6-6 of Fig. 2; Fig. 7 is a detail crosssection taken on line 7-7 of Fig. 2. Figs. 2 to 7,`inclusive, are upon an enlarged scale to more clearly show the construction of the en. l p Referring to said drawing, which illustrates a simple embodiment of the invention, the reference character 10 designates the handle portion or case of the fountain pen, which, as a preference, may comprise a tubu- -that enters the slot 41 lar 'member formed of hard rubber or other similar material, or other material as may be desired. Secured within the handle or case 10 .is an inner tubular handle member 11 which, if desired, may extend the full length of the handle or case 10. Rigidly secured 1n the open end of said inner tubular meinber is a shouldered plug 37, preferably made of hard rubber and having a central bore 38 into which 1s forcibly secured the feed piece or ink. duct 39 which is formed at its inner end with a bore 40 that opens to the bore of the plug 37, and along one edge said feed piece 39 is provided with the lengthwise extending slot 41 which also extends along the bore 40 and affords a passage or conduit for the flow of the ink to the pen point or nib 42, the shank 43 of which is firmly secured betweenthe plug 37 and feed piece 39, as is clearly illustrated in Fig. 2. The slot 41 terminates at a place adjacent the outer end of the feed piece 39, which conforms to the shape of the pen and is made contiguous therewith. If desired, the pen point or nib 42 may have an inwardly depressed part 44 and effectively prevents relative rotation between the pen point and feed piece 39.
Secured to the reduced neck portion 45 of the plug 37 is a flexible ink container or reservoir 46, preferably in the form of a rubber bag or tube closed at one end and havingiits other end slipped upon the neck portion 45 of the plug 37 and held thereon by friction. The ink reservoir is of sufficient size to contain a considerable quantity of ink, and extends throughout the major portion of the length of the handle.
An opening 47 is provided in the inner tubular handle member 11, which opening may be of a general oval or elliptical shape, and an opening 47 a is made in the handle or case, coincidentyvith said opening 47, but slightly larger in size, so as to leave a ledge 48 at the marginal edge of the opening. Said opening furnishes access to the interior of the inner tubular handle member and permits the ink reservoir to be collapsed by pressure thereon, for the purpose of filling or refilling the same with ink. A cover 49 made of resilient material and having the same shape and size as the opening 47a in the handle or case, is provided and said cover 49 is of substantially the same thickness as the wall of the handle or case 10, whereby it may lie flush with the external wall therof, when in place covering the opening. The sides of the opening of the handle or case extend beyond a plane passing through the axis of the case and the side portions of the cover correspondingly extend beyond a plane passing through the axis of the case, the purpose of this arran ement being to make the resilient cover grip upon the ledge 48, to thereby securely retain it in place over the opening. A thumb-notch 50 may be provided along one edge of the cover 49 to facilitate its removal, and, if desired, the material of the cover may be thickened at the notch to provide a shoulder about the thumb notch, to further facilitate the removal of the cover.
Extending lengthwise between the inner handle member 11 and ink reservoir 46, and coincident with said opening 47 is a compression bar 51 which may extend throughout the greater length of the ink reservoir. Endwise movement of said compression bar 51 is prevented by a pin A52 which extends through a hole 53 in the bar 51 and has a bent end portion 54 that is held in a socket 55 in the inner handle member 10. Said pin 52 extends across the hollow7 of the inner handle member and also provides a guide post for the compression bar 51 along which the bar may be moved when pressed inward to collapse the ink reservoir in filling it.
A cover 36 is provided for covering the pen point when the pen is not in use and said cover may comprise a cylindrical outer shell 56a and inner shell 57 secured thereto by friction or otherwise. A separate end member 58, may be provided for the cover to inclose a block of rubber or other eraser 59, in case the same is used, and when the separate member 58 is used, a sleeve 60 is let into the( end of the outer shell 56a of the cover 36, which projects beyond the open end thereof, and receives the end member 58. The eraser 59 is held in place by the sleeve 60, the circular edge of which may be flanged into the Washer as clearly indicated in Fig. 2.
The means for locking the cover 36 upon the handle 10 of the pen may comprise one or more lugs 61, provided upon the handle or case 11, adjacent the end to which the plug 37 is secured, and a slot 62 formed in the Wall of the inner shell 57 of the cover 36, one end of which slot opens out at the open end of the cover and the other end 63 of which extends at right angles to the main portion of said slot. The metal of the inner shell 57 may also be slit as at 68 (see Fig. 3) to leave a tongue 69 at said slot which tongue may be bent inwardly slightly, as seen in Fig. 2, to insure its positive engagement with the lug 61 whenever the latter is moved into the transverse portion 63 of the slot. To
revent accidental disconnection between the lhg and tongue construction, I have provided a slidable longitudinally recessed plug 70 in the cover, which lug is spring pressed toward the open end o the cover by a coiled compression spring 71 4bearing against the inner end of said plugl 70 and against the end wall 72 of a thimble-lke end, which is xedly secured in the sleeve 60. The wall 72 also acts as a base or bottom for the eraser 59 to lbear against. The inner shell `57 has a reduced neck portion 76 in which the plug 70 slides, and the end of said reduced neck portion 76 forms a stop which is engaged by an enlarged shouldered part 77 of the plug under the influence of th`e spring 71 when the cover is removed. The recessed plug 70 bears against the end face of the plug 37 under the influence of the spring 71, which acts to force the cover off the handle or case and this is prevented by the engage'- ment of the tongue 69 of the inner cover member with the outstanding lug 61 on the handle.
A clip 74 of the type usually employed for securing fountain pens in the pockets of coats or vests may be employed, such clip having a base or supporting portion 75'held by friction between the reduced neck portion 76 of the inner handle member. 57 and the outer member 56a of the cover, as is clearly seen in Fig. 2.
rlhe end of the handle opposite the pen end may be utilized to contain the magazine, and lead feeding mechanism of a magazine pencil, as is fully set forth in my companion application for patent on magazine pencil, filed on even dateI herewith and given the Serial No. 412,796.
The pen is filled with ink by removinfr the cover 49, the compression bar resse back to collapse the reservoir an expel the air from the reservoir, the pen end inserted into an ink bottle or container and the pressure on the compression bar released.
The cover 56 is removed from the pen by turning it upon the handle until the lug 61 comes into line with the lengthwise extending part of the slot 62, whereupon the spring 71 starts to move the cover off in an endwise direction and the user then pulls the cover o ff. To replace the cover, the latter is slipped on the handle,.bringing the lug 6l into the slot 62, and pushing the cover and handle together until the lug 61 strikes the top or end of theI slot, and then turning the handle to bring the lug 61 into the transverse part of the slot. The spring 71 thereupon acts to vprevent accidental disconnection and keeps the pen point air tightly closed by holding the tongue 69 and lug 62 in contact. The cover also may be placed upon the pencil end of the device when using the en.
ore or less variation of the exact details of construction is possible without de arting from the spirit of this invention; de-
sire, therefore, not to limit myself to the exact form of the construction shown and described, but intend, in the following claims, to point out all of the invention disclosed herein.
I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
1. A fountain pen, comprising an outer tubular handle member, and an inner tubular handle member secured therein, there being coincident openings in said members for access to theinterior of the handle, and the o ening in the inner member being of less size than the outer one to leave a projecting ledge between the marginal edges of the openings, and a resilient cover conforming to the shape of the opening of the outer member and held on said ledge by its own elasticity.
2. A fountain pen, comprising a tubular handle, and a collapsible fountain pen reser- Voir contained therein, said handle having an opening in its wally for access to said reservoir, and there being a depressed ledge at the marginal edge of said opening having a portion located beyond a plane passing through the axis of the handle, and a resilient cover for said opening conforming to the shape thereof, and gripping said ledge, said cover being flush with said handle.
3. A fountain pen, comprising a tubular handle having an inner tubular handle vmember, and a collapsible fountain pen reser voir contained therein, a compression bar between said handle and reservoir, and having an opening adjacent one end, and a bar retaining pin having a transversely bent end portion confined in a socket in said inner tubular handle member, said pin extending through said opening in the bar.
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