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3Sheets--Shet1. A. WALRATH & J. SNELL.

Improvement in Machines for Cutting and Separating Broom-Corn. N0; 131,138. 7 Patented Sep.3,1872.

Wfzemer 3 Sheets--Sheet 2.

Improvement in Machines for Cutting and Separating Broom-Corn. N0. 131,138. Patented Sep.3, 1872.

3 Sheets---Sheet 3.

Patented Sep.3, 1872. .2296

A. WALRATH & J. SNELL. Improvement in Machines for Cutting and Separating Broom-Corn, No. 131,138.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 131,138, dated September 3, 1872.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, ALPHONsO WALRATH and JOHN SNELL, both of Fort Plain, in the county of Montgomery and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Machine for Cutting and Separating Broom-Corn; and

we do hereby declare that the following is afull, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing making part of this specification, in which- Figure 1, Plate 1, is an elevation of one side of the machine. Fig. 2, Plate 1, is an elevation of one end the machine. Fig. 3, Plate 2, is a view in detail of the cutter and separators. Fig. 4, Plate 3, is a perspective view of the machine. Fig. 5, Plate 3, shows a whisk of broom-corn before it is cut.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several figures.

This invention relates to machinery for preparing broom-corn to be made up into brooms by first cutting the stalks and shortest straws, and then separating the latter from the longer straws which are left attached to the stubs, as will be hereinafter explained.

The following description of our invention will enable others skilled in the art to understand it.

In the accompanying drawing, A represents the frame of the machine, and 0 represents a table, on which the broom-corn is placed, and

' adjusted up to a knife, 0. The knife 0 is pivoted at r to the vertical side of the frame A, so' as to work against a stationary shear-blade and sever the stalks of the whisks with a shearing or draw out. This knife 0 receives a vibrating motion from a treadle, T, through the medium of the treadle-rod t and a curved rod, t. The treadle-rod t is connected to a crank on one end of a balance-wheel shaft, a on which is a pinion spur-wheel, which engages with the teeth of a large spur-wheel, G, on a shaft, a The wheel G engages with theteeth of a spur-wheel, G, on a shaft, a, asshown in Fig. 2. Onthefrontofthe table o, and keyed on the shaft a are two wheels, B B, which are separated by a narrow space, and into the peripheries of which studs 1) are secured, which studs radiate from the axis of shaft a and are arranged at regular distances apart around their wheels, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3. Above the wheels B B, and keyed on the shaft a,

are two studded wheels, B B, which are like and just over the space betweenthe two wheels B B is another segment-director, al which is notched on its bottom edge at t. (See Fig. 3.) I

Both directors are secured rigidly to bar (P, which rises from the frame A, and is bent horizontally, so as to overhang the two wheels B B, and keep the two directors in the positions described. Just beyond the directors d d are two stationary guides, e e, the latter one of which curves over the inner wheel B a sufficient distance to receive between it and the said wheel the short straws which are detached from the Whisks, and to keep these straws in contact with-both of the wheels B until they are received beneath a guide, h, which conducts the short straws down into a receptacle, E, beneath the said wheels B B. The clearers .9, shown in Figs. 1 and 3, insure the discharge of the short straws from the wheels B B. The directors at d have their ends curved up, and receive beneath them the short straws, which are forced down between the pins b by these directors, so that these straws will pass beneath the curved guide h, and be carried down and deposited into the receptacle E. The notches on the concave edge of the director d have the effect of snapping the short straws into the space between the pins 1), so as to insure their being taken by these pins. The long straws, which are attached to the stubs, pass between the upper and lower pairs of wheels, and are carried upward on a divider or guide,e, by the pins b or wheels B B, and deposited into a receptacle, D. The clearers f, which are attached to an overhanging piece, f, insure the discharge of the long straws into the receptacle D.

It will be seen from the above description that the Whisks of broom-corn, as represented by Fig. 5, are moved up to the knife cand cut, as indicated by the dotted line Fig. 5; then they are brought in contact with the wheels B B, which separate the short straws from those on the stubs, and leave the latter to be carried up by wheels B B and deposited into the receptacle D by the clearers f.

Having described our invention, what we claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. A hurl or broom-corn cutter and separator, consisting of a knife, 0, and studded wheels Witness our hands in matter of our applica- B B, combined substantially as described. tion for a patent for imprgved hurl-cutter and 2. The directors d d in combination with separator.

the studded wheels B B substantially as de- ALPHONSO WALRATH.

scribed. JOHN SNELL.

3. The guidesee hand clearers f 8, combined Witnesses:

with the studded wheels B B, substantially J. N. CA PBELL,

as and for the purpose described. EDM. F. BROWN.

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