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    • B22D13/00Centrifugal casting; Casting by using centrifugal force
    • B22D13/10Accessories for centrifugal casting apparatus, e.g. moulds, linings therefor, means for feeding molten metal, cleansing moulds, removing castings
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Patented uly 15, 1919.
il Pl FRANCIS WILLIAM STOKES, F NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND cAs'rmG-MAcmn v Specification of Letters 1 atent. Patented July g nal application filed July 9, 1918, Serial No. 244,099. Divided and-this application filed February 14,
1919. Serial No. 277,080. I a
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, FRANCIS WILLIAM STOKES, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at 20 Alexandra avenu'e, Mansfield, Nottingham, England, have invented new and usefullmprovements in Casting- Machines, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates to casting machines of the kind in which a rotating mold is .made use of, into which the metal or other material to be cast is introduced through a centrally arranged pourer which is carried by a supporting stem or spindle and is furnished with a storage receptacle or reservoir mounted eccentrically with respect to the -pourer. My invention comprises certain improvements in pouring devices of this type for the purpose of improving their efficiency and rendering them more adaptable for use in specific cases. This application is adivision'ofw my application Serial No. 244,099, filed July 9, 1918, which resulted in Letters Patent No. 1,302,448. l
" A pouring device according to the invention is mounted upon a swivel support upon which the stem orspindle of the pourer is rotatably carried and which is itself supported upon a trolley arranged to run uponv rails on the bed-plate of the 'machine. The pourer may be constructed for the purpose of introducing more than one class of metal into the mold, in-which caseit may be sub-v dlvided into compartments each of Whichis provided with its own pouring opening displaced relatively to the other, the arrangement being such that when the pourer is tilted the metal his discharged in succession from the compartments.
In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a side elevation of one 'form of centrifugal casting machine constructed according to the invention.
Fig. 2 is an end view,- thereof. Fig.-3 is a section on the line 3 -3, Fig.1. Figs. 4 and 5 are a side view'and a plan view respectively illustrating a modified form of pourer, and
Figs. (Stand 7 are transverse sections respectively' on the lines 6 6, and 7-7 of Fig.4.
Referring firstto the constructionilliisl trated in Figs. 1 to 3 .(1' indicates the bedplate of the machine and b .i the mold which is-made in two parts andis carried *thelmetal in the mold.
by the face-plate ciwhich-is keyed u on the spindle d mounted inbearings al on the to be rotated from any suitablesource of power. Y
bed-plate a of the machine and designed e is the door of the mold and f are cen--;
vessel m, these-two parts being carried by the'spindle n mounted ih,b earings n n upon the swivel or capstan head n which can beturned 0n. the trolleyodesigned to run on rails 0 on'the bed-plate a. This swivel-head enables the pourer 'Z to beturnedaway from. the mold to allow of access thereto to remove the casting therein after the casting, operation. Stops n are 'provlded, for limiting the turning movement ofthe swivel-head n in either direction. The spindle n is furnished with a hand-wheel p by means of which' the said spindle and con-i sequntly the pourer can be turned .when p the latter is inserted Within the mold b. I
As will be understood, by tilting the said pourer Z, which is mounted so that it enters .the mold in an axial direction, the molten metal which is contained in the reservoir .m, lscaused to runfrom' the latter and escapes over the lip Z into the mold, where it is subject to the action of centrifugal force and distributed 'over the inner periphery offithe,
saidmold'r 0 is an adjustable'stop for stopping the trolley 0 when the pourer J has reached the correct position forpouring The pourer may in some cases be divided in two sections in such a way that on rotating. it, two different classes or kinds of metal may be introduced into the mold in,
two layers; for example in the'caseof casting a steel wheel-tire the first rptat-ion of the pourer may introduce manganesexstecl for forming the treadv of the'tire, and the 1 05 further rotationinay introduce a softer-steelto complete the inner portion of the casting.
Such a mold is shown in Figs. 4 to 7 and aswill be seen the pourer l is divided by the internal'partition l which extends lori 11b gitudinally down itscenter from one end nearly to the other so compartments Z and Z which are separated at the latter end by the radial partition Z. Each compartment is furnished with a pouring opening q the two openings .being out of alinement with one another so that when the pourer is tilted the metal, say manganese steel, say from the compartment i is first introducedinto the mold and is followed by the metal from the compartment l"! Claims; 1. A pouring mechanism comprising a support, a member swiveled to said support forhorizontal oscillation, bearings fixed to said member, a rock shaft carried by the bearings and having an operating handle, and a pourer fixed to said shaft.
2'; The combination with a centrifugal M x as to form the two said support for displaced relatively mold, of a carriage .movable toward and away from the. mold, a'member swiveled to horizontal oscillation, bearings fixed to said member, a rock shaft journaled in the bearings and having-an operating handle, and a pourer fixedto said rock shaft and adapted to enter said mold.
3. A pourer for a centrifugal casting machine divided into two sections or compartments by apartition, each of said compartments having' a pouring opening which is to the other,. whereby when the pourer is tilted the/metal is discharged from the two compartments suc-.
cessively, substantially as hereinbefore described.
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