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    • B41F3/00Cylinder presses, i.e. presses essentially comprising at least one cylinder co-operating with at least one flat type-bed
    • B41F3/46Details
    • B41F3/58Driving, synchronising, or control gear


a portion of said side view or elevation.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 128,731, dated J nly 9, 1872.

Specification describing certain Improvements in Printing-Presses, invented by WM. JOHNSON, of Lambertville, in the county of Hunterdon and State of New Jersey.

inder which revolvescontinuously in the same direction, carrying the paper upon its surface, cylinder being cut away to allow the type to pass back without contact therewith after the impression has been made and it consists, briefly, in the combination of eccentric gear or toothed wheels for revolving, the cylinder with a gradually increasing and diminishing reciprocating movement of the bed, wherebya smooth, positive, andconnected motion of bed and cylinder is obtained.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a Fig. 2 is an end or front view. Fig. 3 is a plan view of parallel motion.

A is the frame, made in the usual manner. B is the impression-cylinder. O is the internal or toothed rim. D is a bevel-toothed wheel, into which a bearin g or wrist-pin, U, is inserted. l? is a spur-pinion wheel in contact with the internal-toothed rim 0, revolving upon wristpin, U. Said spur-pinion has a hearing or wrist-pin, V, solidly attached, by means of which the bed is moved. E is a bevel-pinion wheel through which motion is communicated. F is the table carrying the type-form. H H are the bearings or supports upon which the bed moves. 0 is a pinion-wheel upon the driving-shaft. M is a toothed spur-wheel driven by pinion O. L L are the eccentric toothed wheels, one of which is keyed fast to spurwheel M, and revolves therewith upon a stud, and in contact with the other eccentric-wheel upon the cylinder shaft. T is a shaft or journal for bevel-wheel D. S is a hearing or support through which shaft 1 passes. N is the driving-pulley.

Its operation is as follows: Motion being communicated to the driving-shaft, the bed upon which the type-form rests is driven forward under the cylinder by means of the crankwheel, toothed rim, and spur-pinion, while the cylinder, having upon its outer surface the paper to be printed, is revolved upon its axis with a variable motion imparted thereto by the eccentric toothed wheels, so that that portion of the cylinders periphery in contact with the face of the type, and upon which the impres-' sion is made, conforms or corresponds accurately in motion .to the movement of the bed. After the impression has been made and the bed has reached the end of its forward stroke, it is then returned back in like manner, while the cylinder continues to revolve, discharging the printed sheet and taking on another, repeating the operation as before, one revolution of the cylinder being made to one double or forward and back movement of the bed.

What I claim as my invention is 1. The combination of eccentric. toothed Wheels L 'L, cylinder B, and reciprocatingbed F, for the purpose substantially as described and set forth.

2. The eccentric gears L L, for giving a variable rotary movement to the cylinder, in combination with the toothed rim 0, pinion P, and the connecting mechanism for giving a corresponding reciprocating movement to the bed, substantially as described.




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