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' improvement ih Rotary Engines.- No. 125,7-8. v PatentedApriHsnsz.



Specification formingpart of Letters Patent No.' 125,748, dated April 16, 1872.

Specification describing a new and `useful Improvement in Rotary Engines, invented by GIDEON B. MAssEY, of the city, county, and State of New York.

This invention relates to the class of steamengines which impart motion without the use of a crank; and consists mainly in the construction of the cylinder and pistonwheel, and in the construction and arrangement of the pistons, whereby the pistons are kept stationary in the revolving wheel while under steam-pressure, or while doing their work; and, also, in the oval cam-groove and flexible cam-blocks on the pistons, the construction and arrangement of parts being as hereinafter more fully described.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 represents a vertical section of the engine, taken on the line a: .r of Fig. 2. Fig. 2 is a vertical section of Fig. l, taken on theline y y, Fig. l.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts. f

A is the cylinder, which is stationary on the bed B.. C is the piston-wheel. D is the shaft to which the wheel G is attached. E, F, and G represent the pistons, which are made to slide radially with the center of the shaft through the rim of the revolving wheel C by means of an eccentric or cam groove, H, on each of the heads I I of the cylinder. The arrangement of the pistons is seen inV Fig. 2, the inside of one of the heads being represented when looking to the right from the line y y of Fig. l. J represents ilexible cam blocks or heads, each attached by a` single pivot to the pistons, so that they adjust themselves to the varying form of the camgroovc as they are revolved around its oval center K. L is the inductionport, and M is the eduction or exhaust port. The pistons move in the direction indicated by the arrow inthis example of my invention; but the construction may be such that the motion may be reversed by converting the induction-port into Van exhaust-port, and vice versa. There are various well-known valve arrangements for that purpose. As seen in Fig. 2, the piston E is taking steam. When the piston F, in moving forward, leaves the circle N of the cylinder, the steam between the two pistons E F will be exhausted. The circle N and all the circular lines between it and the attached to the ends of the pistons, soKconf nected that the pressure of the steam will frce it to the circle N and form a steam-joint while the piston is passing over that circle. P represents small recesses in the periphery of the piston-wheel, which receive these packingplates as the pistons occupy the position of the piston Gr. This allows the wheel C to pass with the pistons beneath the stationary packin g-piece Q. This packing-piece Q is attached to the cylinder, so that it turns as upon a hinge as :it is pressed downV upon the wheel by the steam, so as to make a steam-tight joint at the top of the cylinder. As seen in the drawing, this piece is arranged for a reversible engine. R is a fly-wheel. S is the driving-pulley. T T are boxes in the heads of the cylinder, set up to the shaft by means of the screw U. Y Y are stuffing-boxes in the heads of the cylinder. Z is a driving-pulley for the governor. I propose to use a cut-off with this engine where the nature of the case requires it, the cut-off valve being actuated by a cam, W, on one end of the shaft, and a bell-crank connected with the valve-rod, as seen in Fig. 2. Referring again to the operating parts of the engine, it will be seen that the wheel C is revolved eccentrically with the interior of the cylinder. The cam' -blocks J are connected with the pistons, as seen in Fig. 1, and so that they en ter the stationary cam-groove H, which groove alternately pushes out and draws in the pistons through the wheel, but keeps them stationary with the' wheel while they pass over the circle N, as before stated. By the above described arrangement, I overcome an obstacle which has hitherto been met with in the use of rotary stea1n-engines, and that is the sliding of the piston while it is under steam-pressure and doing its work.

I do not confine myself to any particular mode of packing for making the jointsstearntight, nor to the precise form or arrangement of any ofthe parts described, as they may be varied in many ways Without departing from my invention.

O lm'ms.

the induction and exhaust ports so as to oscillate, as specified.

3. The arrangement of the piston-Wheel C, circle N, cam-groove H, and shaft D, substantially as and for the purposes described.

4. The cam-blocks J, constructedl as de# I scribed, and pistons F, in combination With the groove H and Wheel G, as and for the purposes described.

GIDEON B. MASSEY. Witnesses:

Gno. W. MABE, T. B. Mosman.

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