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Patente Bec. 5,1916.
3 SHEETS-SHEET i/tvwooao/ H. DAVIS.
APPLlcArIoN min Ams. :915.
wwwa, muted 960.19m.
1 Mmm-Iii,
Patented Dec. 5, 1916 3 SHEETS-SHEET a.
Mmmm i Wim/www :lentpfthoge-tolhbe hereinafter referred to. ya,-.towardaeachotheeflpyoperatingthe lever 26 l 'HUGH DAVIS., 0F MELVIN, MICHIGAN.
' To auw/1.0m z't 'may concern.'
' Be it known that I, HUGH DAVIS, a citi-v zen ofthe United States of America, resid'- ing at Melvin, in the county of Sanilac and State of Michigan, have invented certain 'new and usefullmprovemen'ts in Dirt-Machines, of whichthe following is a spec1ica' tion, reference being hadwthrein `tothe accompanying drawings.
This invention 'relates to a dirt machine that can be advantageously used for scraping and collecting dirt. rubbish or refuse matter upon a street or for scraping and collecting dirt from a roadbcd or road Whereby the d irt can be used for grading or filling 1n purposes.
A dirt machine in accordance with my invention embodies a main frame and running gear, a'rotary sweeper brush and adjustable Scrapers for placing matter in the path of the brush, an adjustable collecting chute and conveyer casing, an endless conveyor and its operating mechanism, and a controlling device for the endless conveyer, all of these mechanisms and devices being assembled in the form of a rigid and durable vehicle. In
' the general make up of the dirt machine, the
Reference will now be had to the draw-I ings, wherein- Flgure 1 1s a longitudinal sectional View of a dirt machine in accordance with this invention; Fig. 2 is a plan of the same partly broken away and partly in section, and Fig.
3 is 'a cross sectional view' of the machine i lookinggtoward the rear end thereof.
In describing my invention by aid'of the.
views yabove referred to, I desire to point out that the same are intended as merely precise construction a'n .illustrative of an example whereby my invention maybe applied in practice, and I do not care to confine m invention to the `parts shown. The following description is .therefore to 'be'b'roadly construed as includ-- hing substitute vconstructions .and arrangements of parts which are the obvious equiva- Specication of Letterslatent. Patented Dec. Application led April 9,1915.4 Serial N0. 20,109. i
arrangement of In the drawings, 1 denotes parallel channel side frames having the ends thereof con-l nected by transverse channel bars 2 and 3 braced relative to'the side frames 1 by top and bottom corner pieces 4, i
5 denotes a bolster atvthe forward end of the main frame and this bolster is provided with 'a conventionalI form of fifth wheel G supportedfby an axle 7 having wheels 8 and a draft'equalizer 9 by which the dirt machine is towedor connected to the vrear end of a wagon or other vehicle.
10 denotes depending bearings at the rear end ofthe main frame for a revoluble' axle 11 and mounted upon the ends of said axle are traction wheels 12. Contiguous to the depending lbearings 10 are the hubs 13 of i sprocket wheels 14. The confronting ends of the hubs 13 constitute clutch members adapted to be engaged by clutch members 15 slidably keyed upon the axle 11 and ada )ted to rotate therewith.
The vclutch mem ers 15 have the confronting ends thereof provided with heads 16 and interposed between said heads and encircling the axle is a coiled compression spring 17 which holds the clutch members 15 normally in engagement with the ends of the hubs 13. With the hubs 13, loose upon the axle 11, the clutch members'rl are adapted to establish rotative continuityV between the axle 11 and the hubs 13, and in order that the clutch members 15 can be retracted to permit of the dirt machine being movedwithout imparting move'- ment to the hubs 13, a set of levers 18 are employed. The-set of levers 18 is suspended vfrom bearings 19, carried by'a beam 23 mounted upon the frames 1 and connected thereto by angle brackets 24. rEhe levers 18' are pivotally connected to toggles 2G` which are pivotally connected to the lower end of a rod 21 slidable in a 4vertically disposed guide 22, carried by the transverse beam 23.
;The upper end of the vrod 21 is pivotally connected to a link 25 and said link is pivotallyy connected to a fulcrumed 'operating lever 26'. The lever 26 is fulcrumed upon a tripod 27 supported bythe beam 23 and the channel bar 3, and said tripod has .a segment rack 28- engaged'by a Couven-- tional form of ratchet mechanism 29 carried by the operating lever 26.- With the lower ends of thelever 18bifurcated" and spanning the clutch members 15 yto, engage the ,heads 16,thereof,-said levers canbe shifted 55 These Scrapers are carried by depending l bar 77. The angle bars 740i the endless to retract the clutch member-1 5, and `tl e'reby.
release 'the hubs [13 relative tothe, rear axle., 30 denotes depending bearings by mechanisms 60 of the ordinary and.,well
known type whereby said operating levers'm theside frames 1, in proxiniity.tobearings 10, and journaled in the bearings wais-* transversel driven shaft. 31I having' the l'ends j thereof provided with sprocket wheels '32, Trained over thesewheels andthesprocket wheels 14 arel endless s rocketchains 33, whereby the shaft-31 will be. driven from "the rearfaxle 411. Loose uponthe shaft 31 are vthe side walls 34 ofan inclined-scoop-or chute 35, which hasthefforward end thereof open and the rear end provided*withv a curved and upwardly directeddeilector-.
The side walls 34 of lthe scoop are'secured to sideA frames 37 loose'upon'thef-shaftl and the rear ends of'said side ,frames 'are connected by a yoke 38. .Looselyconnectedl to the rear end of the yoke 138'is'thelower Aend of a rod 39 which has'a screwthre'aded i Waldlylhd upwardly and forming the botporton 40 in engagement with a bearing 41,
carried by the channel bar 3.3 The' upper" end of the rod 3-9 has ay suitable h'andwheel 42 and by adjusting the rod 39 relative' "to,"
the bearing 41, the rear `end'of the yoke' `38 can be raised and lowered, thereby raislng 1 y frames `having. the forward ends thereofr "connected .a transverse channel bar 66.,
The conveyer lcasing63 hasl the lower fend 95 and lowering the forward openend of the scoop or chute 35.
43 denotes an-op'eratorsseat supported on the channel bar 3 and this seat 1s ginv proximity to the hand wheel and fthe operating lever26.` i. 44 denotes bearings'carriedfb the forward ends of the side walls 34 o the scoop or chute 35 and journaledvin said bearings is the spindle 45 of a rotary brush46. One end of the brush 46 has the'v spindle thereof provided with a vsmall sprocket .wheel 47 longitudinally alining with a sprocket wheel 48 on the driven shaft 31. Trained over sprocket chain the vshaft 31 is driven from the rear axle 11 of the machine.
' 46 are inproximity' to the front lower edge of the scoop or chute 35 and'said brush '1s adapted to sweep dirt and .other tmatter into the scoop or chute 'as the machine 1s moved over a streetor road.
posed-` Scrapers at the sides of the main frame ofthe machine and at the front edges of the walls 34 of the scoop or chute 35.
arms 51 of rock shafts 52 journaled in bearings 53, carried by the sideframes 1 of the machine. Theouter the bearings 57 are in the form of racks or notched plates and adjacent to these bear- The bristles of the brush 50` denotes converging and angularly dis.-
` yigeoasie are operating levers 59 fixed to the'rockv .shafts 58 whereby said shafts can bereaSil" rocked. The operating levers 59 have pa'wl 'canbe locked in anadjusted position relai' latedby an'ope'rator uponthe seat 43. By shifting theoperating levers 5 9 the Scrapers 5 0 can be tilted to avoid obstructions'or to scrapea desired surface; the rear ends of n .the scrapers'being rounded topermit 'of a 8 0,`
tilting movement.
v61 denotes lnwardly projectingbrackets l carried b thefyrame 1v contiguous to the depending earin'gs ,The brackets 61 support lthelowerend ofi-an. inclined conveyer 85 guide'62, saidconveyer guide extending fortom-oaconveyer Vcasing 63. In addition tothe bracketsftl there are inwardly projecting brackets 64supporting the conveyer 90 lguide 62 vfrom a rigid inclined frame 65 su portedby each of the side frames. 1|, the
'had tothe interior. of the casing 63. The upperend' of the conveyer casin 63 te'rnii- 10( nates ina discharge spout 68 ien' this spout is adapted to deliver dirt or other material' to a wagon to 'which 'the dirt machine is attached.
69 denotes a large sprocket wheel mounted 1'05 upon the driven shaft 31, at the inner sides o the wall 34 of the scoop or chute 35. These sprocket wheels' aline with 'small sprocket wheels 70 mounted upon the shaft 71 journaled in-adjustable bearings 72, car- 110 ried by the uper ends of the frames 65. v Onithese s proc et wheels 69 and 70 are-endless sprocket chains 73 connected by spaced transverse angle bars 74, said' angle bars and the sprocket chains constituting an end. 115
less conveyer in conjunction with the casing 63.: The endless conveyer within the scoop or chute 35 is braced and guided by a curved plate 75 connected to the lower end of the brackets 61 by. straps 76 and a transverse conveyer move in proximity to the bottom ofthe scoop or chute 35 and dirt or other matter brushed into thev scoop is impinged A ally carries the dirt to the top of the conj veyer casingand discharges the same into de. 62 land vto the inwardly projecting 120 momie to thev discharge spout 68.. it is :during the operation of the endless oonveyer andV the brush that the scoop or chute een be adjusted through'the medium of the hand Wheel 42, the Scrapers the medium oi the operating levers 59, and the operation oi the endless oonveyer y:ind
brush controlled through the` mediurnnof the' operating` lever 26. y
Itis to be' noted that throughout the con-- struction. of the dirt machine structurel steel, such as Channel and angle barsi to gether vwith Lbeains, angle brackets and irons, have been used to Yprovide a rigid and durable structure that will withstand con Siderable wear and tear, particularly when used as a road machine.
What I claim iszl. In a dirt machine, main frain'eaa seat 'at the rear end of said frame, a bearing at the rear end ofsaid frame, a driven shaft supported hy sind freine, a's'coop supported by said driven shaft, rearwardly extending frames secured to said` scoop and loose on said shaft, a yoke connecting seid frames and extendingr below' the bearing o't' said '50 adjusted throughv frames, a oonveye'r easing in communication with said scoop, an endless conveyer movable in said casing and said scoop and driven by said shaft, and a rod `Connected by said yoke in sereWthread-ed. engagement with; said bearing' andextending upwardly in front of said seat.
2. in a dirt machine, a main frame, a seat 'support at the rear end 'of said frame, a
single bearing on therear end of said frame at the base of said seat supper-ne driven shaft supported by said main frame, a Scoop supported by said driven shaft, rearwardly extendingtriangular -shaped frames secured to the sides of `said scoop loose on seid shaft, a yoke eonnecting said frames and extending' belowv4 thebearing on said frame, a. conveyer casing in communication with said scoop, an endless eonveyer movable in said casing and said scoop end driven by said shaft, and a vertically disposed rod rotatably connected to said yoke `in screwthreeded engagement with said'bearing and extending upwardly in front of said seat.
In testimony whereof I aiiiii my signature in presence of two Witnesses.
Vlitnesses l GEORGE l/Ympson, DENNIS lfnnson.
US2010915A 1915-04-09 1915-04-09 Dirt-machine. Expired - Lifetime US1206819A (en)

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