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Patented Nov. 21, H916.
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Specication of'Lette-rs Patent.
Patented Nov. 2l, i916.
Application led September 30, Serial No. 123,121.
, To all whom t may conce-m which the followingis a specification.
My invention relates to self-filling fountain pens oit that type in which an inwardly mow able presser bar, extending lengthwise of a collapsible ink bag and interposed between it and the tubular pen handle in which the ink bag ijs honsed,` can be reached andk operated through'an opening in the side of( the handle.
My invention consists of a novel `construction and arrangement of the operating means for actuating the presser bar to corn press the Collapsible ink has, designed 't0 produce a deyice simple and effective in action', and lwhich can'be conveniently 'and securely applied; to, and fitted and heid in assured position on, the pen'handle. The improvement will first be 'described in connection withv the drawing forming part Ot' this specilication, and will then be more particularly pointed out in the claim.
Infthe drawings-Figure 1 is a plan View of a fountain pen embodying my improvement'in its preferred form. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal axial section .on yenlergefl scale of thes'ame partly in elevation inthe plane of the operating stem S showing the parts in the position they assume with that stem in folded down position. Fig. 3 is a similar section partly in elevation with the stem turned up at right angles to the pen handle and its inner end resting `upon the presser bar D, in the position it occupies when the ink bag is uncompressed. Fig. 4 is a similar sectional. elevation to the preceding igure with the operating stem in the position it assumes when it has been pushed inward from the position shown in Fig. 3 to Compress the ink bag.
In Figs. 8 and the end portions of the pen are shown in elevation and only the intermediate portion of it in which my improvement is embraced is shown in section.
A is the tubular pen handle kwith the usual nozzle B, which holds the feed bar and pen, fitted into its front end. Within the handle is the collapsible, resilient, vulcanized softrubber ink bag C having its mouth fitted upon the rear end of the nozzle B; and interposed between the ink bag and the handle the presser bar D extending as customary lengthwise offthe ink bag inpositiontobe pressed inwardly by a dei/ice Operating through a suitable opening in thehandle. The presser bar may be held in its position relativelyto the inl! bag in any known way and by any suitable or '1)iefe1red-1iieans. In the present instance it is made of spring metal and has its rear portion bent into Ur-shape', as indicated at B', this U portion serving to hold the presser bar into 'place and also acting as a spring to return the presser'bar to its normal outer position roin the inward position to which it is forced in order to compress the ink bag. The resiliency ofthe ink bag aids in this return moyementfof the presser bar. Thus far there yis nohing new in the pen.
the presser bar in which my present inventionis comprised, these means consisting ot an operating stem S longitudinally slotted as :it S, ann a pin fg) secured inor tothe handle in a position to extend crosswise ot the longitudinal slot o therein, in .rhich the operating stem snugly fits and lies iiush with the handle when in its turned-down inoperative'position as in Fig. Q. The pin is located at or near one end of the slot a, in this instance the rear end, In this position it passes through the slot s in the operating stemwhose free end is at .he opposite end of the slot a, as shown, the stem being capableeither of turning on the pin as a pivot or of sliding bodily upon it as a guide according to its position. lt turns upon the pin as a pivot in moving from its foldeddown position in Fig. 2 to its turned-up position in Fig. 3. After having been brought to the upright position shown in the last mentioned figure with its slotted front or inner end resting on the presser bar and the pin 7) at the inner end of a slot s, the stem is then pushed bodily inward to Cause the presser bar to compress the ink bag as shown in Fig. 4, the pin p during this movement serving simply as a guide for the slotted stem. When pressure is removed from the stem, the latter, by the resilient action of both the presser bar and the ink bag, is pushed bodily outward to the position in Fig. 3 from which it started, where it may again be folded down iiat into the slot a in the handle upon the pin p as i. come now to the means for operating a pivot, thus returning to the position shown in Fig. 2.
The front or inner end s of the operating stem is perferably flat and square so that it will take a square fiat bearing on the presser bar when the stem is in upright position. The heel 82 of this end will, in conjunction with the outwardly spring-pressed presser bar D against which it rests, form a spring detent to hold the operating stem from accidental displacement in eitherv its open or shut position somewhat after the fashion in which'the blade of a jack knife is held. The inward depression of the presser bar which takes place as the heel s2 moves it when the operating stem is turning from open to shut position or vice versa is very slight and not suflicient to cause the appreciable ejection of any of the contents of the ink bag.
The compression for fitting purposes is effected only after the operating stem has been brought to upright position at right angles to the Den handle as shown in Fig. The inward movement of the operating stem from this position to that shown in Fig. al for thus compressing the ink bag' is effected, as before said, by hand pressure, the stem under this'pressure moving bodily in a right line in the direction of its length and being assured in its upright position while thus moving by the guiding contact of the pin Z) with the walls of its solt s as well as by the bea 1ing which its squared inner end s takes against the presser bar.
The free or handle end of the oprating stem may be formed in any suitable way to furnish a hold by which it can be lifted from shut to open position. In this instance this end of it is beveled as shown at I) and at the `v`point of the bevel there is a recess r in the n best vway known to me of carrying the same into practical effect, state in conclusion that I do not limit myself narrowly to the structural details hereinbefore shown and set forth in illustration of my invention, since manifestly the same can be varied in a number of particulars without departure from the spirit. of the invention; but
lvVhat I claim and desire to secure by Let ters Patent is as follows:
In a self-filling fountain pen, the combination with a A tubular handle, nozzle, collapsible ink bag, and presser bar interposed between the ink bag and theJ handle and eX- tending lengthwise of the said bag in line with an opening in the side of the handle through which it may be reached; of an operating stem fitting said opening, and longitudinally slotted at one end for a portion of its length; and a pin mounted in the handle to extend crosswise of the side opening therein and through the slot in the operating stem, said pin when the stem is in shut position being at or near that end of the slot farthest removed from the handle end of the stem, whereby the stem in moving from shut to open position or vice versa will swing on said pin as a pivot and, after reaching its upright position, when pushed inward to force the presser bar to compress the ink bag will move bodily in that direction upon the pinV as a guide.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature CLAES W. BOMAN.
Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents. Washington, D. C.
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