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1 ,1 92,396. Patented July 25, 1916.
ms noRnls rzrsns 0a.. PHnm-uma, wAsnmc mm. a c
WARREN v. DEVEREUX, or AURORA, ILLINOIS, AssIenon T nrcnanns-wrncox MANUFACTURING corurnnr, or AURORA, ILLINOIS, A oonronarron' on ILLINOIS.
Patented July 25, 1916.
Application filed November 15, 1915. Serial No. 61,524.
7 To all whom itmay concern Be it knownthat I, WARREN V. DEVEREUX,
V a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Aurora, in the county of Kane, State of Illinois, have invented certa-innew and use ful Improvements in Fusible Links, .of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing.
This invention relates to improvements in fusible links primarily adapted for use,in connection with chains or other flexible connections, for retainin doors, windows, skylights, &c., in openec l position, but which may be relied upon to permit the closing of the door or other. device when the link is subjected to a predetermined temperature.
The leading objects of the invention are to provide a device comprising two similar members that can be very readily and cheaply manufactured and that can be united by a comparatively small amount of solder or other fusible material, with such solder or fusible material so applied as to be quickly affected by heat; to construct each of the members of the link from a single thin sheet of metal having a flange to so stiffen it that it will not be easily bent or distorted; and to provide each of the members with means for engagement by the other member of such a character as to impose no great strain on the fusible material that unites them, but which will, upon the weakening or destruction of the fusible material by heat, permit an instantaneous separation of such members.
It is a further object to produce a construction that will permit the members to be again united and used, if desired, after .the device has been once used and the original fusible material melted.
These objects I accomplish by the construction and arrangement of parts as shown the members of the link.
In all of the views the device is shown considerably enlarged in order to better illustrate the construction.
. member rests.
tion shown, being formed exactly alike.
Each of such members is formed from a comparatively thin piece of sheet-metal and is preferably enlarged at one end and there made semi-circular in shape, as best shown in Fig. 2. In such enlarged end is formed a hole a in which is secured a suitable eyelet b.
0 indicates a flange extending around the eyeleted end referred to and extending along the parallel'side edges to the opposite end ofthe member. At such opposite end the metal is bent or turned to form a lip cl that extends across from side to side of the member. About midway of its length, .in'the form of construction shown, each member A is bent to form a transversely-extending shoulder 6, against which, when the parts are secured together, the lip (Z of the other Each of these lips (Z and shoulders e is slightly inclined so that when the fusible material that holds the two members A, A, together is destroyed or weakened the two members will not be liable to be held interlocked but will readily separate.
f indicates the solder or other fusible material for uniting the two members.
In arranging the two members A, A, in proper relation to each other so that when joined they will form a complete device, they are to be placed back to back, or so that their respective flanges c extend in opposite directions, as is clearly shown in Fig. 5. The inclined end lip 65 of each member is to engage the correspondingly-inclined shoulder e of the other member, and when the two members are so placed with relation to each other the solder; or other fusible material, f,
is to be applied to the outer sides of the and shoulder, as indicated in Figs. 1 and Qatg.
Flanging the members as shown and described not only provides a very stiff construction for each member, even if made from quite thin sheet-metal, but it also enables a comparatively wide surface to be provided for the application and retention of the solder or other fusible material when the two members A, A, are overlapped back to backor so that the flanges extend in opposite directions. Furthermore, in this construction the fusible'material is so situated as to be particularly susceptible to attack by plied at the ends of the members. A, A, through chains or like flexible connections fastened thereto, will cause an immediate separation of the two parts of the link, inasmuch as the inclination of the engaging lips and shoulders offers no obstruction whatever to such separation. members are united, as described, however, the engagement between the lips and shoulders is such as to, in a very large measure at least, relieve the fusible material itself from the separating strain to which the link as a Whole is subjected to in use.
lVhat I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is a 1. A fusible link comprising, in combina- WVhen the two tion, two members arranged in overlapping relation, the opposed faces of said overlapping members abutting and being in intimate contact With each other, side flanges on each member projecting in opposite directions, a transverse shoulder intermediate the ends of each member, and a lip at one end of each of said members, the lip of each member engaging the shoulder of the other member, a fusible material applied over the outer faces of the flanges of the overlapping portions of the two'said members. 7
2. A fusible link comprising, in combination, two members arranged in overlapping relation, the opposed faces of said overlap-v "ping members abutting and being in direct I WARREN V. DEVEREUX.
Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,
7 Washington, D. G. i
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