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Patented Oct. 20, 1914.
Gbbouuzla THE NORRIS PETERS co. PHOTO-LITHO. WASHINGTON, D C4 NITED STATES PATENT oFFioEQ 4 HENRY rnuialvrnnniyn CHARLES 1). wrrnnnsroon, orrnrnnsnuno, V RGINIA,
LID non wAnnnoBn-rnUnKs.
Specification of Letters Patent.
1 Application filed April 10, 1914. Serial No. 830,942. I 3
To all whom it may concern Be it known that we, HENRY L. PLUMMER- and CHAxLns D. WITHERSPOON, citizens of the United States, and residing at Petersburg, in the countyof Dinwiddie and State oi Virginia, have invented certain-new and useful Improvements in Lids for Wardrobe- Trunks; and we do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact descrip tion of the invention, ,such as will enable others skilled in the art" to which it appertains to make and'use the same.
This inventionrelates to wardrobetrunks, and has for its object to providea lid for such trunks which will cover, the wardrobe side of the trunk and be stronger and more durable than those heretofore proposed.
With these and other objects in view the invention consists in the novel details of construction and combination of parts more fully hereinafter disclosed and particularly pointed out in the claims. 1
Referring to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this Specification in which like numerals designate like parts in all the viewsa Figure 1 is a perspective view of a trunk made in accordance with my invention; Fig.
2 i a cross sectional view of the parts shown in Fig. 1 when the trunk is locked; Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the hinge supporting strip for the lid of the wardrobe side of .the trunk; and Fig. a is a diagrammatic sectional detail view showing the relation of parts'just before the lid is closed,
1 indicates any suitable trunk body to which is hinged as at 2 a second body portion 8, l indicates a hasp conveniently attached to the body portion 1 and 5, is the usual lock coacting with said hasp. The body portion 1 may be conveniently provided with the drawers or other compart ments 6 and the wardrobe portion 3 of the trunk is provided with the wardrobe space 7 adapted to serve for the storing of articles of apparel as is usual in wardrobe trunks.
In providing lids for the wardrobe space 7 heretofore, a great deal of trouble has been experienced in firmly supporting the lid around its edges. In other words, these doors or lids 8 are usually made, of thin three ply wood and they have a tendency to warp in or out, and consequently they do not work perfectly for those trunks which have flat side'catches with leather pulls for .PatentedOct, 20, 1 Y
holding the door at the middle of the sides of the trunk. ,Toavoidthese objections, as
well as to strengthen the construction and thereby render it more durable and eflicient there isprovided in this invention an angle iron such as 10 which is conveniently hinged to one side of the wardrobe section'3 as at 11 sothat it may swing in or out onthe hinges 11 as will be clear from Fig. at. The
door or lid 8 being conveniently hinged as i at 1 2 to the oppositefsidefof the wardrobe; section 3 ltWVlll swing in and out on said hinges 12 as indicated inFig. i and as it strikes the flat side 13 of the angle iron 10, as-seen in Fig. 4:, said angle iron will be turned through an angle of 90, whereupon its other flat side 14 will fold downon and become'parallel to the lidS as is indicated in Figs. 1 and 2, and will thus constitute a firm support for the entire edge of the lid 8 from end to end of the trunk. ,7
In order that the efiectxof a locking engagement with the lid 8 may be had, I provide on the said lid 8 any suitable catch, latch, or locking, means such as 15 which in the instance shown in Figs. 1 and 2 is merely a latch memberprovided with a pivot 16 passing through the lid 8 and having a ring l7 or other meansof turning the pivot 16 on one side and a knob 18 on the other. The extreme point 19 of this latch extends over the edge of the angle iron 10 and firmly". e
holds the parts in their closed position as will be clear from Figs. 1 ,and 2. But as above stated of course any other suitable form of fastening or look may be employed.
The operation of the invention will be clear from'the foregoing, but may be briefly summarized asfollows: Viheh it .is desired to openthe wardrobe portion of the trunk and render the space 7 available for the storage ofapparel the trunk is openedwide by turning the section 3 on the hinge 2,
whereupon the latch 15' may be disengaged from the angle'member 10, and the door or lid 8 swung on its hinges 12 outwardly from said wardrobe section 3 whereupon the space 1 7 will be exposed and the apparel stored as is usual in suchtrunks. In opening the lid or door 8 the angle iron 10 will be swung on its hinges 11 as best illustrated in Fig. 4: so as to permit the outer'edgev of the lid 8 to move outwardly. After the space 7 has been stored with apparel the lid 8 may beby constituting an effective brace for the said lid 8. Of course if desired the ordinary fastenmgs along the ends of the said 11d 8 may be employed, but in most cases the same will not be found to be necessary.
, lit is obvious that thoseskillcd in the art may vary the details as well as the arrangement of parts without departing from the with said section; a body portion hinged to said section against which saidlid is adapted to he when the trunkis closed; an angle iron extending along one edge of saidv section adapted to coact with one edge of said lid to firmly hold the same when closed; and means to hold said lid and angle iron in their closed positions, substantially as described. r
2. In a trunk provided with a wardrobe section the combination of a lid hingedly associated w th said section; a'body portion hinged to said section aga-Instwhich said lid is adapted tolie when said trunk is closed an angle iron hingedly associated with and extending along one edge of said section and adapted to coact with one edge of said lid to firmly hold the same when closed; and means to firmly hold said lid to said angle iron when in their closed positions, substantially as described.
turn into and out of its holding position;
and a securing means carried by said lid adapted to contact with said angle iron and firmly hold the latter to the free edge of said lid when closed, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof we our signatures, in presence of two witnesses.
Mon'roN B. JAmis, F. F. WHITTLE.
Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, byaddressing the Commissioner of Patents,
' Washington, D. G.
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