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Binder compositions, method of bonding fiberglass material


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Disclosed are formaldehyde-free, thermally curate, alkaline, aqueous binder compositions, curable to formaldehyde-free, water-insoluble thermoset polyester resins, and uses thereof as binders for non-woven fibers and fiber materials.
UAA200610723A 2004-03-11 2005-03-10 Binder compositions, method of bonding fiberglass material UA89952C2 (en)

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US55236104P true 2004-03-11 2004-03-11

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UA89952C2 true UA89952C2 (en) 2010-03-25



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UAA200610723A UA89952C2 (en) 2004-03-11 2005-03-10 Binder compositions, method of bonding fiberglass material

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CN1950422A (en) 2007-04-18
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