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Marc Shoshan
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Kedem Llc
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TW102304205F 2012-12-19 2013-06-19 用於烹調長形食物產品的烹調器具之部分 TWD163432S (zh)

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US29/440,127 USD686869S1 (en) 2012-12-19 2012-12-19 Assembly for cooking elongated food products

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TWD163432S true TWD163432S (zh) 2014-10-11



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TW102304205F TWD163432S (zh) 2012-12-19 2013-06-19 用於烹調長形食物產品的烹調器具之部分

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US (2) USD686869S1 (zh)
CA (1) CA151687S (zh)
TW (1) TWD163432S (zh)

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