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RU1815112C SU4888855A RU1815112C RU 1815112 C RU1815112 C RU 1815112C SU 4888855 A SU4888855 A SU 4888855A RU 1815112 C RU1815112 C RU 1815112C
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Viktor A Gavrilov
Pavel G Finaev
Original Assignee
Omskij Politekhn I
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Application filed by Omskij Politekhn I filed Critical Omskij Politekhn I
Priority to SU4888855 priority Critical patent/RU1815112C/en
Application granted granted Critical
Publication of RU1815112C publication Critical patent/RU1815112C/en


SU4888855 1990-12-10 1990-12-10 Turntable RU1815112C (en)

Priority Applications (1)

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SU4888855 RU1815112C (en) 1990-12-10 1990-12-10 Turntable

Applications Claiming Priority (1)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
SU4888855 RU1815112C (en) 1990-12-10 1990-12-10 Turntable

Publications (1)

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RU1815112C true RU1815112C (en) 1993-05-15



Family Applications (1)

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SU4888855 RU1815112C (en) 1990-12-10 1990-12-10 Turntable

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RU (1) RU1815112C (en)

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