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Telescopic crane arm.


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    • B66C23/00Cranes comprising essentially a beam, boom, or triangular structure acting as a cantilever and mounted for translatory of swinging movements in vertical or horizontal planes or a combination of such movements, e.g. jib-cranes, derricks, tower cranes
    • B66C23/62Constructional features or details
    • B66C23/64Jibs
    • B66C23/70Jibs constructed of sections adapted to be assembled to form jibs or various lengths
    • B66C23/701Jibs constructed of sections adapted to be assembled to form jibs or various lengths telescopic
    • B66C23/705Jibs constructed of sections adapted to be assembled to form jibs or various lengths telescopic telescoped by hydraulic jacks
NL7104105A 1970-09-28 1971-03-26 Crane with a supported telescopic arm. NL157576C (en)

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US7588670A true 1970-09-28 1970-09-28

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NL7104105A NL7104105A (en) 1972-03-30
NL157576B true NL157576B (en) 1978-08-15
NL157576C NL157576C (en) 1981-10-16



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NL7104105A NL157576C (en) 1970-09-28 1971-03-26 Crane with a supported telescopic arm.

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