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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a distribution content evaluation device and method for enabling a distributor to much more easily to make an announcement to a browser, and for enabling the browser to much more easily view content, and to much more easily transmit its evaluation, and for enabling the distributor to easily confirm the transmitted evaluation, and for guaranteeing that the above mentioned transmission and reception has been performed between the correct persons concerned in an environment in which situations can be distributed to a network with moving images.SOLUTION: Unique identification display is performed to a client device which performs distribution. A distributor is able to easily acquire this, and transmit it to a person to whom the distributor wants to make an announcement. A browser is able to easily browse distribution from information included in this announcement, and to easily transmit an evaluation result or a comment. Furthermore, since a communication management server is able to evaluate the transmission of the message from the correct browser, it is possible to prevent any mistake or impersonation. Also, since this is displayed to the client device, it is possible to achieve tight communication between the distributor and the browser. Thus, it is possible to improve the satisfaction of a user.


本発明は通信ネットワークを用いて複数の物理的装置、複数の論理的装置又はこれらを組み合わせた複数のサーバと、同様に複数の物理的装置、複数の論理的装置又はこれらを組み合わせた複数のクライアントから構成されるシステムで、各クライアントが設置される場所で撮影される静止画、音声、動画や入力されるテキスト情報を別クライアントへ配信し、また別のクライアントから送信される静止画、音声、動画、テキスト情報を受信し表示する、サーバとクライアント及び方法及びプログラム及び記録媒体に関する。 The present invention relates to a plurality of physical devices, a plurality of logical devices, or a plurality of servers combining these using a communication network, and a plurality of physical devices, a plurality of logical devices, or a plurality of clients combining these. It is a system that consists of a still image, audio, video, and text information that is shot at the location where each client is installed, to another client, and a still image, audio, The present invention relates to a server, a client, a method, a program, and a recording medium that receive and display moving image and text information.
In recent years, communication of information and sharing of information through a network has been spreading in various environments. A service that allows you to upload a video and view it to an unspecified number of people, such as YouTube, a friend of the person who uploaded and uploaded many videos and music content that can be played and played by non-professional individuals and groups A system has been established for browsing and evaluating this by not only acquaintances but also third parties who have no acquaintance.
In addition to sharing stored and edited content, a service that relays real-time video and distributes it to an unspecified number of users, such as a service such as uStream, provides a real-time relay service to many clients free of charge. In the past, it has been possible for individuals to easily realize services that have been expensive and have been realized only by some artists.
In such an environment, every day scene is shared, distributed, and evaluated, and a simple device that facilitates this, such as digital cameras and digital movies that can be distributed in real time when connected to the Internet. Etc. are also proposed.
In an environment where the surroundings can be easily distributed as video, audio, still images, etc., and relayed to an unspecified number of people in real time, every day is shared, distributed, and evaluated. The issue is that the distributor is out of control of the existence of the content, who it distributes to, and who receives the evaluation.
First, in order to inform the existence of content, various other media, such as Twitter, a service that posts short sentences in recent years and shares with unspecified majority, users and groups that can be specified to some extent, exchange opinions in a common place. There are methods such as announcing this in advance with a suitable social network system, etc., but such a method is difficult to search, and the distributor needs to actively transmit such information, It takes time and effort.
In addition, there are cases where distribution to only a specific range is not desired and distribution to an unspecified number of people who do not know at all is not desired, but such detailed settings cannot be made when using existing free services. In addition, there are many restrictions and operation is difficult.
Furthermore, although a mechanism for allowing viewers to evaluate distributed content is becoming widespread, anonymous expressions and comments are likely to cause problematic expressions and harassment.
The present invention efficiently notifies an acquaintance or a third party who is interested in content when distributing customer activities by moving images or voices at a store or the like that provides a service, and efficiently performs the notification. By restricting the distribution target in an equivalent way and cooperating with customer service in the store, it is possible to realize distribution and evaluation comfortable for the distributor by deterring anonymous irresponsible and inappropriate evaluation, and notification The purpose of this is to promote communication by allowing the user to easily display a message on the client device.
In order to achieve the above object, the client at the distribution location may provide identification information including information that can identify the client location and the store such as a two-dimensional barcode or barcode, or an IC card reader that can provide similar information. A non-contact or contact-type short-range communication device is provided. The client device includes a video / audio acquisition unit for performing distribution, and determines whether to perform distribution based on information from the client setting unit set by the distributor. A distributor who intends to distribute the activity status acquires this information using the identification information or a terminal device that can read information from the short-range communication device, such as a high-performance mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet PC. Then, this information is sent to an acquaintance who wants to notify the distribution by means of electronic communication, a short message, or other means capable of wide area communication. The information acquired at the same time includes information for the communication management server, which is received by the distributor information receiving unit in the communication management server. The communication management server manages video / audio distribution based on the received information, calculates a message received from the outside, and transmits the message to the client. The client displays this on the screen.
A person who has received the notification communication can easily identify the client of the store and view contents distributed from the client by information included in an e-mail or the like. Specifically, when a distribution notification is received by the distribution notification receiving unit, it is possible to easily send an e-mail or short mail from the access information included in the information, or send a message to a designated Internet site to manage communication. Information can be sent to the client via a server.
The communication management server includes a message receiving unit, identifies client-specific information included in the sent information, and recognizes that this is a legitimate reply addressed to a specific client, and the client has this Information such as evaluations and comments is fed back to the distributor by outputting to a screen or audio output device.
By selecting the distributor, a message can be displayed on the screen of the client that is used by the distributor. At this time, the priority is displayed lower than the message from the notified user.
In addition, the store providing the service notifies the service management schedule to the user managed by the store, and notifies the customer interested in the present service of the delivery. Since customers are not anonymous, it is difficult to send irresponsible messages to the delivered content.
According to the present invention, the distributor can easily notify the acquaintance of the distribution location and the distribution content. In addition, notifications can be made to similar users who are not anonymous through user information managed by the store providing the service and the homepage of the store.
Furthermore, the notified user can easily realize evaluation, support, and encouragement in real time.
実施形態1に係る映像音声配信とメッセージフィードバックシステムの一例を示す2 shows an example of a video / audio delivery and message feedback system according to the first embodiment.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings. The embodiments described below are examples of the present invention, and the present invention is not limited to the following embodiments. In the present specification and drawings, the same reference numerals denote the same components.
FIG. 1 shows an example of a video / audio distribution and evaluation system according to the first embodiment. The video / audio distribution and evaluation system according to the present embodiment includes an arbitrary number of client devices 1A, a video / audio distribution server 2, a content receiver / evaluator terminal 3A, a distributor-owned terminal device 4A, and a store or network. And a communication management server 5 installed in the network. The client device 1A, the video / audio distribution server 2, the communication management server 5, the content receiver / evaluator 3A, and the distributor-owned terminal device 4A are connected by a communication network.
The client device 1A includes a video / audio acquisition unit 10, a manufacturing audio encoding unit 11 that performs processing necessary to distribute the video / audio to the network, a video / audio distribution unit 12 that distributes the processed data to the network, and the entire client device. The client information setting unit 14 as a user interface for setting the client, the client specific information holding unit 15 that holds the set information, the client specific information display unit that displays the client specific information, and the client specific information are communicated. The client-specific information transmission unit 17 that transmits to the management server 5, the message reception unit 18 that receives a message from the communication management server 5, the video / audio display unit 19 that displays the received data, and the distribution from the client-specific information. And an arithmetic processing unit 13 to be controlled.
The video / audio distribution server 2 receives a video / audio relay unit 20 that receives video / audio data from the client device 1A, an audio / video relay distribution unit 21 that redistributes the received data to a plurality, and holds client-specific information of the client device 1A. A distribution setting unit 22 that acquires information regarding distribution settings through communication from the unit 15 and acquires information regarding distribution through communication from the arithmetic processing unit 50 of the communication management server 5.
The content receiver / evaluator terminal 3A includes an audio / video receiving unit 30 that receives video and audio from the audio / video relay distribution unit 21 of the video / audio redistribution server 2, and an audio / video receiving unit 31 that displays the received audio and video. A distribution notification receiving unit 35 that receives a distribution notification transmitted from the distributor-owned terminal device 4A, a distribution notification display unit 36 that displays this distribution notification, and a message transmission unit 34 that transmits a message for video and audio, An arithmetic processing unit 33 that formats the message into a form suitable for transmission and an operation input unit 32 that provides a user interface for controlling the transmission are provided.
The distributor-owned terminal device 4A transmits an external information reading unit 40 that reads client-specific data installed in the client device 1A, an arithmetic processing unit 41 that interprets the read data, and transmits the result to a distribution notification target person. And a wide area communication unit 41 configured to set the communication management server.
The communication management server 5 includes a message receiving unit 53 that receives a message R3 as an evaluation of video and audio created by the content receiver / evaluator device 3A, and a client that receives client-specific information C4 transmitted by the client device 1A. An information receiver 52, a distributor information receiver that receives setting information from the distributor-owned terminal device 4A, and an arithmetic processor 50 that collects these pieces of information and performs processes such as displaying, discarding, and repeating appropriate messages. And comprising.
First, a distributor (distributor) confirms that terminal-specific information is displayed on a client device installed in each room, for example, in a store. Karaoke services, bowling alleys, etc. are envisaged as business formats that provide such services. However, this service is not limited to these service formats. Available at.
As described above, the terminal-specific information uses a printed matter / screen display such as a two-dimensional barcode or barcode, or a mechanism such as a contact / non-contact IC card. The 16 client-specific data display unit in FIG. 1 displays this information.
The distributor captures this information D1 with a terminal device 4A capable of capturing this information, such as a mobile phone or a smartphone owned by the distributor. After taking in, information is transmitted to the other party to be notified by various communication forms such as e-mail, short message, SNS and Twitter (D5).
The content receiver / evaluator who receives the information recognizes that this information is information that can access a specific place on the Internet, and performs access. Such information is, for example, information such as a URL specifying a web page, a specific mail address, or the like. The content recipient / evaluator can easily access the distributed content by clicking or capturing this information. Also, other information included at the same time can send a message to this distribution content. Of course, it is also possible to send only a message without referring to the distribution content.
The content receiver / evaluator transmits the evaluation message R3 with a simple operation. Messages can be sent in various formats, such as text, video photographs, and audio.
The communication management server 5 receives the sent message. Based on this message and the information included in the access, the communication management server indicates that this message is information transmitted from the client-specific data display unit of the client device 1A, and that the message to be displayed properly transmitted / received according to the procedure. This message is sent to the client apparatus 1A. The client-specific information for making this determination is received from the client apparatus 1A as C4, and it is realized by the information extracted from the communication of D4 that this is due to the distributor. The information of D4 is included in the data of the client specific data display unit D1, and is collated with the information included in R3 and the information included in C4.
Note that the message receiving unit 53 can also receive messages from other than the notified content receiver / evaluator at the message receiving unit 53.
In this case, the distribution of the distributor is posted on a homepage provided by the store, or is accessed from a distribution list or the like presented in a searchable state by a company providing the video / audio distribution server 2.
In the case of access from a home page provided by a store, irresponsible messages can be suppressed by allowing only registered users to send messages. In addition, it is possible to select such that a message can be transmitted even if it is not a registered user, and these are realized by including these in the information of D4 by the distributor in the procedure for distribution notification. In other words, options are presented by the arithmetic processing unit 41 to enable such selection. At this time, the message of the user who sent the notice has the highest priority, the message priority of the registered user of the store, and finally the unspecified user has the lowest priority.
Although the video / audio distribution server 2 in FIG. 1 normally uses an external service in many cases, it is possible to realize the distribution service on its own. When the distribution service is realized on its own, or when the user can dynamically control the distribution performance, the communication management server 5 can control the distribution performance. In other words, for active distribution with many comments, operations such as increasing the bandwidth or effectively controlling the cache are performed. When such services are used by celebrities, or content that is of interest to an unspecified number of people, distribution can be optimized.
The following is an example when this system is installed in a karaoke room.
One client apparatus 1A is installed in each of a plurality of karaoke rooms. The video / audio redistribution server 2 uses the uStream service, which is a real-time broadcast distribution service.
The communication management server 5 is installed on a cloud service and can easily cope with an increase in scale.
A customer who uses this service reserves a room at a store and enters the room. The user interface of the client apparatus 1A is used to specify that this room is distributed over the Internet. Thereafter, the two-dimensional barcode attached to the entire surface of the client apparatus is read by a self-cell phone, and this is sent to a plurality of acquaintances by e-mail. .
The client device has already started to distribute the video, and the user who received the notification mail just received it with his mobile phone, for example, and clicks the first URL link, and the content being distributed is viewed. be able to. The data (A4) transmitted from the client device 1A to the distribution service on the Internet is redistributed by the redistribution function of the uStream server and displayed on the display unit 31 on the user's mobile phone as A6 data.
At this time, the user clicks the second URL link included in the notification mail. This is a link for sending an e-mail to the communication management server, and the user enters the sentiment of the delivered content in a short sentence and sends it. The transmitted data (R3) is received by the communication management server, and after it is confirmed by the arithmetic processing unit 50 that the reply is correct, it passes through the message transmitting unit 51 and reaches the client 1A in the room where the distributor is located. The received message is displayed on the monitor in the distributor's room, and the distributor can see the evaluation.
There is a third URL link in the email of the user who received the notification. Click here to access the home page of the communication management server. Here, video and audio can be transmitted, and a richer message than the text sent by e-mail can be sent.
The present invention can be applied to the information communication industry. In particular, a user who wants to send information in real time receives evaluations and comments from remote acquaintances and third parties, thereby improving the entertainment of the event and improving customer service satisfaction.
1A: Client device 2: Video / audio redistribution server 3A: Content receiver / evaluator terminal device 4A: Distributor-owned terminal 5: Communication management server 10: Video / audio acquisition unit 11: Video / audio encoding unit 12: Video / audio distribution unit 13: Arithmetic processing unit (client device)
14: Client information setting unit 15: Client specific information storage unit 16: Client specific data display unit 17: Client specific information transmission unit 18: Message reception unit 19: Video / audio display unit 20: Video / audio relay reception unit 21: Audio / video Relay distribution unit 22: distribution setting unit 30: audio / video reception unit 31: audio / video display unit 32: operation input unit 33: arithmetic processing unit 34: message transmission unit 35: distribution notification reception unit 36: distribution notification display unit 40: external Information reading unit 41: arithmetic processing unit 42: wide area communication unit 50: arithmetic processing unit 51: message transmission unit 52: client information reception unit 53: message reception unit 54: distributor information reception unit A1-A8: video / audio data C1- C11: Client-specific information D1-D7: Distribution notification information R1-R8: Evaluation data

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  1. 映像音声取得部10と、取得した映像音声をネットワークに送信可能な形に変換する映像音声エンコード部11とこれをネットワークに送信する映像音声配信部12と、端末の固有識別情報と、ネットワークへの配信可否や配信タイミングなどを決定可能なユーザインタフェースとしてのクライアント情報設定部14と、この情報を記憶し保持するクライアント固有情報保持部15と、この情報を印刷物や画面で表示できるクライアント固有データ表示部16とこの情報を通信管理サーバ5へ送信するクライアント固有情報送信部17と、通信管理サーバからのメッセージを受信するメッセージ受信部18とこのメッセージを表示する映像音声表示部19と、を備えるクライアント装置。
    A video / audio acquisition unit 10, a video / audio encoding unit 11 that converts the acquired video / audio into a form that can be transmitted to the network, a video / audio distribution unit 12 that transmits the video / audio to the network, the unique identification information of the terminal, Client information setting unit 14 as a user interface capable of determining whether delivery is possible, delivery timing, and the like, a client specific information holding unit 15 that stores and holds this information, and a client specific data display unit that can display this information on a printed matter or a screen 16, a client specific information transmitting unit 17 that transmits this information to the communication management server 5, a message receiving unit 18 that receives a message from the communication management server, and a video / audio display unit 19 that displays this message. .
    A video / audio relay receiving unit 20 for receiving video / audio data to be redistributed on the network, an audio / video relay distributing unit 21 capable of distributing this data to an unspecified number of users, and a distribution for setting these operations A video / audio redistribution server comprising: a setting unit 22;
    An audio / video receiving unit 30 that receives video and audio from a server on the network, an audio / video display unit 31 that displays this on the apparatus, an operation input unit 32 for inputting a user's message, and an arithmetic process An arithmetic processing unit 33, a message transmission unit 34 for sending a user-created message to a predetermined destination, a distribution notification receiving unit 35 for receiving a distribution notification sent from a distributor, and a distribution notification display unit for displaying this notification 36. A content receiver / evaluator terminal device.
    An external information reading unit 40 that reads client-specific data displayed on the client device, an arithmetic processing unit 41 that processes this data, a wide-area communication unit 42 that transmits this data as distribution notification information at the user's specification, A terminal device owned by a distributor.
    A distributor information receiving unit that receives distribution information and information for determining regular distribution notifications as specified by the distributor, a message receiving unit 53 that receives a message from a content receiver / evaluator, and a client device to a client A client information receiving unit 52 that receives unique information, an arithmetic processing unit 50 that can verify that R4 is a correct message from these pieces of information (D6 and C5), and a message transmission unit 51 that transmits a correct message to the client device. And a distribution content evaluation system comprising a communication management server.
  2. 配信者が配信を行うクライアント装置固有の情報を取り込み、これを配信対象者と通信管理サーバへ送信することで、配信者が容易に配信告知を行う手順と、閲覧者が容易に配信を閲覧し、かつ容易に評価をメッセージとして送信する手順と、通信管理サーバがこのメッセージの正当性を評価する手順と、このメッセージがクライアント装置に表示される手順と、を有する配信コンテンツ評価方法。
    The information that is specific to the client device that the distributor distributes is captured and sent to the distribution target person and the communication management server, so that the distributor can easily notify the distribution and the viewer can easily view the distribution. And a delivery content evaluation method comprising: a procedure for easily transmitting the evaluation as a message; a procedure for the communication management server to evaluate the validity of the message; and a procedure for displaying the message on the client device.
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