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Yin Kwong Tang
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Yin Kwong Tang
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    • A47G1/00Mirrors; Picture frames or the like, e.g. provided with heating, lighting or ventilating means
    • A47G1/06Picture frames
    • A47G1/0616Ornamental frames, e.g. with illumination, speakers or decorative features
    • A47G1/0622Ornamental frames, e.g. with illumination, speakers or decorative features with illumination
IT000176U 2006-08-10 2006-12-07 illuminating frame ITTO20060176U1 (en)

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US82197006P true 2006-08-10 2006-08-10

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ITTO20060176U1 true ITTO20060176U1 (en) 2008-02-11



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IT000176U ITTO20060176U1 (en) 2006-08-10 2006-12-07 illuminating frame

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