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Joseph Westly Newman
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Joseph Westly Newman
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Priority claimed from PCT/US1981/001105 external-priority patent/WO1983000963A1/en
Application filed by Joseph Westly Newman filed Critical Joseph Westly Newman
Priority to IN572/CAL/86A priority Critical patent/IN163290B/en
Publication of IN163290B publication Critical patent/IN163290B/en


IN572/CAL/86A 1981-08-28 1986-07-28 IN163290B (en)

Priority Applications (1)

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IN572/CAL/86A IN163290B (en) 1981-08-28 1986-07-28

Applications Claiming Priority (3)

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PCT/US1981/001105 WO1983000963A1 (en) 1981-08-28 1981-08-28 Energy generation system having higher energy output than input
IN242/CAL/83A IN158985B (en) 1981-08-28 1983-02-26
IN572/CAL/86A IN163290B (en) 1981-08-28 1986-07-28

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IN163290B true IN163290B (en) 1988-09-03



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IN572/CAL/86A IN163290B (en) 1981-08-28 1986-07-28

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IN (1) IN163290B (en)

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