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Elevator device


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elevator device
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Katsunori Nishino
Tomofumi Hagiya
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Hitachi Ltd
Hitachi Mito Eng Kk
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Application filed by Hitachi Ltd, Hitachi Mito Eng Kk filed Critical Hitachi Ltd
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HK10105016.7A 2008-09-12 2010-05-24 Elevator device HK1138824A1 (en)

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JP2008234154A JP4774429B2 (en) 2008-09-12 2008-09-12 Elevator equipment

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HK1138824A1 true HK1138824A1 (en) 2010-09-03



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HK10105016.7A HK1138824A1 (en) 2008-09-12 2010-05-24 Elevator device

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JP (1) JP4774429B2 (en)
CN (1) CN101670968B (en)
HK (1) HK1138824A1 (en)

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CN101670968A (en) 2010-03-17
JP2010064873A (en) 2010-03-25
JP4774429B2 (en) 2011-09-14
CN101670968B (en) 2011-12-14

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