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Improvements relating to television


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    • H04N11/00Colour television systems
    • H04N11/06Transmission systems characterised by the manner in which the individual colour picture signal components are combined
    • H04N11/18Transmission systems characterised by the manner in which the individual colour picture signal components are combined using simultaneous and sequential signals, e.g. SECAM-system


561,209. Television ; multiplex wireless signalling. BRITISH THOMSONHOUSTON CO., Ltd. (General Electric Co.). Aug. 5, 1942, No. 10946. [Classes 40 (iii) and 40 (v)] A television system for the transmission of more than two colour images over a single channel comprises two separate synchronized means for generating image signals, one generating signals representative of one colour component and the other generating signals of the other colour components, and means for modulating the two signals on a common main carrier wave by different ones of two types of modulation, namely one by frequency or phase modulation and the other by amplitude modulation. The modulation of the main carrier is effected directly by both signals ; or one signal is modulated directly on the main carrier in accordance with one type of modulation and the other signal is first modulated on a subcarrier wave which is then modulated on the main carrier in accordance with the other type of modulation. In the arrangement shown, one signal is generated by scanning the picture 10, Fig. 1, in one colour, through a green filter 15 by a camera 12, and the other signal is generated by an interlaced scanning in two colours, through a rotating red and blue filter 14 by a camera 11. The signals from the camera 11 are mixed in a mixer 32 with blanking signals from a pulse generator 18 and are fed to a frequency modulator 43 for a high-frequency oscillation generator 44. The signals from the other camera 12 are mixed in a mixer 30 with synchronizing signals and blanking signals derived from the pulse generator 18 and are fed to an amplitude modulator 41 for the highfrequency oscillation generator 44. The doubly modulated carrier is amplified by an amplifier 45 and radiated by an antenna 13. At the receiver, Fig. 3, the two modulations are separated. The amplitude modulations control the deflection generators 93, 94 and a cathoderay image reproducer 77. The frequency modulations corresponding to the interlaced scanning control cathode-ray image reproducers 75, 76 keyed in mixers 80, 81 by keying pulses derived from the synchronizing pulses. The three cathode-ray tubes are observed by an eye 102 through semi-transparent mirrors 100, 101. In a modified receiver, the three cathoderay tubes are substantially side by side and lenses project and combine their images on one screen. Specification 424,743 is referred to.
GB1094642A 1941-05-27 1942-08-05 Improvements relating to television Expired GB561209A (en)

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US395414A US2333969A (en) 1941-05-27 1941-05-27 Television system and method of operation

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GB1094642A Expired GB561209A (en) 1941-05-27 1942-08-05 Improvements relating to television

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