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Mounting device for optical lenses


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    • B24B13/00Machines or devices designed for grinding or polishing optical surfaces on lenses or surfaces of similar shape on other work; Accessories therefor
    • B24B13/005Blocking means, chucks or the like; Alignment devices


1429067 Grinding lenses E LOH and K LOH [trading as WILHELM LOH KOMMANDIT KG OPTIKMASCHINENFABRIK] 26 Oct 1973 [26 Oct 1972] 49995/73 Heading B3D A mounting chuck for an optical lens 13 for use in a grinding and polishing machine comprises a lens holder 8 which is connected in a rotationally fixed manner by means of a roll bellows 14 non-flexible in a peripheral direction to an annular part 6 on a rotatable or transversely movable rod 1 connected by a universal joint 3, 9 to the lens holder. The rod 1 is supported on ball bearings and has an axially movable pin 2 which is urged by a spring 5 to engage a ball end 3 of the universal joint with a recess 9 in the lens holder. The annular part 6 is secured by a screw 17 to the rod and its inner cylindrical side 28 is secured to the bellows 14 which is also secured to the outer cylindrical side 19 of the lens holder, the bellows incorporating a fabric insert to permit tilting of the lens holder but to resist relative rotation between the holder and part 6. A spherical lens 13 is located within a flange 12 of the holder and abuts an elastic layer 11. The part 6, holder 8 and bellows 14 define a chamber 15 and air under pressure is supplied to the chamber through a passage 4 in the rod 1 and pin 2 to press the lens against a tool 16. The spring 5 acts to urge the ball 3 into the recess 9 to prevent lateral movement of the lens holder. In an embodiment for grinding and polishing a toric lens, the lens holder is in two parts, one part having a pair of conical driving pegs engaging corresponding recesses in the other part, and the rod 1 is connected for transverse movement to a reciprocatable rod.
GB4999573A 1972-10-26 1973-10-26 Mounting device for optical lenses Expired GB1429067A (en)

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GB4999573A Expired GB1429067A (en) 1972-10-26 1973-10-26 Mounting device for optical lenses

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