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Articulated roller assembly


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1411760 Vibration rollers KOEHRING CO 11 Dec 1972 [13 Dec 1971] 57013/72 Heading B7H A vehicle has ground engaging means embodying vibrating means, there being independent adjustable means in one mode of which a prime mover supplies power simultaneously to the ground engaging means and vibrating means, and in another mode the power applied to the ground engaging means is augmented by power which would be supplied to the vibrating means. As shown in Fig. 2 ground engaging means comprise rollers 21, 27 journalled in frames 15, 16 respectively, which are interconnected by an articulated coupling 12 allowing pivoting of the frames about vertical and horizontal axes. Mounted on frames 15, 16 are further subframes 37, 45 which accommodate a water tank 39 for wetting the rollers and a prime mover 56 which may be gasoline or diesel powered mounted directly on the frame 16. Power from engine 56 drives an hydraulic pump 68 mounted on a bracket 69, the pump drawing fluid from a reservoir 47. The pump shaft 67 further mounts a fan 70 in facing relation to an oil cooler 49. Frames 15, 16 are further articulated by an hydraulic cylinder means 71 disposed laterally offset to the coupling 12 to effect steering of the rollers 21, 27. Each roller 21, 27, Fig. 3, has a shaft 85 mounted in bearings 82, 84 and carrying eccentric weights 86, 87 rotation of which causes the vibrating movement of the respective roller. Rotation of shaft 85 is achieved through a conventional hydraulic motor 117 fixed to a support member 109 and having a splined shaft 118, Fig. 3, received within a sleeve 101 of shaft 85. Rotation of the roller is effected by a reversible hydraulic motor 122 which is bolted to support member 109 and drives, via a chain 127, a sprocket 126 which is secured to a fixed housing 103 of the roller. As shown in Fig. 6 the pump 68 supplies hydraulic fluid to the motors 117, 122 and to the actuating cylinder 71 for steering. A main control valve 139 is controlled by a pivoted handle 176, Fig. 9, to effect forward or reverse operation of drive motors 122. Within valve 139 the returning fluid is directed to reservoir 47 via an oil cooler 49, manifold 148 and oil filter 149. A dual over centre valve prevents the motors 122 from running ahead of the pump when operating the rollers on down grades. A selector valve 151 is operated by a plunger 151<SP>1</SP> which in one position directs fluid exclusively to the vibrating motors 117 and in another position cuts off fluid to motors 117 and directs it by way of a by-pass line 163 to the drive circuit so that the motors 122 can be driven at high speed. A vibrator control valve 153 mounted to sub frame 45, Fig. 2, includes an operating handle 183 which is an on-off control directing fluid either to the vibrator motors or to the reservoir 47. A handle 185 projects from the open outer end of control housing 48, the inner end of the handle being attached to a sleeve 186 pivotally mounted on a fixed stud 187 and projecting from sleeve 186 is a rigid arm (189) Fig. 8 (not shown) pivotally attached to a telescopic rod assembly 191 including coil springs (S) (S<SP>1</SP>). The rod assembly joins to a Bowden cable so that a rotating movement of handle 184 will have the effect of extending or retracting the cable 192 within sheath 193, the cable 192 being connected to a selector valve 164, Fig. 2, which controls the steering through cylinder 71. The control housing 48 may be used to mount a seat from which steering handle 184 may be operated through an adapter means, while the other controls remain readily accessible.
GB5701372A 1971-12-13 1972-12-11 Articulated roller assembly Expired GB1411760A (en)

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US20718571 US3814531A (en) 1971-12-13 1971-12-13 Articulated roller assembly

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GB5701372A Expired GB1411760A (en) 1971-12-13 1972-12-11 Articulated roller assembly

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