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Gas turbine power plant


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    • F01D9/00Stators
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    • F01D9/023Transition ducts between combustor cans and first stage of the turbine in gas-turbine engines; their cooling or sealings
    • F23R2900/00Special features of, or arrangements for continuous combustion chambers; Combustion processes therefor
    • F23R2900/03044Impingement cooled combustion chamber walls or subassemblies


1311630 Gas-turbine combustion chambers GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 20 Aug 1971 [23 Nov 1970] 39108/71 Heading F1L A transition member conducting hot combustion gases from a combustion chamber to a gas turbine inlet passage and disposed in a chamber connected to a source of pressurized cooling fluid is surrounded by a sleeve member, the radially outer wall of the transition member being perforated to admit jets of cooling fluid for impingement cooling of the radially outer wall of the transition member, and the radially inner wall of the transition member having openings to admit cooling fluid from the sleeve into the transition member for improving the radial temperature gradient of the hot combustion gases entering the turbine. The transition member 6, which is shaped in cross-section to connect the circular outlet end of a flame tube to an arc of radially extending turbine nozzle blades, is surrounded at its outlet end by a sleeve 11 having a flanged periphery 12 attached, as by spot welding, to the transition member. Air from the compressor of the engine can pass through a large number of small perforations 18 to provide impingement cooling of the radially outer wall 14 of the transition member 6. This air passes through the space 13 to enter the transition member 6 via a small number of large holes 19 in the radially inner wall 15 of the transition member to cool the combustion gases in the radially inner part of the gas path where the turbine rotor blade stresses are highest.
GB3910871A 1970-11-23 1971-08-20 Gas turbine power plant Expired GB1311630A (en)

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GB3910871A Expired GB1311630A (en) 1970-11-23 1971-08-20 Gas turbine power plant

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