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    • H01H71/00Details of the protective switches or relays covered by groups H01H73/00 - H01H83/00
    • H01H71/10Operating or release mechanisms
    • H01H71/12Automatic release mechanisms with or without manual release
    • H01H71/40Combined electrothermal and electromagnetic mechanisms
    • H01H71/405Combined electrothermal and electromagnetic mechanisms in which a bimetal forms the inductor for the electromagnetic mechanism


1,053,655. Automatic circuit-breakers. FEDERAL PACIFIC ELECTRIC CO. May 21, 1963 [May 21, 1962], No. 23707/66. Divided out of 1,053,654. Heading H2B. The subject matter of this Specification is identical with that of Specification 1,053,654 but the claim is concerned with the mounting of the components on a common frame.
GB1053655D 1962-05-21 GB1053655A (en)

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US196094A US3209098A (en) 1962-05-21 1962-05-21 Circuit breakers having improved tripping mechanisms

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GB1053655A true GB1053655A (en)



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GB1053655D GB1053655A (en) 1962-05-21
GB1053654D GB1053654A (en) 1962-05-21

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GB1053654D GB1053654A (en) 1962-05-21

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US (1) US3209098A (en)
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GB (2) GB1053654A (en)

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DE1291817B (en) 1969-04-03
US3209098A (en) 1965-09-28
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