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    • H01H33/00High-tension or heavy-current switches with arc-extinguishing or arc-preventing means
    • H01H33/02Details
    • H01H33/53Cases; Reservoirs, tanks, piping or valves, for arc-extinguishing fluid; Accessories therefor, e.g. safety arrangements, pressure relief devices
    • H01H33/56Gas reservoirs
FR1077912D 1952-05-31 1953-05-29 high voltage switch Expired FR1077912A (en)

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SE316522X 1952-05-31

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FR1077912A true FR1077912A (en) 1954-11-12



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FR1077912D Expired FR1077912A (en) 1952-05-31 1953-05-29 high voltage switch

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US2747055A (en) 1956-05-22
CH316522A (en) 1956-10-15
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