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Pappersmaskintyg som bestaor of slitstarka traodar.


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Walter Mckinnon Palmer
Thomas Berg Fleischer
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Huyck Corp
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    • D21F1/00Wet end of machines for making continuous webs of paper
    • D21F1/0027Screen-cloths
FI844125A 1984-03-26 1984-10-19 Pappersmaskintyg som bestaor of slitstarka traodar. FI844125L (en)

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US59335684A true 1984-03-26 1984-03-26

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FI844125A0 FI844125A0 (en) 1984-10-19
FI844125L true FI844125L (en) 1985-09-27



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FI844125A FI844125L (en) 1984-03-26 1984-10-19 Pappersmaskintyg som bestaor of slitstarka traodar.

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FI (1) FI844125L (en)

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FI844125A (en)
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JPS60215892A (en) 1985-10-29

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