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The novel once cycle simple solar energy water pump with double diaphragms comprises a phase change heat collector, a diaphragm pump, a condenser, a working medium circulating pump and a self control stored energy valve. A low-boiling working medium, pentane, directly changes phase into pressure steam in the heat collector and after a stored energy pressure is prearranged, the self control valve automatically opens and the pressure steam pulls the diaphragm pump to operate the water pump. When the steam pressure is depressed to low pressure, the self control valve automatically closes to accomplish unmanned operation and the pump can maintain running with short-time and low sunshine. The utility model with the advantages of high reliability, novel and simple structure, reasonable structure of steam distribution and reversing valve, high speed reversing can be widely used in the conditions requiring pumping in.


The invention belongs to the solar energy thermal power machinery, And is relevant with the solar thermal collector technology.

Existing small light heat solar water pump is of a great variety, and general common having is following several: 1 sun pneumatic pump; Although this pump is simple in structure, operation is convenient, because steam directly contacts with water, thereby efficiency of heat engine is too low can't promote the use of.2 rankine cycle sun pumps: this pump work principle is similar to conventional steam turbine thermal power generation principle, owing to exist decompressor therefore to make the apparatus structure complexity make difficulty, management maintenance inconvenience is difficult to come into operation in the outlying district.3 diaphragm pumps: this pump structure is simple, and cost is low, and easy processing is a kind of attractive device, but present device generally has the changement complexity, and it is unreliable to move, and is interrupted pump water, do not have from opening self-closing ability, need to be difficult to practice so far with problem manually or the like.The present invention is directed to the problems referred to above and carried out significant improvement, proposed a kind of from opening self-closing continuous pump water.And operation simple in structure is convenient, the two diaphragm pumps of the solar energy of the novel practical that efficient is higher.

Water pump of the present invention is by heat collector (1), diaphragm pump (2), and condenser (3), working medium circulating pump (4) and automatic control energy-storage valve critical pieces such as (5) are formed.Heat collector has adopted phase transformation efficient heat-collecting device, and the heat-collecting plate core global formation is beneficial to pressure-bearing, and the plate face scribbles selective coating, and collector efficiency is improved greatly.The heat collector air outlet is provided with the little gas tank (6) of separable gas-liquid, charges into a certain amount of low boiling working fluid pentane (7) in the heat collector.Diaphragm pump is by two air chambers (8), two hydroeciums (9), and two barrier films (10), Returnning spring (11), water valve group (12) and distribution changement (13) are formed.Two diaphragm of rubber separate air chamber and hydroecium, link together by two pallets (15) and main shaft (16), one end of pallet is equipped with distribution reversing piston bar (17), and the other end is connected with working medium pump Small diaphragm-piece (18) by connecting rod (14), and realization distribution changement is controlled the diaphragm pump reciprocating operation and synchronoused working with working medium circulating pump.Distribution changement (13) is the flat mouthful selector valve of a kind of gas that designs according to the back pressure control principle, and it is the gas automatic control selector valve of two four-ways.Spool (21) in the valve, outlet valve (22), suction valve (23), valve piston (24) are connected as a single entity by valve rod (25) and form flat mouthful of valve group, and two little springs (20) in the piston are separated by piston rod.But the automatic control energy-storage valve has utilized the opening and closing , And of gas pressure area difference principle autocontrol valve (41) and has played the energy storage effect.The dress piston is regulated spring (33) in the bellows piston (37), and valve is transferred to working pressure P in advance 1~P 2Scope.Controlling rod (35) is used for manual control valve.Positioning bead (40), positioning spring (32) and location plug (36) they are positioning element, air outlet (38) are fixed on the distribution changement.Efficient phase transformation heat collector is by shaping aluminium wing heat absorption plate (45) and selective coating (44), and thermal insulating material (46) box body (47) is formed two square metres of basic elements of character of one, and it adopts glass (42) and mylar (43) double-layer cover plate.

The complete machine working principle is: when solar radiation on heat collector, the gasification of being heated of the low boiling working fluid in the heat collector directly produces pressed gas, working pressure reaches P 1The time, Self controlling valve (5) is opened automatically, and gas enters right air chamber by distribution device (13) along gas-distribution pipe (26) and promotes barrier film to left movement, at this moment right hydroecium draining, left hydroecium suction, the weary gas of left air chamber enters condenser by outlet pipe (27).When barrier film runs to left dead point, the distribution selector valve commutates suddenly, and gas enters left air chamber, the promotion barrier film moves right, the right hydroecium suction of at this moment left hydroecium draining, and the weary gas of right air chamber enters condenser, condensed working medium is returned heat collector by working medium circulating pump, finishes a work cycle.When gas pressure drops to P 2After, Self controlling valve (5) is closed suddenly, and water pump quits work.When pressure reaches P once more 1In time, rerun again.

Flat mouthful of valve working principle of back pressure: in air chamber (8) right-hand member intake process, the left valve of suction valve (23) is opened, and vapor pressure (back pressure) acting in opposition is on right valve.After barrier film reaches left dead point, flat mouthful of valve group moves to left under the left spring compression energy storage power effect of piston spring (20) fast, gas pressure effect is simultaneously eliminated, suction valve left side valve closing, right valve open, the right valve of while outlet valve (22) cuts out left valve and opens, and gas pressure acts on the left valve of (23).Air chamber (8) right-hand member communicates with condenser as a result, and left end begins air intake pump water.The automatic reverse of the gentle height speed of water pump continuous drainage is finished in this reciprocating action.Automatic control energy-storage valve working principle: automatic control energy-storage valve (5) is finished according to the gas pressure difference principle and is opened and closed automatically action.The suction port area of air intake valve (41) is significantly smaller than the active area of ripple piston (37), behind preset positioning spring (32) and piston adjusting spring (33) pressure, makes the automatic control energy-storage valve realize automatic high pressure P 1Open and low pressure P 2Close.Spring (32) and place kick (40) play quick positioning action.Gas acts on the valve (41) by suction port (39), when gas pressure reaches P 1The time, effect P 1A 1Greater than spring force F 1(A 1Be the suction port sectional area), valve pushed open ripple piston (37) is moved right suddenly, positioning bead (40) is jumped into left groove from right groove, and gas enters diaphragm pump by air outlet (38).When gas pressure drops to P 2The time, spring force F 2Greater than the active force P of gas to the ripple piston 2A 2(A 2For piston cross-section amasss), make valve close internally piloted valve suddenly and get back to the home position, so far finish a work cycle.

The present invention compared with prior art has stable, continuous pumpage, advantages such as compact structure is made easily, and is unattended, especially in control distribution commutation automatically, Self controlling valve, phase transformation heat collector aspect has unique design, has overcome that general sun water pump energy storage mechanism is huge, cost is high and complicated or the like the significant drawback of changement, the flat mouthful selector valve of parts of the present invention such as back pressure, automatic control energy-storage valve etc. also can be used in other pneumatic system.

Description of drawings:

Accompanying drawing 1 is the water pump system principle schematic; 1 heat collector, 2 diaphragm pumps, 3 condensers, 4 working medium circulating pumps, 5 automatic control energy-storage valves, 6 knockout drums, 7 pentanes, 8 air chambers, 9 hydroeciums, 10 barrier films, 11 Returnning springs, 12 water valve groups, 13 distribution changements, 14 connecting rods, 15 pallets, 16 main shafts, 17 piston rods, 18 Small diaphragm-pieces, 19 pressure gauges, 20 piston springs, 21 spools, 22 outlet valves, 23 suction valves, 24 valve pistons, 25 valve rods, 26 tracheaes, 27 outlet pipes, 28 suction tude, 29 liquid return pipes, 30 one-way valves, 31 liquid-discharging tubes.

Accompanying drawing 2 is automatic control energy-storage valve principle schematic: 32 positioning springs, and 33 pistons are regulated spring, and 34 adjustings are stifled, 35 controlling rods, 36 location plugs, 37 ripple pistons, 38 air outlets, 39 suction ports, 40 place kick, 41 valves.

Accompanying drawing 3 high-efficient flat-plate phase transformation heat collectors; 42 glass, 43 mylars, 44 selective coatings, 45 heat absorption plates, 46 thermal insulating materials, 47 box bodys.


The diaphragm pump and condenser, the knockout drum that mix up are installed on the support, connect pipeline and carry out the overall thermal simulation test.To the suction journey of water pump, lift, flow, frequency, the stability test of operation just can be installed and used at the scene after qualified continuously.Embodiments of the invention are shown in Fig. 1~3.2 meters of heat collectors 2Single-piece form.Daylighting area is 8~20 meters 2, the phase transformation heat collector is a moulding aluminium wing plate core, scribbles TXT-1 type selective coating, the import and export at last lower collector pipe middle part connect to form the heat collector group with main gas pipe and main liquid tube respectively.Leak detection back pours into the air that heat collector Zhong , And links to each other with main frame in the discharge system to pentane and just can put into operation.Automatically the control energy-storage valve is installed between diaphragm pump and the knockout drum.Working pressure according to the lift of water pump height preset control valve is P 1~P 2, make sun pump in rational pressure P 1Under open valve, P 2Throttle down.Present embodiment all can use in China various places uncongealable season, except drink with irrigation water also can be used on the solar energy water spraying pool of beautifying the environment in town and country.

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  1. A kind of two diaphragm pumps of simple and easy solar energy that are used for pump water.It is characterized in that scribbling selective coating and being the flat plate collector of the heat-collecting plate core of global formation, have the diaphragm pump of the flat mouthful changement of back pressure, have and utilize gas pressure area difference principle and the work pilot pressure can be by the automatic control energy-storage valve of spring preset by having.Working medium circulating pump.The two diaphragm pumps of the simple and easy solar energy that condenser is formed.
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