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The utility model relates to a handset with an improved keypad structure, in particular to a handset which can input the letter digital code, the operation code and the command code. The handset having dual-purpose keypad comprises a first handset body which is provided with a display screen and a second handset body which is provided with a keypad. The keypad is provided with a set of digital keys which comprise the * key and the # key and a set of guide keys. The keypad comprises a standard English keypad which is composed of the digital keys and part of the guide keys. The digital keys are rocker keys which are provided with double contacts. The first handset body is connected with the second handset body through a two-dimension hinge with a longitudinal or a transverse turning, and the handset can input the digital and the letter simultaneously.


具有两用键盘的手机 With a dual keypad phone

技术领域 FIELD

本新型涉及改进了键盘结构的手机,特别是具有可以输入字母数字代码、操作代码、指令代码的手机。 The present invention relates to an improved structure of a mobile phone keypad, in particular, can be entered with an alphanumeric code, operating code, instructions phone code.

背景技术 Background technique

普通手机配有的是键盘式输入系统,通常由数字健和导航键组成。 Ordinary phone with plenty of keyboard input system, usually consists of numeric keys and navigation key components. 数字键有1、2、…9、0及“#”、“*”。 Numeric keys 1, 2, 9,0 ... and "#", "*." 1至9起于左上角,从左至右为三乘三矩阵排列,数字键0位于最下行,左边为“*”键,右边为“#”键。 1 to 9 from the upper left corner, from left to right three by three matrix arrangement, number keys 0 located most downstream, left to "*" key, the right to "#" key. 从二至九的数字键分别代表三至四个英文字母。 From two to nine of the numeric keys representing the three to four letters. 这种键盘排列方式起源于音频拨号电话、多频率电话取代转盘拨号的时代,一直沿用至今,包括无绳电话和手机在内的便携式电话。 This keyboard arrangement originated in tone dial telephone, multi-frequency telephone replace the rotary dial era, it has been in use ever since, including cordless phones and cell phones, including cellular phones. 而对于手机,通常在数字键上方还有导航键,用于拨号、挂机、选择功能菜单、调整音量等。 As for the phone, usually above the number keys as well as navigation keys for dialing, hang up, select the menu, adjust volume and so on.

图1所示为一只众所周知的普通手机,其有一个带有屏幕的第一机体和一个带有键盘100的第二机体,两大致呈长方体的机体通过铰在图1示相对较窄的边铰接。 Figure 1 shows a known ordinary mobile phone, which has a first body and a second body having a screen with a keyboard 100, two substantially rectangular body by a hinge shown in FIG. 1 is relatively narrow sides articulated. 键盘100有五个导航键,102,104,106,108和110成圆形排布在鼠标键112周围。 There are five navigation key keyboard 100, 102,104, 106,108, and 110 in a circular arrangement around the mouse key 112. 在这个键盘中,导航键有多种功能:键102用于重新拨号,键104用于接通电话,键106用于发送信息,键108用于中断通话,而键110用于清除输入。 In this keyboard, navigation key has several functions: for re-dial key 102, key 104 is used to connect the call, the key 106 for transmitting information, for interrupting the call key 108, and enter key 110 for clearing. 鼠标键112是一个四向操纵键,上面标有箭头,用于屏幕114上菜单的导航。 Mouse button 112 is a four-way control key, marked with an arrow, a navigation menu 114 on the screen. 按压鼠标键上四个箭头之一时,屏幕114上的导航标将朝箭头向移动。 Pressing one of the four arrow keys on the mouse, navigation labels on the screen 114 to move the arrow.

随着手机技术的发展,现在手机已不仅仅用于声音传输,而且也用于数据传输。 With the development of mobile phone technology, and now the phone is not only used for voice transmission, but also for data transmission. 文字信息,视频,电子邮件,网页和图片都可以用手机进行接受和发送。 Text messages, video, e-mail, Web pages and pictures can be sent and received using a mobile phone. 所以,很多手机,尤其是带显示屏的,都有用于在屏幕显示的各种菜单中导航的方向键。 So, a lot of mobile phones, especially with a display, the arrow keys are used to navigate the various menu screens displayed.

另一方面,很多使用者习惯于利用鼠标和电脑键盘输入数据和菜单导航。 On the other hand, many users are accustomed to using a mouse and computer keyboard to enter data and menu navigation. 电脑键盘采用标准英文键布局,起源于打字机,并沿用于个人电脑。 English computer keyboard with standard key layout, originated in the typewriter, and follows in the PC. 图2为人们熟悉的电脑键盘,多数人更习惯于用这种布局的键盘输入,尤其是用中部那三排标有字母的键来输入文字。 Figure 2 is a familiar computer keyboard, most people are more accustomed to using this keyboard layout, especially with the middle three rows that are marked with the letter keys to enter text.

手机的数字键并不能很好的适用于文字输入。 Phone number keys are not well suited for text input. 首先:如图1所示,标准的数字键只有12个键,所以就要求每个数字键对应于多个字母(如,数字键7对应于P,Q,R和S)。 First: 1, the standard number keys only 12 keys, it requires each numeric key corresponding to a plurality of letters (e.g., numeric keys 7 corresponding to P, Q, R and S). 虽然上述手机还有具其他功能的键,但它们以往都没有被赋予对应字母输入的功能。 While the above phone also has other key functions, but in the past they have not been given the function corresponding to the letters entered. 人们开发了各种系统以适用于用数字按键输入文字。 Various systems have been developed to apply to enter text with the number buttons. 其中的一种方式为多次按压一个数字键以输入该数字键所对应的多个字母中的一个。 One way in which a multiple number key is pressed to enter one of a plurality of the numeric key corresponding to the letter in. 例如,用户按压数字键2一次以输入字母A、两次输入字母B,三次输入字母C。 For example, the user presses a number key once to input the letter A, letter B input twice, three attempts to enter the letter C. 对习惯于使用英文标准键盘进行电脑文字输入的使用者来说,这种方式既费时又费力。 Accustomed to the use of standard English keyboard for text input computer users, this approach is time-consuming and laborious.

另一种技术方案是附加给手机一个传统的英文标准键盘。 Another solution is to attach the phone to a traditional standard English keyboard. 但是这种方式增大了手机的体积,而使用者喜欢体积较小的手机。 However, this approach increases the volume of mobile phones, and mobile phone users prefer the smaller volume. 同时,这种方式法要求使用者选择仅仅一个英文标准键盘,或者同时选择英文标准键盘和数字键盘。 Meanwhile, this method requires the user to select only way a standard English keyboard while selecting English or standard keyboard and the numeric keypad. 前一种选择会给希望保留数字键用以输入(如电话号码)的用户带来障碍,而第二种选择使扦机体积增大,这与微型化的市场需求背道而驰。 The former option will want to keep the number keys for user input (such as a telephone number) brings obstacles, while the second option skewer machine volume increases, which runs counter to the miniaturization of the market demand.

还有,手机的尺寸必须与人耳朵和嘴间的距离大致对应。 Also, the phone's dimensions must correspond roughly to the distance between the human ears and mouth. 虽然麦克风技术的发展不再要求麦克风在手机上的位置位于使用者嘴的正前方,但是为了能清楚地捕捉声音,麦克风还是要求与使用者的嘴接近。 Although the development of microphone technology position in microphone on the phone is no longer required is located directly in front of the user's mouth, but in order to be able to clearly capture the sound, or the microphone closer to the mouth of the user's requirements. 翻盖式设计很好保证了手机总体积的小巧而能挂在皮带上或放在口袋里,而当打开时,又有足够大的从耳到口的距离。 Clamshell design ensures good small and the total volume of the phone can be hung on a belt or pocket, but when opened, have a sufficient distance from the mouth to the ear. 但是,这种键盘在一个机体而显示屏在另一个机体的翻盖式设计,限制了显示屏的大小。 However, such a keyboard and a display screen in another organism body clamshell design, limiting the size of the display screen. 而且由于翻盖式的面积限制,手机上的显示屏多为方形,或者是竖向长方形。 And because the area restrictions clamshell, the display on the phone, mostly square, rectangular or vertically. 但是,个人电脑键盘的使用者习惯当输入数据时使用横向长方形的屏幕,这使在现有手机上文字输入有困难。 However, users accustomed to using the PC keyboard transverse rectangular screen when the input data, which makes entering text on an existing phone difficult.


本实用新型的主要目的是提供一种即符合现有手机数字键盘布局,又符合标准英文键盘布局,同时,体积保持微小的具有两用键盘的手机;本实用新型的另一目的,是提供便于使用者进行输入数字或文字时,保持屏幕视觉习惯的具有两用键盘的手机。 The main object of the present invention is to provide a mobile phone number that is consistent with the conventional keyboard layout, and standard English keyboard layout, while maintaining a slight volume having dual phone keypad; Another object of the present invention, is to provide an easy to when users input numbers or words, keep the phone with a dual-screen keyboard visual habits.

为实现上述目的,本实用新型采用带有显示屏的第一机体和带有键盘的第二机体,两机体构成一只翻盖式手机,键盘有一组含“*”及“#”的数字键与一组导航键,键盘位置与现有手机相同,当处于传统手机使用状态时,使用者可按传统手机使用方法操作。 To achieve the above object, the present invention uses a first body and the second body having a display screen with a keyboard, the two body constituting a foldable mobile phone, the keyboard comprising a set of "*" and "#" and numeric keys a set of navigation keys, the conventional mobile phone keyboard same position, when in the traditional mobile phone use, the user can use the traditional method of operating a mobile phone. 另一方面,本实用新型给出的键盘还包含一个由数字键与部分导航键构成的标准英文大键盘,其中数字键为具有两个触点的摇杆键,换言之,当键盘顺时针转动90度时,数字键呈横向三排状态,将第一排第一列的“*”键的两个触点赋予Q、W,0键的两个触点赋予A、S…,这将具有一个标准英文大键盘的同样布局,使用者在需要输入文字的情况下,可以将手机横置,按标准英文键盘操作习惯进行文字录入。 On the other hand, the present invention further comprises a keyboard given the large standard English keyboard constituted by a portion of the numeric keys and navigation keys, numeric keys where the key is a rocker having two contacts, in other words, when the keyboard 90 is rotated clockwise when the degree of the number keys in three rows transversely state, the two contacts "*" key of the first row of the first column gives Q, W, two keys 0 imparting contacts a, S ..., which would have a standard English keyboard layout is also large, and in case you need to enter text, the phone can be tapped, according to the standard English keyboard for text entry operation habit.

由以上方案可见,本实用新型对现有手机的键盘布置未做变动,而通过键结构设计实现了一个英文标准键盘的要求。 Seen from the above embodiment, the present invention the existing mobile phone keypad arrangement without making changes through the key structure design requirements to achieve a standard English keyboard.

为使横置键盘输入文字时符合电脑操作习惯,还可以将第一机体与第二机体用一只可使两机体横向打开或纵向打开的二维铰连接。 In order to tap the keyboard to enter text in line with the computer operating habits, it may also be a first body and the second body with a can body open laterally or two-dimensional articulation of the longitudinal opening. 这样,其沿纵向打开时,键盘及屏幕如同现有手机布局,需要发送短信、上网或其他文字操作时,可沿横向打开,内部电路自动切换,键盘及屏幕如同电脑布局。 Thus, when it is open in the longitudinal direction, the keyboard and the screen layout as the existing mobile phone, need to send a text message or other text operations when the Internet, can be opened in the lateral, the internal circuit is switched automatically, as the computer screen and keyboard layout.


图1是一只现有翻盖式手机的结构图;图2是一只现有标准英文键盘的布局图;图3是本实用新型第一实施例的结构图;图4是第一实施例沿纵向打开时的结构图;图5是第一实施例沿横向打开时的结构图;图6是第二实施例键盘布局图;图7是第三实施例键盘布局图;图8是第四实施例键盘布局图;图9是第五实施例键盘布局图;图10是第六实施例键盘布局图;图11是第七实施例键盘布局图;图12是第一种双触点摇杆键盘的平面图;图13是第一种双触点摇杆键盘的透视图;图14是第一种双触点摇杆键盘的截面图;图15是第一种双触点摇杆键盘的分解图;图16是第二种双触点摇杆键盘的平面图;图17是第二种双触点摇杆键盘的透视图;图18是第二种双触点摇杆键盘的截面图;图19是第二种双触点摇杆键盘的分解图。 FIG 1 is a conventional foldable mobile phone configuration; Figure 2 is a conventional standard English keyboard layout view; FIG. 3 is a configuration diagram of a first embodiment according to the present embodiment of the invention; FIG. 4 is a diagram in the first embodiment when the structure of FIG longitudinal opening; FIG. 8 is a fourth embodiment; FIG. 5 is a structural view of a first embodiment of a transverse opening embodiment; FIG. 6 is a second embodiment of the keyboard layout; Figure 7 is a layout view of a third embodiment of the keyboard keyboard layout embodiment; FIG. 9 is a layout diagram of a fifth embodiment of the keyboard; FIG. 10 is a layout diagram of a sixth embodiment of the keyboard; FIG. 11 is a layout diagram of a seventh embodiment of the keyboard; FIG. 12 is a first double contact rocker keyboard a plan view; FIG. 13 is a perspective view of a first dual-contact rocker keyboard; FIG. 14 is a sectional view of a first dual-contact rocker keyboard; FIG. 15 is a first dual-contact rocker exploded view of the keyboard ; FIG. 16 is a plan view of a second dual-contact rocker keyboard; FIG. 17 is a perspective view of a second dual-contact rocker keyboard; FIG. 18 is a sectional view of a second dual-contact rocker keyboard; FIG. 19 a second double contact rocker is an exploded view of the keyboard.

以下结合本实用新型的各实施例对本实用新型进一步说明。 The following further illustrate the present invention in conjunction with the present invention various embodiments pair. 所有实施例中相同的标号具有相同的结构含义。 All embodiments the same reference numerals have the same meaning structure.

实施方式第一实施例:参见图3,这是一个翻盖式手机,本例手机200在基本为扁形长方体的第一、二机体两个相邻侧面设有二维铰,其可沿铰210纵向翻开,也可沿铰212横向翻开。 First Embodiment Example Embodiment: Referring to Figure 3, which is a foldable mobile phone, the mobile phone 200 of the present embodiment is provided with a hinge in a two-dimensional rectangular parallelepiped substantially flat first and second sides of two adjacent body, which is movable along a longitudinal hinge 210 open, it may be provided along a transverse hinge 212 to open.

参见图4,第一机体206和第二机体204在铰210处铰和,沿该铰打开时可用于数字输入模式(电话模式),屏幕240纵向显示。 Referring to Figure 4, a first body 206 and second body 204 at the hinge 210 and the hinge, the hinge can be opened along a numeric input mode (telephone mode), the screen 240 displayed vertically.

参见图5,第一机体206和第二机体204还沿铰212打开,打开时可用于文字输入模式,屏幕240横向显示。 Referring to Figure 5, a first body 206 and second body 204 along the hinge 212 to open further, can be used to open the text entry mode, the screen 240 displayed horizontally.

图4、图5中的键盘202包括数字健和导航键,其中数字键是具有两个触点的摇杆键,在数字输入模式时,两个触点具有同一信号输入功能,即无论按下该键的那个触点都输入同一命令,而在文字输入模式时,按下该键一个触点输入一个命令,按下该键另一个触点时则输入另一个命令,在数字模式按下各触点表示的命令如下表:(参见图4) 4, 5 keyboard 202 includes numeric keys and navigation keys, numeric keys where the key is a rocker having two contacts, when the digital input mode, two contacts having the same signal input function, i.e., whether pressed the contact of the same command key are input, and when the character input mode, the key is pressed a contact input a command, pressing this key will enter another command to another contact, in digital mode by pressing the respective the following table indicates the contact command :( see FIG. 4)

在文字模式按下各触点表示的命令如下表:(参见图5) In the text mode, pressing each contact command represented as follows :( see FIG. 5)

数字键的这种排布方式没有包括全部字母。 This way the numeric key arrangement does not include all the letters. 因此,部分导航键也用于对应字母,以形成完整的标准英文键盘。 Thus, also part of the navigation keys corresponding to the letters used to form a complete standard English keyboard. 这种全新的字母分配方式和摇杆键的使用,使得标准的手机键盘能当作标准英文键盘使用。 This new allocation letters and rocker keys, making a standard phone keypad can be used as a standard English keyboard. 这种排布方式是已能熟练使用标准英文键盘的使用者不需要过多地练习就能轻松输入文字。 This arrangement is the way has been able to skillfully use the standard English keyboard users do not need too much exercise can easily enter text.

第二实施例:参见图6,这是一个导航键没有用于标准英文键盘的实施例,此时,“*”键的两个触点对应于字母Q,W,E和R。 Second Embodiment: Referring to Figure 6, which is an embodiment of a navigation key is not used for the standard English keyboard, then, the "*" key contacts corresponding to two letters Q, W, E and R. 按压并松开“*”键的左边将输入字母Q,而持续按压或两次按压“*”键的左边将输入字母W。 Press and release the "*" key on the left of the input letters Q, and continuously pressed twice or press the "*" key on the left of the input letter W. 同样地,按压并松开“*”键的右边将输入字母E,而持续按压或两次按压“*”键的右边将输入字母R。 Similarly, press and release the "*" key on the right will enter the letter E, while continuously pressed twice or press the "*" key to the right of the input letter R. 与此类似,在这种使用方式下,字母J,K和L对应于2键。 Similarly, in this use, the letters J, K and L 2 corresponding to the key. 在文字输入模式下,任何形式的按压2键的左边将输入字母J,而按压并松开2键的右边将输入字母K,而持续按压或两次按压2键的右边将输入字母L。 In the text input mode, key 2 is pressed to the left in any form to enter the letter J, pressing and releasing the right side of the key 2 will enter the letter K, or continuously presses the right pressing twice the key input 2 by the letter L. 与此类似的,字母M和几个断句符号对应于3键。 Like this, several letters and punctuation symbols M 3 corresponding to the key.

第三实施例:参见图7,本例键盘与前例相比为类似的排布。 Third Embodiment: Referring to Figure 7, the present embodiment is similar in comparison to the previous example keyboard arrangement. 字母Q,W和E对应于*键,字母I,O和P对应于1键,字母A,S和D对应于0键,字母M和几个断句符号对应于3键。 Letters Q, W and E * corresponding to the key, the letter I, O and P keys corresponding to 1, the letters A, S and D corresponding to the 0 key, the letter M, and several punctuation symbol corresponding to the key 3.

第四实施例:参见图8,本例在图示键盘的左侧添加了一列功能键,用以对应于单个的字母。 Fourth Embodiment: Referring to Figure 8, the illustrated left side of the keyboard in this embodiment adds a function key, for corresponding to a single letter. 该例有些键仍然对应于多个字母,例如字母I,O和P对应于1键。 This embodiment still some keys corresponding to a plurality of letters, such the letter I, O and P correspond to a key.

第五实施例:参见图9,本例也在图示键盘的左侧添加了一列功能键,用以对应于单个的字母。 Fifth Embodiment: Referring to Figure 9, the present embodiment is also illustrated on the left side of the keyboard adds a function key, for corresponding to a single letter. 字母W,E和R对应于“*”键。 The letter W, E and R correspond to the "*" key.

第六实施例:参见图10,本例在图示键盘的左侧了两列单功能键。 Sixth Embodiment: Referring to Figure 10, the present embodiment shown on the left side of the keyboard of two single function key. 图示Z键左侧的多余键可以安排其他功能,如shift功能。 Z extra keys to the left illustrates key arrangement other functions, such as shift functions.

第七实施例:参见图11,本例在图示键盘的左侧只添加了一列功能键,但这些键为双重功能的摇杆键,因此,新添加的图示最左上角的一只键对应于字母Q和W.按压键的左边以输入Q,而按压键的右边以输入W。 Seventh Embodiment: Referring to Figure 11, the present embodiment shown on the left side of the keyboard only adds a function key, a rocker key, but these keys is a dual function, therefore, the illustrated top left corner of the newly added key a corresponding to the letter Q and W. left key is pressed at the input Q, and the right key is pressed to enter W.

在图6至图11所述的实施例中,手机的导航键没有用于文字输入的键盘。 In Examples 6 to 11 in view, there is no phone navigation key for character input keyboard. 但是请注意,这些额外一列中的功能键可以对应于文字输入模式下的其他需要的功能,如Shift,Enter,发送信息或删除信息。 Note, however, these additional function keys one can correspond to the needs of other functions in text input mode, such as Shift, Enter, send messages or delete information. 而且,在有些如上所述的一些实施例中有些按键没有分配字母。 Also, some keys are not allocated letters some embodiments In some embodiments described above.

图12至图19展示了双触点遥感键两种可能的设计。 12 to 19 show two possible dual-contact sensing key design. 图12至图15分别以平面图,透视图,截面图和爆炸图展示了一种双重功能的遥感键的结构。 12 to 15 respectively plan, perspective, exploded view and a sectional view showing the structure of a double bond remote sensing function. 当处于文字输入模式时,按压键的一边或另一边都将激活分配给按键被按边的功能。 When in text entry mode, one side or another key is pressed will activate the function assigned to the key is pressed sides. 因此,如图12所示,以左上角键为例,按压键的左边以输入Q,而按压键的右边以输入W。 Thus, as shown, as an example the upper left corner key, the left key is pressed to enter Q 12, and the right key is pressed to enter W. 请注意,在数字输入模式下,按压键的任何部位将输入一个“*”。 Please note that in the digital input mode, press any key to enter the site a "*."

图16至图19分别以平面图,透视图,截面图和爆炸图展示了另一种双触点遥感键的结构。 16 to 19 respectively plan, perspective, exploded view and a sectional view showing the structure of another dual-contact sensing keys. 在这种设计下,每个键由两个分开但紧密排列的键组成。 In this design, each key consists of two separate but closely spaced linkages. 这些按键最好为半圆形的镜像形状。 These buttons semicircular shape is preferably mirror images. 在如图所示的结构中,两个半圆形的键形成一个椭圆形。 In the structure as shown in, two semicircular bond forming an oval. 以左上角键为例,按压椭圆的左边以输入Q,而按压椭圆的右边以输入W。 In an example the top left button is pressed to the left input of the ellipse Q, and the right to enter the oval pressing W. 请注意,在数字输入模式下,按压椭圆的任何部位将输入一个“*”。 Note that, in the digital input mode, press any part of the ellipse will enter a "*."

键盘202最好能将电路板400连至第一铰链210,键盘202能检测手机200在以哪种模式使用。 Keyboard 202 is preferably capable of circuit board 400 is connected to a first hinge 210, a keyboard 202 can be detected using a mobile phone 200 in which mode. 因此,当使用者希望进入数字输入模式时,电路板400检测到手机200在如图4所示沿纵向打开。 Thus, when the user enters the desired numeric input mode, the circuit board 400 detects that the mobile phone 200 opens in the longitudinal direction as shown in FIG. 4. 电路板400启动双触点摇杆键用以激活分配到每个键的数字。 Double contact circuit board 400 starts to activate the rocker key number assigned to each key. 当使用者希望进入文字输入模式沿图5示横向打开时,电路板400检测到手机200在第二铰链处打开。 When the user enters the desired text entry mode shown in FIG. 5 along the lateral opening, the circuit board 400 detects that the mobile phone 200 opens in the second hinge. 电路板400启动双触点摇杆键用以激活分配到每个键的多个字母中的一个。 Circuit board 400 contacts the double rocker start key to activate more than one letter assigned to each key in. 或者,电路板400也能通过键盘中的某个独立的键激活,如专用键或者功能键中的一个。 Alternatively, the circuit board 400 can be a separate keyboard key activation, such as a dedicated function key or key one. 因此,使用者可以通过按压设置好的键从文字输入模式切换到数字输入模式。 Thus, the user can switch by pressing a key provided from the good text input mode to the numeric input mode.

在另一种本实用新型的结构中,电路板400不需要区分文字或数字输入模式。 In another configuration of the present invention, the circuit board 400 does not need to distinguish between text or number entry. 每个键的输入取决于不同的按压方式。 The input of each key depending on the way of pressing. 例如,如图16所示,不论机体204和206的排布方向,按压左半键输入Q,而按压右半键以输入W,同时按压两个半键输入“*”。 For example, as shown in FIG 16, regardless of the direction of the arrangement 204 and the body 206, pressing the left key input Q, and the right key is pressed to input W, while pressing the two half-key input "*." 或者,这些键能被设置成当快速按压而后松开将输入数字,而当持续按压时将输入文字。 Alternatively, these keys can be set to flash when the input digital presses and then release, while continuously pressed when the input text. 或者,当手机已如图4所示的方式打开时,输入模式为数字模式,当使用者按压某半键(如图16所示)或另一半键(如图12所示),输入数字。 Alternatively, when the phone is open in the manner shown in FIG. 4, the input mode to digital mode, when the user presses a key half (Figure 16), or the other half of the key (12), a digital input. 但是,当使用者持续按压按键,屏幕上输入的数字将变成字母。 However, when the user continuously presses the button, the digital input letters on the screen becomes. 如果使用者按压的按键对应于两个不同的字母,那么他可以在持续按压后来选择。 If the user presses the button corresponding to two different letters, so he can continue to press the subsequent selection. 同样的,当手机以文字输入的模式打开时,输入方式为字母输入。 Similarly, when the phone open to text input mode, input mode to input letters. 当使用者按压按键式,输入的为文字。 When the user presses the push-button, a text input. 但是,当使用者持续按压按键时,屏幕上将显示分配给每个按键的数字。 However, when the user continuously presses the button, the screen will display a number assigned to each key.

另外,如图4所示,利用全新的铰链设计,当使用者在输入数字时显示屏240为竖向长方形,当使用者通话时,手机200的宽度降到了最小。 Further, as shown in FIG. 4, the use of the new hinge design, the display 240 when the user is in a vertical rectangular digital input, when the user calls, the width of the mobile phone 200 down to minimum. 而当使用者在输入文字时显示屏240为横向长方形,这种形状更接近于个人电脑的标准屏幕,不需要已习惯于个人电脑的使用者的迁就。 When the user inputs the text display screen 240 at a transverse rectangular shape which is closer to a standard personal computer screen, the user need not accustomed to accommodate personal computer.

请注意,本实用新型列举的英文标准键盘例子只是例子而已。 Please note that the standard English keyboard cited the example of the present invention are only examples. 在不违背本实用新型构思的前提下,键盘202可以用于其他标准键盘,同时,键盘202可用于不同的语言,如韩语,阿拉伯语,希腊语和中文(拼音输入,五笔输入等)等。 In the present invention without departing from the concept of the premise, the keyboard 202 may be used for other standard keyboard, while the keyboard 202 can be used for different languages ​​such as Korean, Arabic, Greek and Chinese (pinyin input, stroke input, etc.) and the like.

虽然以上说明列举了本实用新型的一些实施例,但是,可以预见的是,有能力的设计者们能对本实用新型进行各种改进。 While the above description of the present invention are listed some embodiments, however, it is foreseeable that the ability of designers to the invention can improve the variety.

Claims (6)

  1. 1.具有两用键盘的手机,包括带有显示屏的第一机体;带有键盘的第二机体;键盘有一组含“*”及“#”的数字键与一组导航键;其特征在于:键盘包含一个由数字键与部分导航键构成的标准英文键盘;数字键为具有双触点的摇杆键。 1. keyboard having dual phone, comprising a first body having a display screen; second body with keyboard; keyboard comprising a set of "*" and "#" numeric keys and a set of navigation keys; wherein : standard English keyboard comprising a keyboard with a numeric keypad navigation key portion configuration; bond is a number having a double bond rocker contacts.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述具有两用键盘的手机,其特征在于:所述具有双触点的摇杆键为分体式按钮,每一按钮下对应着一个触点。 According to claim 1 having a dual phone keypad, which is characterized in that: the rocker button having a double contact is split button, corresponds to a contact point of each button.
  3. 3.根据权利要求根据权利要求2所述具有两用键盘的手机,其特征在于:所述键盘还包括布置在数字健近旁的功能键。 According to claim 2, according to the mobile phone having a dual keyboard as claimed in claim wherein: said keyboard further comprises function keys arranged in the vicinity of the numeric keys.
  4. 4.根据权利要求3所述具有两用键盘的手机,其特征在于:所述功能键为三只或三只以上。 According to claim 3 having dual phone keypad, wherein: the three or more function keys or three.
  5. 5.根据权利要求1至4任一项所述具有两用键盘的手机,其特征在于:第一机体与第二机体通过一个可使两机体横向打开或纵向打开的二维铰连接。 According to any one of claims 1 to 4 having a dual phone keyboard, wherein: the first body and the second body through a laterally open can body or two-dimensional articulation of the longitudinal opening.
  6. 6.根据权利要求5所述具有两用键盘的手机,其特征在于:所述第一机体和第二机体基本为扁状长方体;所述二维铰设在长方体的一对相邻面上。 According to claim 5 having the dual phone keypad, wherein: said first and second bodies substantially flat rectangular parallelepiped shape; and a pair of adjacent surfaces of the hinge provided in a two-dimensional rectangular parallelepiped.
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