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The utility model devises a kind of desk and chair of new folding mode, Foldable multifunctional desk and chair by name.Affiliated is facility for study field.The utility model object mainly takes up room greatly to solve desk and chair, the not problem of foldable.Next is the problem that student in order to solve different height is different to desk height requirement.Drawing Courses Major is also had to move freely problem to the large problem of desk area requirements and desk.The utility model has mainly used the slide bar that between support, class slides up and down, and the height that can realize desk and chair along the support of slide on the downside of panel and the panel that can wrap page rotation folds.Next has used the Spring lock catch that agrees with and circular hole to realize highly regulating.Also used parallel hinges and turnover panel to realize increasing the function of desk area, utilization can screw out the pulley can going up receipts and realize moving freely.One piece of two vertical plates can be become after the utility model is folding, effectively save space.And tailored appearance is generous, structure is simple and easy to produce and assembling.


Foldable multifunctional desk and chair
Technical field
The utility model design is a kind of Height Adjustable, and desktop area can increase the Folding desk chair of minimizing, especially can be folded into the multifunctional desk and chair of thin plate completely.Belong to manually operated simple and mechanical device field.
Background technology
First current desk and chair is all that profile is fixed, and cannot fold, cause very big inconvenience when space saved by needs.Partially folded desk and chair is only that sitting board of chair can, by vertically turning over to parallel, help little for saving space.And existing folding table/chair many employings turnover panel or A-frame, during use, stability is inadequate.Secondly the desk and chair used now is many cannot regulate height, and the student's instructions for use for different height cannot meet.And the most each specialty of the desk and chair used now is identical, without professional specific aim, the different demands of each Major cannot be met.The desk and chair now used substantially is fixed or is not easy to mobile, is not easy to use space, classroom flexibly.
The simple principle of the utility model main application machine design, uses hinge, slide bar more, and the height that the mechanical components such as chute realize tables and chairs folds, and rolls over to vertical thin and greatly saves space.And the utility model adopts the height of Spring lock catch adjustable table to three shelves, meets the demand of different student, contributes to student healthy.The utility model realizes desktop area by the flat board lifting that the parallel hinges of desktop connects and increases, and increases desk area by desk both sides turnover panel, can be used for the use of the drawing of mechanical student.And the drawing tables and chairs used at present are without the bookshelf placing books, be unfavorable for drawing, the utility model adds the need of this support for student.The utility model adds the pulley that can manually screw out in desk frame bottom, desk can be made when needing to move freely.
Summary of the invention
Cannot fold to overcome existing desk and chair, height can not be regulated, usable floor area cannot change, the deficiency of inconvenience movement, the utility model provides a kind of Foldable multifunctional desk and chair, and this desk and chair can not only hand foldable, and can be adjusted to differing heights according to demand, can area increased as required, moved freely by pulley.The technical scheme that the utility model solves the employing of its technical problem is:
Have chute, slide bar inside the utility model desk two side stand, pedestal upper end has space, can around the desk panel of side holder pivots.Drawer-bottom board can under force along two wood side-guide upward slidings to being close on the downside of desk panel. and desk one side stand is connected through the hinge a slide bar, and the slide bar other end is being embedded in the chute inside opposite side support.Have locking device to be locked when not using and avoid sliding, say when needing that snap close is opened, slide bar can around hinged end upward sliding.Under the drive of slide bar, the removable side stand of desk can be drawn close to the other end by the chute on the downside of panel, until fit with opposite side.Both sides pedestal upper end has the rectangle space be consistent with drawer-bottom board size thickness, and when a side stand moves to opposite side, base plate can stretch out from space.Last drawer-bottom board and desktop overturn 90 degree downwards under gravity automatically to parallel with support.One piece of surface plate of folding final one-tenth very thin thickness.
Desk two side stand portion on the lower side has third gear spring heights to regulate PBU pushbutton unit.Support has three circular holes, PBU pushbutton unit is enclosed within hollow sting.Pressing button both sides, the thin rod part be connected to after button under spring contraction divides the junction, gap arrived between circular hole, thus can slide up and down to different shelves.The desk top be connected to by key device up-down adjustment can regulate object highly to different shelves to reach.
Desk both sides frame bottom has pulley, not the used time rotatable enter in hollow sting, ensure stability when desk uses and can not slide.Screwed out by pulley by the handle be exposed on the external when needing slip, then desk class is free to slide to facilitate movement.
Desktop has the flat board connected by parallel hinges, the dull and stereotyped rotation by hinge realizes the up-down adjustment of height.Flat board there is the book supporting board of inclination, check to facilitate during pupil drawing above book and atlas can be placed on.Desktop has turnover panel near both sides, user side, uses cross gemel connection, upwards can overturn 90 degree to parallel with desktop, enlarging table top area when needing.
Slide bar is devised, the turnover chair back between chair two side stand of the present utility model, can around the chair panel of side holder pivots.Folding mode and desk similar: the chair back overturns 90 degree downwards to fitting with chair seat by hinge.And have locking device after the chair back, fixing when not needing folding, stability and the fastness of use can not be affected.Slide bar between support around one end hinge rotate, the other end inside opposite side support in chute on slide.Can draw close to opposite side by the chute on the downside of panel, until be close to opposite side support at the drive lower carriage of slide bar.The chair back of laminating is with seat can upset 90 degree be downwards extremely vertically parallel with support automatically under gravity.Finally be folded into the plane tabular of one piece of very thin thickness.
The utility model has the difference of prior art to be mainly the difference of folding mode and the High Level of folding degree compared with the prior art.Existing Folding desk majority just adopts chair seat to save space by the mode of vertically turning over to parallel to the ground, and desk there is no foldover design.This folding mode, for saving space, at utmost utilizes space, classroom to help little.Also have partially folded tables and chairs to be the modes adopting right-angled intersection support, this folding mode is not firmly with stable.And the utility model adopts brand-new folding mode, adopt slide bar, chute, slide rail, height that the cooperation in space realizes desk and chair folds, final class is folded to one block of thin almost plane plate, greatly can save space.And structure is simple, easy to operate, manual operation is convenient.Do not need to fold and fixed by locking device, avoid tables and chairs to be out of shape in use, ensure its stability.And the utility model also has several functions, as regulated height, can move freely, can area increased, be convenient to drawing demand etc.Present adjustment height desk and chair generally uses screw and nut to be coupled together desk top and the bottom, regulates during height and need use spanner or pliers, be inconvenient to operate also impracticable.The utility model adopts Spring lock catch to connect, simple and convenient, only need press Spring lock catch and adjustable.Existing desk cannot or be not easy to mobile mostly, and the employing of this utility model can screw out recoverable pulley and realize removable, is convenient to move freely desk and chair and use space, classroom flexibly.The utility model also contemplates in addition needs the demand of Major of charting, and application turnover panel increases usable floor area with the surface plate of parallel hinge links, and is furnished with book supporting board and is convenient to drawing, and this is the unique function that existing desk and chair does not have.
Accompanying drawing explanation
Fig. 1 is desk front view
Fig. 2 is desk left view
Fig. 3 is table class right view
Fig. 4 is drawer-bottom board upward view (A-A sectional view)
Fig. 5 is desk support figure sectional view (G-G sectional view)
Fig. 6 is the folding rear front view of desk
Fig. 7 is for regulating height Spring lock catch part drawing
Fig. 8 is desk pulley half sectional view (B-B sectional view)
Fig. 9 is book supporting board partial view (D is to partial view)
Figure 10 is chair front view
1. drawer-bottom boards, 2. slide bar in figure, 3. chute (inside table support), 4. rectangle space, 5. chute (on the downside of desktop), 6. height adjusting holes, 7. Spring lock catch, 8. bottom pulley, the 9. guide rail of bottom pulley, 10. surface plate, 11. book supporting boards, 12. turnover panels, 13. locking devices, 14. cross hinges
Detailed description of the invention
Below in conjunction with accompanying drawing, the utility model is described further.
Desk embodiment 1 (desk collapsible). see Fig. 1,2,3,4. drawer-bottom board (1) be embedded in two side stand slide rails.Have slide bar (2) between desk two side stand, be hinged at a side stand, the other end is embedded in another frame sliding track.Shown in Fig. 4, have chute (5) on the downside of desktop panel, both sides support installing is in chute.The frame upper of right side shown in Fig. 3 has the rectangle space (4) be consistent with drawer-bottom board.Shown in Fig. 1, between right side support and drawer-bottom board, there is locking device (13).
Desk embodiment 2 (height of desk regulates). see Fig. 1, there is third gear height adjusting holes (6) 3,7. desk two side stand.Shown in Fig. 3, a Spring lock catch (7) is arranged on one of height adjusting holes (6).Shown in Fig. 7, Spring lock catch internal structure and principle.
Desk embodiment 3 (desk removable). see Fig. 2,3,8. shown in Fig. 6, desk both sides frame bottom has class to move freely pulley (8).Shown in Fig. 2,3, internal stent has guide rail (9) to be with the rotation up and down of the handle of movable pulley (8).Shown in Fig. 8, pulley (8) internal structure and principle.
Desk embodiment 4 (area change of desk). see Fig. 2,3, shown in 4,9. Fig. 6,7, useful hinged surface plate (10) on desktop.Shown in Fig. 2, surface plate (10) can height up and down.Shown in Fig. 9, book supporting board (11) has cross hinge (14) to be connected on surface plate.Shown in Fig. 4, turnover panel (12) is connected to desk panel both sides
Chair embodiment 1 (chair collapsible). see Figure 10. there is the slide bar that can slide up and down between chair two side stand.By chain connection on the left of slide bar, right side is embedded in opposite side and props up in frame sliding track.Locking device is had between Chair support and seat.There is chute chair seat bottom surface.Connect with hinge between the chair back and panel.

Claims (4)

1. one kind can the desk and chair of hand foldable, between desk and chair two side stand, downside all has slide bar (2) to connect, wherein form revolute pair by gemel connection bottom a side stand and desk and chair panel, the pulley of opposite side cradle top is embedded in bottom desk and chair panel and forms moving sets in chute (5), it is characterized in that desk drawer base plate (1) can slide up and down and can pass from frame upper space (4), the chair back of chair can rotate 90 degree around the hinge connecting the chair back and chair seat.
2. desk according to claim 1, it is characterized in that having can along the slide bar (2) that chute (3) slides up and down between desk and chair two side stand.
3. desk according to claim 1, is characterized in that its space passed (4) of confession that desk both sides frame upper has size thickness to conform to drawer-bottom board (1).
4. desk and chair according to claim 1, is characterized in that around the desk and chair panel of side holder pivots, can having the chute (5) for bracket slide bottom panel.
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